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  1. Hey all Just wanted to do a pop in, let everyone know I still do breathe lmao and am actually walking ok now (let's credit physiotherapy three days a week for that) Gerry seems to be doing quite well, I miss all of you here, but don't seem to be able to find my muse lately. Donna, that be my valentine siggy is just hilarious...and kinda scary too lmao!!! I'm so very heart-broken over Heath Ledger, to think he was three years younger than I and now he's gone, so tragic...and 10 things I hate about you is a film I really like. So how is everyone? What's new etc? Abs, you out there somewhere, Zany??? how 'bout you? Hugs Dawn
  2. Hey Gals, Just wanted to stop in real quick and wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Hope everyone is well and happy!!! For anyone who's wondering, I've been walking since early December now, some lifestyle changes have had to occur, but otherwise things could be alot worse!!! Big Hugs Dawn
  3. Hey Gals Just wanted to drop in, just got home from the hospital...had my skin graft, feeling has returned to the leg...which is really a crappy thing...OMIGOD does this hurt!! I will ttyl Dawn
  4. Hiya Just wanted to drop by, Abs, too late...already gone crazy!! Swannie, that is so brutal that somebody is stealing your work, rock and a hard place huh? Lish, thanks, I am very fond of ebay!! Hugs D
  5. Hey all Just wanted to drop in, finally getting the skin graft next Wednesday, get to do it under local anesthetic..woo hoo...after, it's three or four weeks of keeping the stoopid leg completely immobile!! oh well, I will ttyl all Hugs Dawn PS Lish, did you read my request for your seller name on ebay??
  6. Evening, Fran and Peggy, I'm truly sorry to hear of your loss. I apologize for not saying so earlier, I confess to only half reading most times...Mousie, thank you...I am missing my horses so much I can't put it in words!! I am putting all my energy into positive thinking, and trying not to think about the fact that its gonna be around another month at least before I start walking...wonder if I'll remember how?? *snort* Well, if te lawsuit comes through quickly enough, maybe Sandy-man and I will join y'all in Vegas!! Huggles, Dawn PS Lish, what is your sellers name??
  7. Good morning all Thanks for all the support, I too am glad the achilles tendon is gonna be fine, although from what I'm hearing, the skin grafting is unpleasant, the donor site is rumoured to hurt like the dickens...and they have to take it from my upper thigh, which will leave a discoloured area...which will require a tattoo to cover it up lmao... Irish, yes my address is still the same, I don't know for sure if I will have to be readmitted or have the graft as an outpatient (pleading for outpatient)... Hugs Dawn
  8. Hey all, Turns out, because I don't need ortho surgery now, I am home for a week or two, the rest of my debridement has been done, and now it's a question of waiting for the leg to be ready for the graft!! In the meantime I get to lay on me arse here at home!! I will be around, Hugs Dawn
  9. Hey Gals Today was my last day pass, so I probably won't be on here again until after my surgery...wish me luck and all that, I will come on and let you know the update when they finally let me out... Hugs Dawn
  10. That a girl Paige, we just gotta tough these things out...pain is relative anyway...I prefer not taking anything, 'cause then I'll overdo it and start...well, just yucky results and stuff....turkey today HOORAY!!
  11. Hey again all, Muchos gracias for the well wishes...need lots lmao...home again today, it certainly helps my outlook...boring at the hospital..and let's not discuss the food. really not in a ton of pain, which is the only positive thing I can come up with. Susan, you are right, and I have already retained one of the best personal injury firms in this city for my case. As for damages, the only thing I have to remind you of is there is a much lower limit on pain and suffering damages awarded here in canada. As for the manufacturer themselves being responsible, I think this was more a case of improper maintenance on the part of the golf course, it's all about the governor, which is what controls acceleration on the carts in the first place. This case could take quite a while, and will hopefully result in a settlement without ever going to court. I will keep everyone apprised, and hopefully have surgery by Wednesday. Anybody here had a skin graft? I haven't the faintest clue what it's like. Hugs Dawn
  12. Hey everybody, I just wanted to drop in, I know I was reporting on my injury and then disappeared, I'm actually just home right now on day passes for the long weekend (it's Thanksgiving here)...I have been hospitalized since last friday and will not be getting out until my surgery, which will be sometime next week. A large hematoma in my leg killed some of my flesh, and I am currently sporting a lovely hole...there is going to be some removal of "stuff" and then a skin graft, also a quick look at some tendons, although they seem to have shrunk more than been actually damaged... I am trying to catch up on alot of stuff, so I will update more over the weekend... Dawn
  13. Crapppp...I replied once...stoopid laptop Ok, um...oh yeah, the moron was the Doctor in the ER, he's certainly not my personal physician, MY Dr is the one who has already changed my antibiotics once to try and kick this sucker...it's not as painful now, just dis-gust-ing....I got to ride in an ambliance...hehe Irish, I'm familiar with most race tracks in north america..except the super wee ones...although we rarely get Golden Gate on our Horseplayer channel, I am able to wager on racing there online lol...we often refer to horses as "california fast" 'cause a substantial number of the sprinters out there are super quick...maybe it's the air!! Mel, how did the interview go? Risa, if you're out there somewhere...I know your pain...big hugs girlie Dawn
  14. Hey all, Swannie, I honestly can't say whether there will be physio, for all I know, I could need surgery...by the way it feels, and the fact that I can't bend my ankle in a couple directions, there's a good chance tendons and ligaments might be damaged...first we have to kill this nasty infection...I imagine there's is therapy in my future though I gotta admit, when the injury occured, I asked the Doctor who took care of me whether I could go on antibiotics right then to be proactive against infection (because my leg had popped open down to the adipose tissue, and he said it wasn't a big worry MORON) ...Iliessa thanks for the well wishes, I need all that I can get. Hugs Dawn
  15. Morning all, I slept in obviously lol!! How is everyone? Jenn, Beachie, Susan and Mel, thanks for the wishes/prayers I'm needing them. I'm sorry to hear about Big Mike having fought off an infection...hopefully I don't have to be hospitalized for this one, it's all up to these new antibiotics. And Risa? What happened to her? When? that really sucks!! Mel, good luck on the job interview, as for the rain dance...I'm sorry but I can't oblige, I can do a rain HOP if you like? Hugs Dawn
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