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  1. Hello Hello See me, making a concious effort to participate, even though I am now SO FAR out of the loop I know less than half the people on here... I am truly looking forward to getting home, where I will have my desktop and more free time to "socialize" with y'all again. Despite the suckier aspects of being away from home for so long, I have had a very productive winter. Suz, I have missed you very very much, along with a bunch of you, and if I start naming all the names, I will end up forgetting somebody, and I don't wish to offend anyone!! Nancy, I never did manage to get that dang magazine, although I am looking into how to get back issues now lol Sadly I have to report I don't believe I have a hope in H E double hockey sticks in making it to Vegas this time...oh well, I might vacation somewhere else when the opportunity arises. Hugs to all and sundry Dawn
  2. Hey Gals Wanted to just pop in, I know I know, I'm AWOL all the time yadda yadda!! But, in my defense, I've been so dang busy I haven't seen ANY new movies, including 300 okay okay I know...but Gerry, doesn't mean I don't love ya hee hee, you know!! Just means I have NO FREE TIME. I'm leaving for Kentucky on like the 25th and I have so much to do before then, like buy gifts for friends, pack...oh yeah pack, keep forgetting about that... Anywho, I am completely out of the loop, haven't a clue what's happening, but trust me, I love you all....what's going on in your lives anyway? PS..thrilled the film is doing so well...but now the cat's out of the bag Dawn
  3. Hey all, Just felt like I should try real hard and stop in for a visit. Please, all and sundry, don't think I have stopped loving Gals, I have simply stopped having time. Still in New Orleans, working ridiculous hours, but winning races It hasn't been nearly warm enough for where I am either :sob: Suz, you're moving?? huh? Dang I gotta try and show up here...more anyway, it's a long story Abrock... a special shout of love to you if you're around somewhere girl... Also big hellos...to Sporran, Zany, Bethy and Jill...hope everyone is still here somewhere Dr Em... BIG HUGS!! The still undead Dawn
  4. Wow, super website Annette!!! And to think I own a one of a kind piece of your work!! Congratulations, couldn't be happier for you. Dawn
  5. See, I'm here again (maybe starting a trend??) Susan, thanks for the explanation re: the long distance... I'm SOOOO mad at the dog..he's in the doghouse, I took him for a walk today and let him loose so we could chase squirrels (like he's ever gonna catch one right??) and turned my back, when I looked, he was rolling in something DISGUSTING, so leash on, home we went...I was so mad (he hates baths) that when I told him to get in the tub, he just jumped in and sat there looking at me... Stinky poopy Dog, Mousie, Abs, Lady true, Jill, Susan, SUZ..glad to see y'all (practicing for New Orleans)...I'll try and visit more now, really I will... Dawn P.S. Read some catch up on Gerry, glad he's up to his usual charming tricks in NYC
  6. Hey Gals I wanted to come in and say hello, I have sorely neglected my responsibilities lately vis a vis Gerry and u all! I haven't had time to read the thread behind this post (or the others behind it) so for anyone who isn't well/happy, I hope that changes, for everyone else, hope you're awesome and I miss you... As for me, I'm a busy little honey bee, I leave in less than a month for New Orleans, I have a million things to do to get ready, and I never know my exact date of departure until a week or so before hand. My best horse is officially retired and we are now seeking a good home for him, not an easy thing to do with former race horses. I finally got home to visit my parents at Thanksgiving, hadn't seen them in ages, so it was awesome. It was difficult because we had recently lost one of our dogs, and another is a very old man now... I now have new wheels, which is muy exciting. Needed to a new car to drive from here to the Gulf coast (don't wanna get stranded in Tennessee...ahem, btw um SONG?? wanna have a quick coffee next month? A few quick shout outs, don't feel left out now. Abs, I miss you, I hope you're well!! Suz, Heya...I would call, but you're always nuts with the kids To any of my girls/Gals who wanna talk, I have free Long Distance until next October, all over North America, so pm me or email me... Dawn PS, Thanks Zany, I hope things are good with you as well!
  7. Hey Gals, I just wanted to pop through and say Hello to my friends (if you're still around). Also wanted to let you know I'm doing just fine, and I heard from Sofie, she's well!! I figured there might be a few who have thought about her, wondered where she is etc. so it seemed appropriate to drop in with an update that she is alive and well, just started a two week vacation actually!!! Dawn PS Amy, if you're around, looks like I'm gonna be coming your way in a couple of months for the winter, interested in a lunch at Mandina's??
  8. Hey Gals, Just stopping in to shout out to all, busy me, crazy year I'm having, not much free time (I'm sure some have noticed ) I will try to develop a fantasy I can post in here, hopefully I will make it back before the floor is over!! Dawn PS, Thanks for the Avi Zany, it just keeps getting better!!
  9. Don't feel old Susan, four of my families generations, for a long time there, were all alive. My Great grandmother, Grandmother and mother all had their first child at 20 or 21 years of age!!
  10. OK, Hey Gals, see I'm here again, trying to be more sociable and post more often, even when I can't think of anything to say!! This time I have something though. Yesterday I received a call from my mom, seems my Dad had been sitting outside drinking his coffee (complete junky) and choked. He choked so bad he fainted, fell off his chair, badly bruised (or cracked) his ribs and hit his head (abrasions). My mother was inside and heard the thud, she ran out there not knowing what had happened, except he was unconcious. Thankfully he didn't have a head injury, and he's fine, except for some extremely sore ribs, but considering my father is only 50, it was a very scary experience, for him and my Mom, so I am going to make a more concerted effort to try and visit next weekend. Thanks for being so welcoming when I make it in Gals, Abs, I haven't had the chance to watch the video yet, but I will I promise!! Dawn
  11. Hey all, Just a drive by...things are starting to improve in "Dawn-dom" slowly but surely (or is that shirley?) Natasha, nice to meet you...I want to visit Russia one day, and the Ukraine..I'm a quarter!! Can you hook me up with a recipe for homemade perogies (piroshki right?) Anywho y'all, I loves ya...you know who u r!! Dawn
  12. Hey Gals, Just wanted to publicly thank Bethy for my new Signature...I seem to have accidentally misplaced my old one Dawn
  13. Thanks Gals, I've missed you as well...and Abs is right, let's charter a bus, drive all over picking every one up, and have a massive mobile party, as much as I love you Abs, I'm reserving the seat beside me for Gerry...actually, I'll just sit on his lap and you can sit beside us... Jill....THAT WAS LAST MONTH...old news hee hee, and yes, the poles actually did switch positions, didn't you notice??? D And for those who I haven't mentioned, I haven't read the rest of the thread to be honest, not time right now, but Hi to everyone I don't know, and those that I do
  14. Hey Gals, I thought it was getting time I had better pop in and re-assert my existence Abs, I see you there, miss you much!! Song and Lish, thank you both for asking about me, I am fine!! I love you both, I am just very busy and kind of doing my own thing lately, and now there's so many new faces here I'm not sure I will ever catch up!! Suz, you know I love you!! The rest of my gal pals hope you're doing well, I will see you around soon...and Jill, notice I have continued despite my absence, to do the trivia, that's just for YOU!! Take care, Gerry...still love you baby!! Dawn
  15. About the video, from what Jereme said, once edited it might be included as an extra on BOAW or as it's own seperate documentary. As for the raw footage, hee hee I somehow doubt that's gonna come out!!
  16. Hey all, Just wanted to drop in to say Hello to everyone, I'm still on my self imposed "hiatus" but after this weekend I will hopefully have a more definitive idea where things are, then hopefully I can offer an update about my situation and things!! Miss you all, hope everyone is doing well!! Dawn
  17. Wow, it's the anniversary huh? that's pretty awesome! To everyone, especially the friends I've made over my time here, I love you all... Just for the record, I'm ok!! Just got alot of other stuff going on in my life, and not much interesting happens for me to share (y'all who know me know I just don't share that much)... Dayna, Stef, you are both so awesome and you know it, Thanks for making Gals what it is!! The rest of you Mods :hugsandsnogs: Dawn
  18. Hey Gals, Just wanted to say Hello!! Busy as usual!! It's also been super-mega hot here!! Suz, send me this "cooler weather" of which you speak!! Well, I guess I will be remotivated soon...Gerry, if you could do something super sexy, that would really help me out...showing up at my door wearing nothing but a bow comes to mind!! Dawn
  19. Hi Ok, just dropping in, hope everyone had an awesome time in Chicago (said with Suz's accent) Sporran, re: that pic that Gspot posted, I am NOT looking down your dress!! As for the synergy (collective) I am thinking along these lines... "Resistance is futile, you WILL be assimilated" :hugsandsnogs: Dawn
  20. *zips through* Hey all, hope you're well Suz, I'll try to call you soon, it's B and G for you this weekend right? Sofie, Hey darling, Love ya...and I didn't call today, although I should soon eh? AG, still haven't gotten a copy yet, something always comes up at work!! Anywho, gotta run Dawn
  21. Hi Everyone Just wanted to zip through, say hello to all my friends!! I'm continuing to "Cowboy Up" as we say in my world!! Attending the services etc. on Saturday helped a little I guess. Just working and resting and laughing as much as possible... Anna and Mac, I'm pulling for you both!! Suz, talk to you soon I hope!! Everyone else, AG, I will try to get that "publication" *cough* tomorrow!! Dawn
  22. Hi Gals I just wanted to pop in and thank everyone for their kind thoughts. My friend, he was one of the most charismatic and alive people I've ever met, a third degree black belt, a trainer/exercise rider and just an absolute sportsman. His death was a tragic accident, although as of yet the exact cause of death wasn't known. He was only eight years older than I am and for the past two days I've been reminiscing so much about all the fun times we had, when I was last in New Orleans he was there, and we always had such an amazing time, I think it just makes it hurt more, you know how there are some people who just seem too alive to ever be gone?? We hadn't seem much of each other this year, you know how busy my lifestyle is, but he was a great guy, ridiculously charming and sexy. I got my first nickname at the track from him, anybody remember the episode of Seinfeld where Jerry's girl has a name that rhymes with a body part?? Glen died while kite tubing, which has already become banned in many places, he always lived on the edge, and although he didn't drown, those things are DEADLY, please all of you, stay away from them if you know someone who has one, make them stay away too!! Glen was a daredevil, and maybe this is the way he would have wanted to go, but he's left our racetrack a very somber place... I'm sorry to depress everyone, but I had to say this, I need to remember him... I love you all, thank you for the support, and now I'm crying and have to go!! Dawn
  23. *cough* Hey AG, gonna find some tomorrow, finally scored myself a day off, which is good because I was getting downright vicious, with my oh so lovely, reasonable and selfless co-workers *snort*!! Hi to everyone, I'm not abandoning Gals, really I just don't have much to say lately, it's very difficult to explain, but I love everyone, and I will be rejuvenated sometime soon I hope!! :hugsandsnogs: Dawn
  24. Hey Gals, Just a quick posting... Suz, me too honey, you know it!! Chris, I'm so feeling for you, I don't even know what to say!! I'm a busy bee as always, had a real pisser of a day, don't even want to go there right now, actually, that's incorrect, I had a great day, there was just one thing that ROYALLY sucked!! I'll talk about it later... And btw, Miso (the new filly) seems to be quite a horse!! I love y'all Dawn
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