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  1. I bought several items in the second RUG auction. If I remember correctly, the storage that the RUG group was using (in London) was needed by the Production company. I do not think that RUG group was neccessarily in control of the decision. I do know that Austin Shaw signed the letters of authenticity. It was a lot of fun to follow the items on ebay at the time.
  2. I have been puzzled by PEOPLE magazine, including the fact that Gerard did not make the beautiful people list. But what really bugs me is the way they have ignored the success of 300. Not only should they focus on Gerry, but the other cast members as well. I think that Zack Synder is a facinating man with a vision in film making that should be the topic of everyone in Hollywood. What gives?
  3. Your acting career has touched me in a way I cannot express . After I saw Phantom, I looked you up on internet, and have collected your other movies since that time. You are a gift to us, here is hoping the joy you bring is returned to you in some small way today.
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    I noticed another message board call attention to the latest Target ads. On page 19, the model in a bra appears to be Bianca, Gerards current companion. Check it out if you still have Sundays paper laying around. She definitely has a beautiful smile.
  5. Suz, so glad you updated this year-old thread cuz I had not seen this before. I live in the area that the picture was taken. I drive by it all of the time, so will go today with a camera to see if the GerryRock is still there! Just some background--it is called Scottsbluff and is in westeren Nebraska and is a National Monument. There was a movie out last year called Elizabethtown. The good news is that it starred Orlando Bloom and was directed by Cameron Crow, the bad news is that it is not as good as it should have been. HOWEVER, if you rent the DVD, watch the end of th
  6. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: I am so excited about this news! What a perfect venue between roles like 300 and Priest. Just when I thought that it couldn't get better, I googled the directors name, and he has an impressive background. He has a lot of credits in screenwriting, including the Horse Whisperer and Bridges of Madison County. It just gets better and better! As for Hilary Swank, I think she and Gerry have an equal amount of depth and :tasty: commitment to their craft. She will have the time of her life doing this movie
  7. :: Got my Beowulf dvd a few days ago and have watched it SEVERAL times. I bought it just because Gerry is in it, but found it to be a very good movie. Not only is Gerry perfect for the part of Beowulf, but Ingvar does a excellent job as Grendel. I just watched it with the directors commentary through the movie, and that adds a lot of background information as well.Just received my e-bay POTO purchase this week and am truely in Gerard Heaven. :licky:
  8. :: I was on www.superherohype.com today, and they had a 300 link According to that 300 will open in 238 days, 5 hours. Sounds like definite opening date!
  9. I fall into the "not excited about this role" group of fans. Even 300 is not my cup of tea. I will support The Gerry in all of his movies, but it seems to me that he has a direction for his career that I cannot say I follow. What about a romantic comedy! PRIEST does not sound like a role that will have The Gerry in a steamy love scene either. The director is inexperienced, and may be one more movie that I will never see on the big screen. I respect Gerry as an actor, and support his career, but must say I am less than thrilled.
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