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  1. Sorry,but...is there a video of this intervew???i did'nt find it on the forum...
  2. many thanks..now i 've understood everything!!!
  3. sorry,but I can't understand at the end of the intervew,what did he say,before he laugh and...swear?
  4. Thank you Ines but,my question is:How was it possible to see Shattered??? (and the second one is:why did they change the first title,that was so suggested?
  5. ... :inlove: ...I can 't express what i feel watching at those pics....It's very very very hot thi summer,isn't it????
  6. ...I can't understand why not at cinema??? :boink: :grrr2: Just a friendly reminder of our signature guidelines. TY. zany
  7. Hi arielcips...just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your 'Who Wants to Live Forever' vid...beautiful...& your siggy is awesome.....Nice to meet you!

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