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  1. Stef, I hope Gerry pops in here soon so he can see your awesome creations hee hee!!! Well, Gals, so far the new chick is awesome, sometimes it takes a day or two for their "true colours" to appear, and she's a grey filly, so they can be *cough* special!!! She's so gorgeous, and her tail is like fifteen different colours, definitely an eye catching filly... Her name is Miso Soup, so we were being silly, while she was getting her bath, it was "miso soapy" "miso silly" etc. Just the usual goofiness!! Oh, and as for pictures of her, I can't, it's bad luck!! Abs, any time darling!! Suz, Celine, try to NOT swallow golf balls, that should help!! Hope you feel better soon honey!! Chris, glad to see you visiting us, still thinking of you... To the rest of you, and once again I am NOT typing all those names, just pretend I did!! Dawn
  2. Hee Hee, um Ok Suz, sure lots better *cough* Ma, welcome...as for the whole theme thing, for people such as myself (non-perverted creative writing challenged that is) we are free to discuss anything, although we try to stay *ahem* PG 13 and Positive most times, we just share day to day stuff.. Ok, dinner's ready, Jill I promise I will tell loads more about the New Kid very soon, I think it's best I get to know her first though
  3. *hunts around SC, finds Abrock in a heap, under a table...picks her up dusts her off...."if you keep running in your SOCKS Abs, this is gonna happen alot"...."well, at least you're wearing MORE than socks!!"* Hey Gals, So, about me, I got my new filly today (to make the five) and she is SO GORGEOUS...I mean ADORABLE!!! OK..let's see, Jill, I am so brokenhearted that I made you cry... Suz, your socks don't even MATCH!! Barb, was that you?? AG...limo driver huh?? hee hee...not gonna say a WORD Katie, you know I've been thinking of you... Chris, same as above, as you might already know, I don't express that stuff well Celine, how r ya? Ok, now I must play the trivia... To everyone I missed, you know I loves ya right? :hugsandsnogs: Dawn
  4. Hey Gals Just wanted to swing through and say hello, I know this is going to sound insane (to those who know me well) but I'm probably going to be around even less, I have another horse coming and that's gonna make five!! Things at work were alot more fun today, as long as I ignore the people who are annoying...there's nothing worse than somebody who doesn't know you, or your experience or knowledge, who insists on attempting to educate you. There's always a chance the person you're "educating" already knows more about horses than YOU do!! It's like the day when my friend got hurt...but either way I digress.. I'm tired, and hungry and should start getting more done around here, if I could motivate myself. Oh, and as for the Dream Date stories, you know I'm useless, I'm only creative in perverted ways!! Suz, love ya honey!! Lish, Love the pics of your house, things are looking AWESOME!! Dawn
  5. Suz, you're SOOOOO greedy, so in retaliation I'm just going to keep :mopboyatilla: right here!! Anyway, usual day in insanity land, just LOVING my OH SO KIND co workers (is the sarcasm coming through in my typing??) I'm not even going to get into it...I will scream in the shower. GreatB, I know ALL about thoroughbreds honey, my life revolves around them, I didn't hit the horse though, just threatened her, she's a two year old filly and as a rule, it's not good to hit fillies, they're sensitive!! *snort* well, some of them are!! Anywho Gals, I gotta pick up the PG tomorrow, it should be out now!! Dawn
  6. Hey Gals, Thanks for all the caring as usual, I'm fine, just causes a little extra muscle soreness on top of what I normally have. Not nearly as badly bruised as I was the day after I got home from Vegas, my leg was pretty hideous!! As for the horses, yes they're crazy thoroughbreds, but they're loving and sweet some times, when they aren't loopy hee hee....and obviously I love what I do, 'cause I'm not getting rich!!! :hugsandsnogs: Dawn PS, Thanks for Atilla, we're having a great time!
  7. Jill, have a super dooper time!! Yes, the moose (as I call her) swung her head as we were getting ready to head out the door and bashed me in the gate, shoulder first, I almost fell over....called her a few names.. heehee Trust me, they already know who's boss, but thoroughbreds are what they are Oh and BTW Bubba is boss, after numerous attempts to get him to listen to me, I gave up and put him in charge, Queenie is second in command, and then ME!!
  8. *crawls into thread* Hey all, Just wanted to drop in and say Hi to my peeps (can't beleive I just said that)..got bashed today, sore and cranky is the result... Not a heck of alot to say, although Sofie, I absolutely promise tomorrow afternoon I will write you a long, disgusting email about all the Vegas stuff, I have barely had a free moment since I got home, racing and work have been crazier than ever. We have a new groom and I'm sort of helping him out, taking him under my wing sort of thing (poor guy)!!! can pick up the PG soon, anybody who wants pm's of the pics I'm gonna scan has to let me know hee hee!! Dawn
  9. Hey Gals, well, hot hot day today, but after Vegas it doesn't faze me : !! Abs, sure blame the drugs, they make you loopy huh? So that was NORMAL in Vegas??? darling, you knows I luvs ya!! Suz...I will see to it that you NEVER see video of me singing, hopefully Jereme doesn't even have it!! Fergie, you told, why'd you tell :hugsandsnogs: luv ya baby!! Sofie WHERE R U???? Susan, so glad to hear you're home, and David is doing better!! Hey and hope you're well to everyone else!! D
  10. Hiya everyone Just a drop in lol I'm not around much now am I, bad bad me!! Abs, ummm I never sang that song, but at work we do sing (to my friend Lisa) Lisa, her teeth are big and green, Lisa, she smells like gasoline!! (credit to Bart Simpson)...as for how I'm feeling, better today, I guess it was just one of those temporary things, woke up feeling crappy, but coffee made me all better...and as for the charter bus, good idea!!! Swan, I will write you in prison!! Sassenach...dinna fash yourself...it's a pleasure to meet you, make yourself comfortable!! Suz... Umm anybody else notice a serious lack of Sofie on here??? :hugsandsnogs: Dawn
  11. *wipes away a tear* oh wait a minute, I'm the tough one hee hee... Suz, you know it's mutual honey, and I keep telling you to move up here Gals has been an awesome opportunity to meet so many wonderful people, I know I'm not the most open person, and was actually off on my own here and there in Vegas, but that doesn't mean I didn't love meeting everyone, I just am ummmm strange.. Ask Suz, (she's strange too) :hugsandsnogs: honey Dawn PS...PMS??
  12. Hey Gals Just a quick posting, feeling somewhat under the weather today, no specific reasons really. As for memories, I can't say as I have one specific memory that outweighs others. Gals for me has been an outlet, and has provided me with alot of awesome friends. Meeting everyone in Vegas obviously is right up there, but I think the first time Suz and I got on the phone and talked FOREVER is just as meaningful. Susan, still thinking of you up there in Juneau, for you!! Amy...Hey girl!! Abs, glad you prefer A-brock, 'cause that's always been the way I've said it, too late to change now hee hee Anyway, have a great evening/morning/day/night depending on your location. Gerry, what ever you're doing, take care honey, hope you feel better soon!! :hugsandsnogs: Dawn
  13. Susan I'm sorry I didn't read far enough back today to see your post, when you get online again, I'm thinking of you!! You are such a strong, awesome woman I truly believe you will get through this as well!! Big Dawn
  14. Heya Galsy walsies!! Just popping in to say hello!! Busy life, keep reliving Vegas in my head, missing everyone all the time. Zack is now officially a part of my little family, cute little schnauzer that he is hee hee.. Lots to do, to all my Gals, you know who you are!!! Dawn
  15. Thanks Chris, lol it looked even better when you were styling it!!!! hee hee hey to everyone else, I have a million things to do, and I'm waiting for my doggie today, so I will ttyl Love you all, miss you even more!! Dawn PS...anybody hear if AG found the PG yet? I couldn't find a copy!!
  16. Aww Sarah, I feel terrible for you, sadly there are too many men who are complete morons about relationships. It's totally not fair of him, you're both working and should be equally sharing responsibilities around the house!!! You are in no way being unreasonable!! On a positive note, there are some awesome men out there (few and far between) I know, I have one, and after finding him I immediately chained him up in a closet!!! Now he can't escape... Just remember, you are a beautiful woman, and should be valued and cherished, so don't sell yourself short for Simon if you aren't happy!!! Dawn
  17. Hey Gals, Just a quick posting to say Hello to everyone, you know who you are so darn if I'm sitting here and typing all your names!! hee hee Suz, sorry about Grandpa...let me know what's happening ok? Lish, very very sorry about your kids, we rescued a baby rat at the barn yesterday, it's the wild kind, but with proper care will be tame? You want I should ship it down once it's older???? I know how you feel, I had rats all through high school and it's not easy when something goes wrong. Sarah, was that Sarah? Where'd she go? she's Alive, wow that's awesome, hope she returns to perv again!!! Abs Well, I'm getting my dog tomorrow, woo hoo can't wait!! I will post lots of pics!! Well, time to go shower!! ttyl Dawn
  18. Susan, I am almost positive I would remember you getting up at my butt crack, and I certainly don't!!!
  19. Dawn


    I see how it is, fine...don't include me in the Chippendales show, I'll go play with the THUNDER boys some more, 'cause I'm gonna buy the PLAYGIRL
  20. Dawn


    Risa, Glad I could please you hee hee, I found many more pics now, we have a Thunderstruck thread in the over 18 now for such indulgences!!!! Phanina, Great to see you in here, you were AWESOME and very brave to dance, such talent. I always wished when I studied dance I had added some irish dance etc. but it wasn't offered where I studied. Stick around, make yourself comfortable. Dawn
  21. Dawn


    You're right AG, as soon as I have an ounce of extra energy, I will go start us a thread in the over 18..what should we call it.... I know "THUNDERSTRUCK" hee hee Ben Ben Ben, hmmmmmmm
  22. *snort* not really Bethy, although there are quite a few photos out there of me attempting to, darn slippery Gals got away from me!!!
  23. Hiya Gals Just racing through here to say hello!! What an amazing time, give me three more days or so and I might rejoin the human race :roflmao: Jill~he seems quite glad to have me home lol and as for trivia, do it this month if you're gonna, I seem to have left my brain behind Chris and Toni, it was awesome hanging with you both, I'm sorry we didn't have more time!! Pervin....how's your tail?? Fergie, where ever you are, you made the convention THAT much better!! Abrock, I loved my chance to get to know you some, and I couldn't be happier for you to have met THE MAN...are you coherent and functional again? Stef, YOU ROCK!! Ok, there's still like a whole bunch of others I have to shout out to, but I am out of juice hee hee So two last ones, Dr Em, THANK YOU... a million times THANK YOU!! and SPOTTY, um...how much to just become a distributor instead of having to order stuff from you?? oh yeah, and it was awesome meeting you!! :hugsandsnogs: Dawn
  24. Dawn


    gark gasp sputter AG AG paging AG...lookie what I foundie!! holy moly
  25. Dawn


    hee hee Nancy..I didn't find his hotel room I WISH I had, and yes I'm talking about Ben the emcee, don't you remember me talking about what he did while I was sitting on his lap??? *cough* wonder when I can get back to Vegas, heck maybe they'll come here???
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