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  1. Thank-you kindly Zany..

  2. Hope the new year is brighter for all the Gals...

  3. That's what "Gals" is all about eh...variety in perceptions and the pleasure of sharing them here.Nice to have friends like your self to share with...Hugs May

  4. May, my sig!? Wow, I never thought about it, but yes, it does remain one of the Cradle of life. Gerry does looks like Terry in these pics.

    I guess it depends on one's perception of the image much like people's perception on what is "art"? This was just my perception of it Lol..

  5. Hey May, I love your new Action Hero Gerry and Kate sig/manip. Romancing the Stone . . . LOL! Great image!

    Thanks I also like your rendition of "The Cradle of life" with Terry rising up from it alive once again...At least that is my understanding of it..am I right? My thoughts are; that if he was killed in the cradle of life; so can he be restored...no?

    Take car...

  6. You are very welcomed for the Birthday wish; and it's nice to know that every day is cause for celebration...You are also welcomed to any of my icons; since being a mother to 3 brother cats at one time (now sadly we have only one left); cats are my passion..Hugs May

  7. You are a lovely person and I am proud to add you for my friend!

    Hugs May

  8. Hi there Kc it's me May! Drop by my page and see me sometimes...You were born the year I was married (at 17).

  9. Hi there Mamatish! I just left you a message at you tube! You make great videos gal! I am a grandmother of 5 girls so Hey gal!

  10. You are not only beautiful but a sweet-heart too!


  11. Hi Zanny I see I'm still not on here..May

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