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  1. Yes BlueJean..I have since become a great grandmother..and am babysitting him two days a week...it has been over 20 years since taking care of a 6 month old...like getting on a bicycle but with 21 speeds instead of a handlebar and brakes...there goes the hint agewise Lol
  2. Thanks BlueJean...Frannie made it for me years ago...it's been a long time since I was last here...hope all is well with you?
  3. Fantastic and even better than the first one...okay they are BOTH fantastic..and WAY better than "Whitehouse has fallen"
  4. Aw sounds like a heart breaker...but hey right here in Toronto? GREAT
  5. Thank you gals..I just saw this today...I guess I missed it on that day Lol...
  6. Welcome to Gals; hope you enjoy the site; in fact I'm sure you will! **May**
  7. Happy belated Birthday Marina....oh and Merry Christmas too! **Hugs May**
  8. Happy Birthday Kathy..have a special one..oh and Merry Christmas too! **Hugs May**
  9. Happy Birthday Dayna..have a special one..oh and Merry Christmas too! **Hugs May**
  10. Happy belated birthday Barbara..hope it was a fantastic day! Hugs May
  11. Happy Birthday Frannie..I hope you have a fantastic day! Hugs May
  12. I'm guessing it was when he was in the dome of the opera and warned them that they did not keep the box for his use...and Charlotta went hoarse then he mentioned "A toad madame..?" "We shall see who is a little toad!"
  13. I LOVED Rocknrolla and am still waiting patiently for the sequel...sigh...and my favorite of Gerry's all time movies will always be Phantom of the Opera!
  14. Happy Birthday Barbara I hope you have a fantastic day... Hugs May
  15. Welcome to Gals; hope you enjoy the site; in fact I'm sure you will! **May**
  16. Welcome to Gals; hope you enjoy the site; in fact I'm sure you will! **May**
  17. I feel so sad for the Scot's today...being from Quebec; we have lived what they just tried...many times. At the end of the day...money does all the talking..the powers that be STILL hold the purse strings...and SHE is not willing to relinquish the grip.. Once I heard Gerry say on one of the talk shows... "We "Scots" HATE the British..." It might have been in jest...but I think they really are fed up with being dominated by them. Better luck next time! sigh
  18. Happy birthday ;I hope is the best one ever! **May**
  19. Happy belated birthday ;I hope it was the best one ever! **May**
  20. may

    Bill's Alzheimers

    Oh dear; I know yes I know exactly what you mean...I loved my mother in law dearly but when I went to take care of her while her husband was in the hospital (a heart attack due to the stress of her condition) it was a war zone....I personally never fought with her but the eldest daughter did from her teenaged years...needless to say; being with her brought out all the old wounds for poor Susan..I had to be there for the both of them...Now my beloved mother in law is gone but the bitter ending for her daughter is still engraved in her mind...I try to remind her that it was the illness (Alzheimer's) and not her mother in the end..but alas for Susan it was too much to accept. I still have good memories of my mother in law and they far out weigh the bad ones...so I cherish them greatly..I pray for your husband and also for you dear friend...strength will get you through this..and love will guide your path... Hugs May
  21. Happy birthday ;I hope is the best one ever! **May**
  22. Happy birthday ;I hope is the best one ever! **May**
  23. I hope IF they do another Jurassic Park sequel that Gerry will also be in it? I love those movies...Is that true they have made another Terminator..will it star Arnold in it?
  24. I CAN'T WAIT...Loved the first one; it was even better than "White house down"...of course...and yes Gerry...DO sequels...there is money in it and your characters rarely die!
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