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  1. I'd love to read it! Please add me to your list of potential readers. Naoma
  2. This is what I am wearing on Friday Provided, I can keep the top up and don't FReeeeeeeezzzzzzzeeeeee!
  3. RezzRN

    "The Wall" 09

    Yes, Libby, we can use the one from last year. I too, will be trying to create a new wall pic! I had fun doing it, last year. This is what we have come up with for "The Wall" Clickable Example----------------> -------My "Wall" creation from last year. Each attendee will be allotted an 8X10 space and it MUST be in LANDSCAPE FORMAT. Landscape makes the page sideways, not up and down. You MUST either print out your page and bring it with you to the Con or you can mail it to me. I do not have the means or time to create a page for you, once we are in Vegas. The only things I ask for, on your page, are your picture, real name, screen name and the year you first attended the Gerry Con. The rest of the space on the page, is yours to put on it what you want to. I suggest that if you want to give out business cards, this year, put them on each place setting at dinner. We discovered they are too heavy to hang with your "Wall" picture. There will be 4 different "Walls " one for each Con year, so there will be enough space for everyone's pages.
  4. RezzRN

    "The Wall" 09

    The "Wall" will again go up! I am requesting that everyone's page be made on the same format as last year. (For you first timers and those who didn't play, last year), I will put the "Wall" requirements up soon! Each attendee will be allotted an 8X10 space and it MUST be in LANDSCAPE FORMAT. Landscape makes the page sideways, not up and down. Soooooooo gather your pictures and info! We are asking that you mail them, in 2009, so we can have them in sleeves and ready to hang but if you can't, bring them with you. We will provide the sleeve. We also discovered that having the business cards attached made the pages hang funny and were a bit heavy so we will eliminate that. My suggestion is that if you want to do the business cards, you can pass them out to each table, during the Gala Evening. Time to start planning again! SEE YOU IN VEGAS IN 2009! Example-------------> Just wanted everyone to know that we are planning a new format for the physical wall. It will be free standing so we won't take up the valuable wall space. Please continue ( or begin) making your page! Naoma
  5. I am wearing the mermaid or fishtail style.
  6. Hi! Yes, it was me and yes it was more...but not really THAT much more, only $14 more and worth it to me and mine
  7. I just booked a Lanai Suite at the Hilton but the rate was different that what it states on the convention website?
  8. Better late than never, eh? I bought my tickets! Good luck to ALL you GALS!
  9. RezzRN

    IMDB Daily Poll

    Voted! Gerry is way down on the list...can we bring him up?
  10. YEAH!! Can't wait, really CAN NOT WAIT!!
  11. Got mine on my wall! Bigger than Life Gerry! YUMMMMMY!!!
  12. I now feel just totally awful.... I did not say THANK YOU! Thank you Susan for being there. ..for making the Phantom Pheast available for me. I was blessed to come home with many wonderful things, not to mention the companionship. Please forgive the oversite. Seeing the Phantom and OUR MAIN MAN, on the big screen never ceases to amaze. Please tell Martha a huge Thank you from myself and my daughters. Naoma
  13. I saw the movie tonight and I truely think that Gerry et al did a wonderful job. I have been waiting and waiting to see if it was actually going to make it to Arizona and I am SURE glad it did! I WILL see this movie again and purchase the DVD when it comes out! I have friends who, along with me, will think it's a riot! Gerry, as usual, does a SUPER job! It's easy to see why no one used to recognize him. He plays his character so well he melds with him! Hope all others who see this enjoyed it as much as I did! Be SURE you stay and watch the credits roll. There is an outtake you GOTTA see! Naoma
  14. We are getting closer and closer.... if you haven't bought raffle tickets better bring LOTS of $$$$ I WILL be buying mine that day! See y'all soon!
  15. WOW Our MAIN MAN is handz down the winner! Keep voting! ResultsBoth Daniel Craig and Gerard Butler have killed, escaped death, and wooed Angelina Jolie on-screen. But which action star is tougher? Daniel Craig - 8.91%Gerard Butler - 91.09%
  16. Just trying to keep up to date on ALL Gerry news!
  17. Got my shirt today! YAHOOO it is ALL I expected! Thank you, thank you!
  18. Just sent money via paypal for my shirt!
  19. What a choice to have to make... I loved both movies but I guess, if I had to choose only one...it would be PSILY.
  20. I am having a problem finding the mag! I will continue HUNTING tho! What I want to know tho, the pictures, were they just made for the mag or did I miss something?!?!?!?
  21. Sorry it took me so long...order's in now.
  22. His green eyes really show in these photoz. Gotta love it! ALL over again and again!
  23. Like so many others, I find the piece slightly off kelter, somehow but I DID like the description "Gerard Butler is standing at the window with his back to me, aiming a gun. His tree-trunk legs are spread wide. His biceps are stretching his cashmere jersey, his deltoids flexing like a pair of dolphins trying to nibble his ears. Testosterone oozes across the room."
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