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    The "Wall"

    The "Wall" will again go up! I am requesting that everyone's page be made on the same format. Soooooooo gather your pictures and info! We are asking that you mail them, in 2009, so we can have them in sleeves and ready to hang but if you can't, bring them with you. We will provide the sleeve. We also discovered that having the business cards attached made the pages hang funny and were a bit heavy so we will eliminate that. My suggestion is that if you want to do the business cards, you can pass them out to each table, during the Gala Evening. Time to start DOING! SEE YOU IN VEGAS IN 2009! Example-------------> Just wanted everyone to know that we are planning a new format for the physical wall. It will be free standing so we won't take up the valuable wall space. Please continue ( or begin) making your page! Each attendee will be allotted an 8X10 space and it MUST be in LANDSCAPE FORMAT. Landscape makes the page sideways, not up and down. You MUST either print out your page and bring it with you to the Con or you can mail it to me. I do not have the means or time to create a page for you, once we are in Vegas. The only things I ask for, on your page, are your picture, real name, screen name and the year you first attended the Gerry Con. The rest of the space on the page, is yours to put on it what you want to. There will be 4 different "Walls " one for each Con year, so there will be enough space for everyone's pages. You can mail your page to me; Naoma Williams POB 280 Whiteriver, Arizona 85941 There are only 28 days left. They should be in the mail to me by the 8th of June, please plan on bringing them with you. As stated in the first post, I have the sleeves to put them in. If you have questions either send me a PM or email me at ndwrn@yahoo.com. I work night shift but will get back to you ASAP!!
  2. I must say, I am SO thrilled! To already get to start planning! My daughter's and I have a special savings account (nicknamed GBsavings) that we put our funds into, throughout the year JUST FOR THIS occasion! YAHOOOOOOO GREAT Theme too!! Naoma
  3. I was lucky enough to win the pencil paper drawing of the Phantom, by Sam Wise! Samantha, won the King Leo Necklace (sorry no picture) and Char won the basket which contained the book How to train your Dragon, She was SO thrilled! I am still trying to recover from ALL the fun and excitment! Naoma
  4. A HUGE Thank you to Gerry for bringing us ALL together! To ADMIN and the MOD'S I also want to thank each and every GAL out there who brought their "Wall" pages for posting! We learned quite a few lessons in making this happen and hope to make next year's "Wall" even better! A special goes out to Lori and Julie from Tucson. They were generous enough to stay Saturday night after the ending of the Con, to help us break down, pack and tote the "Wall"! God Bless and Keep you ALL! Hope to see each and every one of you at next years Con! Naoma
  5. You are the best Mel! Thank you SO much for sharing!!
  6. RezzRN

    Vegas Weather

    Hi Ladies! With the Con just around the corner, I thought it might be interesting to keep track of the weather there....looks like it's gonna be HOT!! (and that does NOT mean just at the Convention!) Here are some websites that might be of interest; http://www.weather.com/weather/tenday/USNV...pnav_undeclared http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/forecast/MapClick....eld2=-115.13639 See you there SOON!! Naoma
  7. RezzRN

    "The Wall"

    Lady Yvonne I received your page! It's WONDERFUL! Please be sure you check post #1, it has the most recent information. Ladies, the Con is getting closer & closer! Hope you are all having fun and learning something new by creating your page. to all those who have helped other GALS! This is one of the things we are all about, HELPING EACH OTHER! If there are any more questions, please, don't hesitate to ask and if I can't help, I am SURE there are other GALS here who can! >giggle< Thank you to ALL the admins! You guys are GREAT!! Naoma
  8. Is the agenda pretty much a done deal? I will be verrrry busy! Thursday, June 12th 7:00 pm - 1:00 am Hospitality Suite Meet and greet! Say hello to your fellow attendees and just hang out! Show up in comfy clothes, kick your shoes off and relax! Friday, June 13th 11:00 am – 5:00 pm Ballroom Registration, Book Signing - Meet Published Authors, Jewelry Sale 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Ballroom Beginner Video Workshop 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm Ballroom Advanced Video Workshop 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm Ballroom Scrapbooking Workshop 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm Hospitality Suite Love Letters from the Lair Roundtable 7:00 pm – 12:00 am Ballroom Dinner, Entertainment, and Dance; Cash Bar 12:00 am – 2:00 am Hospitality Suite Open for movies and just hanging out! Saturday, June 14th 10:00 am - 1:00 pm Brenden Theatres Palms Hotel & Casino 7:00 pm – 12:00 am Ballroom Vintage Hollywood Gala: Dinner, Entertainment, and Dance; Cash Bar 12:00 am – 2:00 am Hospitality Suite Open for movies and just hanging out!
  9. Oh YEAH!! My daughters and I will BE THERE! Spot and BIG MIKE will be in Vegas, baby!! Knight Phantom and Sally Irish Poppy LeslieDcup RandomLanda Swansong zanyzombie touchmetrustme scottish spazz stacie-in-nebraska AimeeMarie Susan~Sporran Jenny Texas gramma Songbird IListen Lady Elissa Good Sport redroseblackribbon & Donny RezzRN gmscowgirlred MizSamBewitched
  10. OMG OMG THE CONTEST DEADLINE IS UPON US! Hurry, GALS!! You got till tomorrow! I can hardly WAIT to see the enteries! Naoma Deadline: The deadline for BOTH video contests will be on MAY 12th at 12 NOON mountain time. That’s a Monday, so if you have to do any quick weekend revisions…
  11. RezzRN

    "The Wall"

    Happy Mother's Day Y'ALL!! Spot aka Holly, has graciously offered to collect your "Wall page" At the registration table. Registration will be from 11-5 on Friday! I will try to have the "Wall" put up and ready to go by then also! Thank you Spot!
  12. Will you be pre-selling raffle tickets? Naoma
  13. What do I like about Gerry? It would be a whole lot easier to answer, what do I NOT like about Gerry! I first discovered this amazing man in POTO (which, is still my favorite movie!). I did some research to find out WHO he was and linked up with GALS! What a blessing! I had only been a member a very short while when I attended the first Con, in Vegas and who should appear there but OUR MAIN MAN HIMSELF! To say I was awe struck would be the understatement of the year. I took my daughter with me to the fist Con and while there, she asked me “what is it about Gerry that you and SO many women are attracted to?” Mind you, we had JUST pulled out of our hotel. Not being familiar with Vegas, I did not realize we were going the WRONG WAY! As I tried to explain to her, my feelings and other, by telling her how he is BEAUTIFUL, both inside and out,(and OMG! what WONDERFUL HANDS!), what a WONDEROUS voice he has, how he is kind, unassuming, a superb actor, has eyes you can get lost in, inspiration to MANY to achieve their dreams, just to name a few of his attributes I managed to drive to BFE east Vegas. We were so deep in conversation it didn’t dawn on either of us until we hit terrain that was totally unrecognizable. Big dirt lots on the side of a 2 lane highway! We got SO hysterical about the whole incident, I almost wet myself laughing as the tears were streaming down our faces, we turned around then had to retrace our route. I have been a member here, ever since. I don't do much posting but I am totally involved and still enthralled by OUR MAIN MAN!
  14. RezzRN

    "The Wall"

    Mornin Sue.... if you have already sent me your page...you do NOT have to make another. Sorry for the confusion! Naoma
  15. I SO totally missed this but I have rectified the situation and just ordered 3 shirt! OBTW in case anyone else missed this Wonderful opportunity, here is a shortcut. http://www.kiltsrock.com/shop/index.php?ma...bgt0v05ue6q8qk0 Take the time to get YOUR shirt! Let's see HOW MANY of us can wear them at one time, in VEGAS!! Naoma
  16. RezzRN

    "The Wall"

    Mornin Ladies! I think, for everyone's peace of mind, you should bring your page with you. That way, you and I both know it will arrive safely. I will try to make an arrangment with someone in the hospitality room, to receive them there.
  17. for ALL the hard work you and other's do!! I just thought, if you are voting for GALS!! It SHOULD be counted?!?!?!
  18. 1. The German Gerard Butler Fansite and Forum Treffpunkt der begeisterten und treuen Fans des charismatischen Schauspielers Gerard Butler! Meeting place for the enthusiastic and loyal fans of the charismatic actor Gerry Butler! http://www.gerard-butler-forum.de/ 21588 votes 2. Gerard Butler GALS An Officially Fun Fan Community for Scottish Actor Gerard Butler. We offer the newest info & pics, extensive multimedia library, fan forum, and much more! http://www.gerardbutlergals.com 13528 votes Still no change...??? Naoma
  19. ??? I would like to have pictures made.... but ReALLY need to know what the schedule would be as there is SO much going on that I would like to be a part of! Please? An answer? Naoma
  20. RezzRN

    Business card

    I have just discovered a website where you can creat your OWN card, print it at home, using any design you wish. You can upload a background picture.... it seems like a wonderful thing! AND iT's FREE!! Give it a try! Naoma http://bizcardcreator.com/free_business_card_creator.htm
  21. RezzRN

    "The Wall"

    I believe that bringing your page is the best idea. I live on the Apache Reservation in central Arizona and the mail here can be undependable. If you bring your page, you and I will both know it will arrive safely! Naoma
  22. RezzRN

    "The Wall"

    Thanx for asking! I saw that the yearbook had a set back but I believe an after the Con yearbook will be a success. I always thought a small fee to help with expenses AND raise money for OUR cause was an idea worth pursuing! I am having just a fair amount of response but even if we only have a few who play along... the "Wall" WILL be put up at the Con! Let those who have gone to all the work to make their page be in the spotlight! I have gone to great expense. I think, this is going to be something to build on and if the response is low, next year folks will reconsider! See you SOON!! Naoma
  23. Just a quick note to let you know, the voting numbers are still the same....and I am using a new computer.????? Not sure what's going on there. Naoma
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