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  1. Taken 2 33.0% Chasing Mavericks 14.2% Cloud Atlas 12.8% Silent Hill: Revelation 3D 12.1% Paranormal Activity 4 7.4% Argo 6.0% Sinister 3.6% Frankenweenie 3.6% Seven Psychopaths 3.4% Alex Cross 2.4% Here Comes the Boom 1.3% Fun Size 0.3%
  2. I voted twice by accident; because I forgot to check at the bottom for the scores after the first vote...oops! I will keep voting when I get the chance as long as they don't eliminate the votes too close together....
  3. My best "war" movie to date was the "Hurt Locker" which won awards over her husband's movie "Avatar"...didn't like "Avatar"...loved "Hurt Locker"...I just hope that Gerry has the authentic hair cut for Military gig...just loved his cut in Dear Frankie and Tomb Raider!
  4. BOY they are going to have A LOT of people applying for those roles...with the economy in the toilet; who could afford professional photos anyways? Heck there is not enough money to pay the bills let alone the glam...I'm Canadian and just as poor; but it is too far for me to apply...but I do poverty pretty well now a days...
  5. I knew he wouldn't do it...first of all HIS CHARACTER WAS KILLED OFF..secondly; Gerry always maintains that he does not do sequels...Um what was that old saying Gerry; about "never say NEVER?" You just never know when something could come up..."Dear Frankie" and "Phantom" in mind that calls for ONLY YOU? But I understand the physical drain it caused you for 300 and don't think that your body is up to another stint in the torture chamber Lol..
  6. The M. Giry in the version I saw was a plotting, jealous, conniving and bitter woman who felt The Phantom owed her. At least, that's what I remember and that's not the way she should be portrayed, IMO. So sounds like ALW changed her back to the benevolent savior of the young Eric and she was just happy if he was happy. However, Eric wanted to bestow everything on Christine and I could see where that might make her feel left out and betrayed to some degree, especially when her own daughter was bumped aside for Christine but M. Giry raised Christine too, right along side Meg so she was like a daughter to her and a sister to Meg and NO MAN should come between those bonds. ALW seemed to portray them as petty, jealous females instead and allowed Eric to show little loyalty to M. Giry and it was disappointing. JMO. Delene Yes I felt the same way perhaps IF it ever went to the big screen with the original cast Miranda Richards who portrayed madam Giry would set him straight? She was as demanding in real life as in the character..that is why she won my respect for her role. Meg was her daughter after all and blood is thicker than water so maybe she was just protecting her after all? Still the Phantom was so centered on Christine and his feelings that he didn't consider them..for that he will suffer the consequences of his actions...Both he and Raoul lost in the end..as did the son.
  7. Hi Gals; Delene by the time it got to it's final resting place...sigh..snort..so sad..in Australia it had been given a whole new face lift. But I must say although watching it's clips provided at you tube almost in it's entirety Madame Giry will always remain the way she was in the movie version; I held her with much respect. It was through listening to the CD and watching the Australian version that I chose to get the DVD plus the fact that it will NEVER be seen again...sigh sob... I always leave a comment to say that I hope that some day; a movie version with the original cast from 2004 be made using more speaking parts (music plays in the background)so that we can enjoy the continuity of the first story we Gals fell in love with starring you know who after all; only his face scarred or otherwise will do as the Phantom for me.. the one HE hated but we all loved....
  8. I must tell everyone that my sister Pam has ordered me the new stage production from Australia Love Never Dies! I am so excited because after seeing scenes on you tube of it; I had to order and own this beautiful and at times painfully poignant story. I actually cried in the end...tears of sadness; tears of joy; tears that this wonderful story will NEVER be seen again...It should be and I strongly suggested this on every site that had LND's that Andrew make a movie version with the original cast but alas perhaps only in my dreams...I had written him many years ago about a sequel and he said "never"...was that an actual word or a hint of the future? Then here it is;along side my original Phantom of the Opera..for me to enjoy at will...and I do as the music; thanks to my friend Marilyn that I listen to almost every night....Has anyone else seen LND"s yet?
  9. Hi, May! "Butterfly on a Wheel" was renamed "Shattered" in the US but it is still "BOAW" in other countries. More info in various threads in All Things Gerry/Movies/Shattered (aka Butterfly on a Wheel). "Movie 43" info has not been released, slated for early 2013, more info in All Things Gerry/Movies/Red Band (aka Movie 43/ Farrelly Project) Thanks for the info becozy; I'd love to see that movie where he plays a Leprechaun...hard to picture a 6'2 man playing that role but if anyone can..Gerry sure can.
  10. Oh now I see...that is where he plays a cussing little (ahem) Leprechaun...
  11. Hey; it says that the Trailer is unavailable for my area?Oh okay I got it on youtube! By the way; who dies in the movie; the instructer or the student? It is based on a true story isn't it?
  12. This is odd...at locat TV They have his movie "Shattered" as "Butterfly on a Wheel" and for 2012 a movie title "Movie 43"...!?!
  13. No Morgan Freeman? Now that is bad news; he always makes a movie a hit. I hope there are some other big names ready to jump on board? Did anyone ever notice that they make two movies that are similar at the same time? When "Twister" came out; they made a movie named "Tornado" that was also in the video rental stores and many (like me) picked up the wrong one; only to get home and notice that the actors were not even known!There is talk about them doing the same with this movie...I hope they don't do that...I hate when they do; because for me; Gerry's is the #1 that I will be spending my $$$ to watch..
  14. I am amazed and proud to hear this news! Given the economy of today in the USA and all across Europe; it is surprising that there is still some thought for other's even less fortunate. Congratulations you did a lot of hard work and once again it paid off. Was there a good sized crowd this year? No one has mentioned the turn out...some day; I hope to make the trip... God willing and finances too Lol.
  15. wow Morgan Freeman I love that actor! This sounds like a great movie...when does it come out?
  16. So when was this taken and where? He looks fabulous...tired but hot!
  17. That's great to hear Lori; we love to get to know all Gerry's fans...and their opinions! Don't forget that you get a new icon as your postings go up and they are ALL gorgeous...but of course..they have Gerry on them Lol...
  18. Hiding? Why hide LoriW we all have the same thing in common...Gerry...right? Join the fun!
  19. The ONLY way I see a hair cut like this one working for him would be if he did a biopic of Ted Bundy like Delene and I were talking about on another topic "Possible WW wrestler role" for Gerry. He would make a fantastic Ted Bundy; I mean those eyes...and then that undertow of menace...He has the talent to turn on a dime from Angel to Demon... All that in such a tempting package too,,,
  20. Yet again dear Delene; we are on the same brain wave in characters for Gerry to play! YES to playing a character like Ted Bundy...not to "glamorize" Ted's terrible deeds...just to give meaning and depth to yet another of Gerry's list of characters. The movie would be a warning to all those young girls who put all their info on face book and are so vulnerable where a real psycho is concerned...Not that Gerry is a "psycho" but those eyes that both threaten and adore work so well for him in roles like that .....
  21. Okay Jewels;anything that lifts our spirits no matter what the pallet; it's a party...
  22. Happy Canada Day Gals hope you have a great one......I know we don't ALL say eh....or drink beer...but for those who do....here's to you too!
  23. Well; it's that time of year once again you crazy Cannucks you....so light a few fireworks and drag out those moth eaten flags and fill up the ice boxes...then bring on the BEER!...It's hot and sticky..time for the Barbeque..Happy Canada Day to one and all..
  24. Couldn't agree with you more! ME TOO...I want that Terry Sheridan look...unless he is playing Dracula......yes you!
  25. Don't get me wrong, I love Gerry but I too want the hairand beard to go NOW! I miss his clean look. So much that I have been cheating with an actor names James Purefoy. I'm with ya Gspot. Debbie I wrote on the site that...Okay; love the man...hate the long and springy hair...Gerry; didn't you critisize your Phantom quaff saying "It looked a bit girly?" I'm about to add a few hair clips to your photos Lol...Are you planning to do the next "Pirates" movie with Johnny Depp? Because that would explain the wild and crazy hair...just a thought...Love him to bits... Is he doing it on purpose for the WOW effect when he finally does clean up his act with a shave and a hair cut? While SOME men like Mat's C. can get away with scruff; Gerry does much better with a clean and shinny face...JMO Lol...
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