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  1. I just sent mine. Hope all enjoy! Vegas!!! what a trip! Naoma
  2. I finally got my video sent....hope you will still accept it. Naoma
  3. I am trying to submit my video, as I post this. I will be entering for Vegas! Better (almost) late than never!
  4. I booked a room for me, Samantha and Charlotte (in Feb.) and I used the code.
  5. RezzRN

    The "Wall"

    We still have the pages from the previous years. If you want to have a page for each year that you have attended, you will need to create a page for each year you were there. Thanx for the interest... it is getting SO close and I am excited about the new "Wall" format!
  6. RezzRN

    Wall Page Creation

    For you Holly, I am sure we can figure out something!
  7. I just wanna learn anything you are willing to teach us (about creating siggys!) Count me in! Naoma
  8. I am proud to announce the birth of my 2nd great grandchild. Logan Mark Daniel England was born on Jan. 30th @ 8:36pm, weighing in at 7 lbs 9 oz. and 21 inches long. Mama (Jska Keller-England *Samanthas daughter*), Daddy (Mark England) , Grandma (Samantha) and Great Grandma (me, Naoma) are all doing well. I fell on the ice, going home from work on the morning of Jan 26th and broke my arm. I will see the Orthopod tomorrow to see if I have to have surgery.
  9. Loved the article and the pic of OUR MAIN MAN but...but...but... "pretty blue eyes"???? I tried to figure out how to contact the author but I am not a "Tweeter!" so I didn't have any success...someone else wanna try?
  10. I am SO Proud to announce the wedding of my grandaughter, Samantha's daughter, Jessica to Mark England. The wedding was held in Mesa, Arizona on Saturday 19th of December. Congratulations to Mark & Jessica!
  11. RezzRN

    Wall Page Creation

    My daughters and I are considering trying to put on a Workshop on how to create a "Wall" page. The programs we have used are Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Please give us your opinion.
  12. RezzRN

    The "Wall"

    "Wall Changes" The wall will no longer be a wall. This year we are changing to 3 ring binders. I am requesting that you submit a page for each year you attend the Con. I would prefer they be in the same format but either way they will fit. I will provide sleeves that will go into the binders. There will be a binder for each year. Doing it this way will allow the binders to float around the room from table to table. Everyone will get to see who was at the Con and when. If you would like, you can put the same page in each year or you can create a separate page for each year you attended. Soooooooo gather your pictures and info! Time to start DOING! SEE YOU IN VEGAS IN 2010! Please continue (or begin) making your pages! As per usual, the only things I ask for, on your page, are your picture, real name, screen name and the year you attended the Gerry Con. The rest of the page is yours to do with as you wish! You can get your pages printed at Staples; http://www.staplescopycenter.com/ASP1/storefront.aspx
  13. Thanx to ALL the Admin and GAL helpers!! Simply LOVE the theme! WONDERFUL news! My Fam Planning party getting underway!
  14. anaclaudia38 did SUCH a GREAT job! "Straight to number one"
  15. The pictures you took are simply, breathtaking! Do you have more to share? Thank you! Naoma
  16. OMG!! what to do, what to do...toooooo many choices.... MUCH going on in June/July but at LEAST Jska has changed HER wedding! Sorrrrry Miki, I love you and all but but but?!?!?!?! Awe heck, I will be there whenever it is! LOL
  17. I would opt for the early June date.... Samantha and her husband are renewing vows in July AND my Granddaughter is getting married a few days later. **Crossing fingers for early June!**
  18. OMFG! My heart and stomach(among other things) LURCHED! when I saw this pic! I have fallen in love ALL over again! LOL!! YUMMY!!
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