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  1. I lost both my mom and dad in a matter of nine months and my world totally crumbled. (They were both so young to die) How I wish I had had something to pull me out of the deep void I sank in! You are a lucky woman Beth and Gerry is an amazing human being. Some times I wonder why I’m still a fan of this man when I have never been the fan of anyone ever in my life before. Stories like yours make me understand why. He is out of the ordinary in every sense. Thanks for sharing your story Beth and I am so very happy for you. Syl
  2. HELLO GALS and all GB fans! This is my first post here after being a visitor and signing up very recently. I couldn’t help joining you in the excitement of the Vegas convention and the wonderful surprise you all got…THE MAN himself! Wow! Everything I feel has pretty much been said by others here: Gerry is gorgeous and absolutely generous beyond words. Tonya is stunning, what a beautiful and classy woman! You guys are all gorgeous and it’s obvious that you know well how to throw a party girls! I’m very happy for you all, your dreams came true far beyond what you expected.
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