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  1. I went to the movies, 2 nights ago, and I was TOTALLY surprised by the LAC trailer! I had NO idea it was already being shown. It is So totally awesome. From what I saw, we will get to see a range of Gerry's acting talent, from Husband/Father to broken/defeated man to STRONG determined man! I can HARDLY wait!
  2. Nay sayers and those that gave TUT bad reviews...stick this in your ear!!! http://news.yahoo.com/s/eonline/20090726/en_movies_eo/136097 Visit This Website Los Angeles (E! Online) – So, was Izzie's fate sealed by Katherine Heigl's weekend? Heigl, whose ultimate future on Grey's Anatomy is one of the small screen's great questions, proved her big-screen worth yet again with an estimated $27 million Friday-Sunday debut for The Ugly Truth. The romantic comedy, pairing Heigl with 300's Gerard Butler, took third in the box-office standings behind the guinea-pig-powered comedy G-Force ($32.2 million) and the still-big, but somewhat-sapped Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ($30 million). Here are some more factoids for Heigl to drop within earshot of an ABC exec: • Not that Heigl or her team need the reminder, but The Ugly Truth is now the year's third-biggest-bowing romantic comedy behind Sandra Bullock's The Proposal and the all-star He's Just Not That Into You. • To put that previous factoid another way, Heigl opened a movie bigger than romantic-comedy stalwarts Kate Hudson (Bride Wars), Matthew McConaughey (Ghosts of Girlfriends Past) and Renée Zellweger (New in Town). • As a reminder, Heigl is back at work on Grey's sixth season. But the star to whom the adjective outspoken is typically applied isn't saying what shape her health-challenged character is in. • Harry Potter's ticket sales were off 61 percent from its opening weeked. If estimates hold, that fall will go down as the franchise's second biggest plunge. • In the not-great news department, the Harry Potter with the franchise's biggest drop, Prisoner of Azaban, is also the franchise's lowest-grossing movie to date. • In the not-bad news department, the "lowest-grossing" Prisoner of Azaban made nearly $250 million domestically. • In the terribly good news department, Half-Blood Prince, after just two weekends, is already at $221.8 million. • The horror movie Orphan, the weekend's other major new release, grossed a respectable $12.8 million for a fourth-place bow. • How low can Brüno go? The Sacha Baron Cohen comedy was down 67 percent from last weekend's near-historic dive, and clung to a Top 10 finish, with a $2.7 million take. • After three weekends, Brüno has $56.5 million in the domestic bank—a number that would look bigger if Cohen's Borat wasn't already well on its way to $100 million in the same time frame. • Up exits the Top 10 after eight weekends, and a $283.6 million haul that puts it behind only Finding Nemo on the formidable list of all-time Disney/Pixar grossers. Here's a complete look at the weekend's top-grossing films based on Friday-Sunday estimates as compiled by Exhibitor Relations: • G-Force, $32.2 million • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, $30 million • The Ugly Truth, $27 million • Orphan, $12.8 million • Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, $8.2 million • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, $8 million • The Hangover, $6.5 million • The Proposal, $6.4 million • Public Enemies, $4.2 million • Brüno, $2.7 million (Originally published July 26, 2009, at 9:17 a.m. PT
  4. RezzRN

    Vegas Weather

    It's gonna be HOT outside and because it WILL be hot outside it's gonna be COLD inside! Wed Jun 24 Mostly Sunny Hi 102° Lo 82° Thu Jun 25 Partly Cloudy Hi 100° Lo 78° Fri Jun 26 Sunny Hi 103° Lo 81° Sat Jun 27 Sunny Hi 105° Lo 82° Sun Jun 28 Sunny Hi 106° Lo 84° Mon Jun 29 Mostly Sunny Hi 105° Lo 85° Tue Jun 30 Sunny Hi 105° Lo 80°
  5. RezzRN

    The "Wall"

    Hi Linda, I did receive your pages, just yesterday. Good Work! See you soon! Naoma
  6. RezzRN

    The "Wall"

    Hi Katie! You will need to bring yours. I just went through the pages I do have and yours is not there! See ya soon! Naoma
  7. RezzRN

    The "Wall"

    Well Ladies, 14 days and counting! Hope your wall pages are coming along ok!
  8. RezzRN

    The "Wall"

    I saw the list of folks that will be going to Vegas... hope y'all are creating your pages! There are only 28 days left. They should be in the mail to me by the 8th of June, please plan on bringing them with you. As stated in the first post, I have the sleeves to put them in. If you have questions either send me a PM or email me at ndwrn@yahoo.com. I work night shift but will get back to you ASAP!! Naoma
  9. I submitted my video but forgot to include that it is for Vegas! Hope you got it! Naoma
  10. RezzRN

    The "Wall"

    Please see edited post one. We are only 47 days out now. I know things are busy what with graduations coming up and all but lets see how many pages we can get! I have posted the requirements ect. in post one.
  11. The expression in his eyes and on his face is totally cold, angry and unfeeling. I am looking forward to this movie but... does Gerry die?
  12. Good for Gerry! Hope he is really enjoying himself!
  13. RezzRN

    Daytime Agenda

    Anyone have an idea of what our daytime agenda is going to be? I would like to start making my final plans but.... Thank you for ALL the hard work you do! Naoma
  14. RezzRN

    The "Wall"

    72 Days ladies! You only have 72 days left to create your page!
  15. RezzRN

    The "Wall"

    Thanx Y'all for getting the ball rolling. I too will be making a new page. If you need my name and address, PM me and I will send it to you! See you in Vegas!
  16. RezzRN

    "The Wall" 09

    Each attendee will be allotted an 8X10 space and it MUST be in LANDSCAPE FORMAT. Landscape makes the page sideways, not up and down. The only things I ask for, on your page, is your picture, real name, screen name and the year you first attended the Gerry Con. The rest of the space on the page, is yours to put on it what you want to. There will be different "Walls " one for each Con year, so there will be enough space for everyone's pages.
  17. Just wondering if there had been any word on why the price for my room was more than what is quoted? Thanx for ALL you do!
  18. RezzRN

    Dr. Batista

    Any chance that the FABULOUS professional photographer, Dr. Batista will be doing another photo shoot for us GALS that didn't get to participate last year? Naoma
  19. RezzRN

    "The Wall" 09

    It's my pleasure to do this. A work of love! Naoma
  20. Ok...call me crazy! My first and always love will be Phantom! Then, I love Dracula 2000. I just love the twist! I will watch any and all of Gerry's movies except that >IMHO< stupid "shooters". The ONLY part of that movie, is of course the yellow towel!
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