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  1. CONGRATULATIONS, MISCHA ANDERSON!!! Dang the luck to the rest of us!
  2. Between trying to get my dishes done and running back and forth to the puter.... I am DiZZy!
  3. More Tick Tock Tick Tock!
  4. RezzRN

    london premier

    Dane Sure hope you got to go see Gerry there in London...you lucky GAL you!
  5. Gerard Butler looks dapper in a suit ( )at the world premiere of RocknRolla at the Odeon West End cinema, Leicester Square on Monday in London, England. In the film, the 38-year-old Scottish stud plays One Two, a mobster with street smarts.
  6. GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I wanna see!!!
  7. Since Gerry captured my heart, I am ALWAYS a SURE THING!!
  8. First, THANK YOU FOR SHARING! I love the feel of OUR MAIN MAN'S place! I know nothing about decoration, except what I like. It appears to me our Gerry has instilled the feeling of (1) Phantom ie the chandliers, the wall sconces ect. I feel an infulence of Beowulf & Grindle ie the wooden beams and columns. I feel PS I love you there, the staircase and some of the furniture. I love the way there are 2 footstools at that one chair (for our Gerry to stretch out on) in front of the big screen with 300 on it!
  9. I have NO idea HOW I missed this, but I did! OBTW I voted! I VOTED! Susan, you can count on me, Samantha and Char being there! As I said before, we have been planning this since LAST year!
  10. Count me, Samantha and Char IN! We have been planning this since LAST year! For those who missed it...you just gotta try to come! Be warned tho, we bout FROZE our hinnies off, last year!
  11. You GALS tickle my funny bone! (OMG did I really say that?!?!?!?)
  12. Pick me, Pick ME ohhhhhhhh PLEASE pick me!
  13. Interesting yes....very interesting! I love seeing OUR MAIN MAN in ANYTHING! or nothing OMG did I really say that, out loud?!?!?!?
  14. Love the pic's! Katie, I was wondering the same thing! What I wouldn't give to be her! "I'm wondering if the blonde-haired lady might be a 'handler' who is with him."
  15. Island Girl - CHARLOTTE annieday - ANDREA Lady Elissa-Elissa Good Sport- Bill (Elissa's better half) Poppy - Linda Susan~Sporran - SUSAN (well, duh) but I answer to Sporran as well when among Gerry fans. Swansong -Swannie (Bonnie Anne) Charliwantz - Charli NordicGirl - Eva Mari Midnight Diva - Diane or Di Framolamdu - Moira - aka Super Mo to her friends Gypsy - Loni Adelheid (well that's my name...) Phoenixgirl - Lisa lugerry - Barbara (aka also answer to Lu when among Gerry's fans) (Susan S. I know copied kat) Drooling Moron - Tony Eliza1013 - I prefer Elisabetha (The s is an sh sound and the th is a hard t with a very faint h), but Eliza is ok too. Seumus O'Seaghdha - real name is Kurt, but I much prefer to be called Seumus (pronounced like Shay' mus). Songbird - Katie CactusJack - Larry IListen - Liana Barb444 - Barb (my, how creative!) I'm Babs to good friends or Babszilla (when my evil twin appears....) tigs7495 - MICHELLE Bluejay - Karen Texas Gramma - Suzie (Not to be confused with Sue or Susan or Suzanne or Suz or Susie Darlin') Whew! Gerry Duty - Jeanette or J zanyzombie - Suzanne (Spot's note: She answers to Zany, too! Trust me!) Donnie - Dana (pronounced more like "Donna") JustCallMeTracy- Tracy in other words or actually the same words just call me Tracy GreenEyes - Danielle Lish ~ Alisha or Lish. Either really... Touchmetrustme - Libby almadenannie - Annemarie Hodari - DANIELLE chachababy- Peggy sbchild04 - Sarah solen - Şölen dlsmilad~ Dina kittypro - Pat (but everyone calls me kitty - too many Pats!) heISmyGspot - Spot/Spotty or Holly. (I instinctively answer to B*tch, too) TheBlonde - Kristine, K, KB laxmom - MaryLee ReggieNY11 - Regina or Reggie HighlandHeather - Faye Pilar - Leontine ("Leo") discoveringme - Jill, Jilly, even Jillybean on occassion! bamms - Leslie Wendy Muir- Wendy or WendyM GerrysJewel - Barbra Cassey1228 - Cassey or Cass SC*Indy*Girl - Racheal or Rae Anna ~ Anna wave.gif Celtiberic Queen - Mary John aka Maria João Jenny - Jenny Bermos - Sherrell (pronounced Cheryl) Luvi - Julia Isaboo - Gerry (oohhh, I mean Sandra) heheee Helena -(ok-ok...I'll behave...Jane Fonda) Cybrsal -Sally or Sal (Henri-etta to you, Jane) Knight Phantom - Deb Tap - Tapitha (pronounced like Tabitha but with a P) Catwoman = Catherine RezzRN = Naoma
  16. A new pic, Mama Jess and Jaela. My 2 BEAUTIFUL Girls! Irish, nope I wasn't 6 but add 12 and you got it! OBTW, they ARE both Gerry Fanz!
  17. Here is our 4 Generations picture!
  18. I am just SO proud, I wanted to introduce you all to my 1st Great Grand Daughter. Her name is Jaela Kaylene Keller. She was born on July 1st at 0318. She was 7lbs 5.4oz and 20 1/4" long. Grand Mother (MizSamBewitched) Samantha, Mother, Jessica and I (Great Grandmother), are all doing well!
  19. Yes, Please put me down for 3 copies
  20. RezzRN

    The "Wall"

    What she said
  21. RezzRN

    The "Wall"

    The "Wall" pages were taken down and will be stored in a 3 ring binder which I will bring with me to the 2009 Con and you can reuse them. Thanx for asking! Naoma
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