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  1. They're beautiful, but why do I get the feeling that the photographer kept telling him to "look a little more worried, mmk?"
  2. Love it. Love love love it. So lovely, too, to see how open and happy he genuinely seemed to see you all, ladies ...
  3. Are any of those ladies in the top video here at GALS? I kind of guess that they are. Or something. ??? I've never met Moira, but recognize her from that Graham Norton show .... is that her at the end, with the light ginger hair???
  4. I know, I love that extended dance bit. Though in a way I like that they cut it, because if not then the KISS @ THE DOOR (swoon) would've had a very different feel to it. The extended dance scene is really very romantic, but the kiss has so many different layers to it. Like the dance was jumping the gun, if I'm making any sense here.
  5. I think it wasn't edited/proofread too well. "Two sisters"? I think maybe he said "two siblings" perhaps. And they misspelled his name, too. Sigh.
  6. That was entertaining in more ways than one. I just googled her (curious to see what she looked like, a pretty lady, I can see why he'd approach her in a crowded room) but what made me laugh is to read that she went to law school in Athens, graduated, and was a trainee lawyer in Greece when she decided it wasn't for her and moved into acting ... Sound familiar?
  7. One funny thing is that if you do a google search for Sam Heughan (the actor cast as Jamie in the "Outlander" series), the photo that google gives you first for him is his face photoshopped onto Gerry's Attila. Which cracks me up. I mean, Sam is lovely. Gerry is beyond lovely. But Sam photoshopped onto Gerry is just silly.
  8. It's a hard one, but I'm going to vote to send off Mike. Team Irish.
  9. Can I just wonder if anyone has ever counted the ratio of women to men in pictures with him? I mean, there are some with guys here and there, but just the ladies, constantly ... Whew. Poor guy.
  10. Saying goodbye to Frosty (again) ....
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