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  1. Hello Tanya! What a treat to see this beautiful "thank you" tonight. The Las Vegas Convention was indeed an experience. Caregiver called me to get signed up for this event to learn how to use my computer and see "Beowulf and Grendel" and of course sign up for every event. :: The result was meeting a fantastic group of gals. I was disappointed when you couldn't make it to Dracula's Ball, but you certainly made a grand entrance at the movie the next morning. Your friend was quite lovely also. These are but a few of the things I will remember. It is always nice to know you enjoyed your
  2. Songbird you said a lot in so few words. Loved meeting everyone. Bethy, you just keep amazing everyone with your heart. Hugs, Tink
  3. You said all Jenn. The Convention was a huge success and was attended by so many beautiful people. Thanks for the memories. :inlove: Tink
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