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  1. Gerry really is working hard to help the people of Haiti. Nice to see his smile goes all the way to his beautiful eyes.
  2. I can't believe it-Gerry in Park City, only 3 hours from where I live in Utah. A flight from L.A. to Salt LAke ( where you have to fly into on a commercial jet) is not very long. Less than 2 hours.
  3. I look forward to the day when Burns starts filming. to hear Gerry without any fake accent, only the lovely scottish burr.
  4. How very like Gerry. Love the suit, love the man more and his generous spirit. Loved how when Jeff Bridges was speaking they showed a closeup of just Gerry.
  5. Gerry, I love your wicked sense of humor!
  6. That's our Gerry, always looking our for someone else. What a great story. Thanks for posting!
  7. Lots of good news! Hi Lisa, Hi Dragon Slayer. On this topic at the same time!
  8. Gabriele Muccino is the director. It says it in the very last answer by Gerry. Hope he is the baseball player:)
  9. Yipee another meaty role for Gerry as it looks like he will play Tullus according to the latest news article by Quint. BTW: Those people doing the interview of Gerry asking about his shirt were annoying!
  10. This is great news, I love Ralph, he is a great actor. Great for Gerry!
  11. Quote Swansong "I think what's disturbing the fans is not that Gerry might or might not be confessing to 3soms...but that his quip is being picked up and published on the web by every gossip hound, entertainment blogger and by sites who actually seem to dislike him. Gerry is a good person with a good heart. Of that, I have no doubts." Well said Swansong! This is what bothers me, not that he may or may not have had a threesome. That is his business, and I could care less. I just don't want to see him known for this, and not his wonderful acting ability.
  12. Exactly my point. Damn. So well stated. When I read this I realized that this is part of what I was feeling. Not a judgment at all but sadness. Gerry is a big boy and can do whatever the hell he wants. But if he's gonna say things like this then he has to realize there will be reactions to it. He may not give a rat's arse what anyone, including us fans, think. And that's the way he should live his life. I just don't want to know about it. Selfish? Probably. Yeah... and really it's no different than imaging him having a meaningless one-night-stand, which wouldn't surprise me... but something about a threesome is just so dehumanizing and objectifying. Even a one-night-stand though, you can romanticize it and go all Terminator like "in the short time we had we loved a lifetime's worth," but you really can't do that when you think of threesomes... it's just sex. Plain and simple. Well anyway, the fun thing about this is that we can tell ourselves that he was 100% joking and retreat into blissful ignorance... if we want to. Sorry to bounce back and forth on this. Steph I agree-I hate to see people base their opinion of Gerry on the answer he gave. I support Gerry in his career and hope that he has a great time in Scotland. He said in a Canadian interview he was going there in about 3 weeks.
  13. You are welcome Susan. Thanks for the nudge! Glad to help out where I can. Special Needs children are dear to my heart. Dianne
  14. I gave to " We want to be in pictures" in honor of my son Iain who is a Special Needs adult. Gerry has inspired me in so many ways and this is just a small way I can say thanks for sharing your talent and time with us. Thanks Susan for starting this project page. I also made a donation in honor of Gerard to "We want to be in pictures."
  15. I donated to the Run and Walk for the Cure. My son-in-law and my sister partiacipated in Phoenix and Salt Lake City.
  16. Older males?? Never underestimate the power of an actor's appeal to draw in a diverse audience. Gerry and Jamie both have huge fan bases. The theater at the early matinee where I lived was a mixed group-early twenties to seniors. Gerry, Jamie and Gary really pulled it off!
  17. These are priceless. Such great pictures Lisa. Thanks for sharing!
  18. These vid were great. He is so nice to all the fans and he said "I love my fans" so sweet. Sigh!
  19. Very clever of them, and very sweet to include your Gerry fandom! Very appropriate to use 300.
  20. I'm a married 50 something plus woman and he can have my number anytime-LOL Just don't tell my husband!
  21. "Mashed in face" or not, IMHO he is the most handsome man in Hollywood-or the world today. I'll take him over all the pretty-boy faces filling up Hollywood today-give me a Real Man!
  22. I totally understand Gerry's bread thing. I am wheat and dairy intolerant and I had to give up bread and all dairy products. The bread and crackers was the hardest. But I feel lots better and have been able to lose the pounds-finally. So I can see where his trainer is coming from.
  23. Thanks Susan-now I see Lisa.Way to go!
  24. Maybe I am confused but Ican't see Lisa in any of the pictures in this thread.
  25. Hi Izza-How are you doing?

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