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  1. Jeez semmsb, you just figured that out now....boy oh boy, I've been trying so hard for so long...guess I'm just not getting it done, have to try harder....mmmm harder :gg2:
  2. Oh Yeah, I forgot, when I'm done, and we're talking at least, seven hours here, he's gonna make this face The face :censored:
  3. I'm still on this from the neck up kick, so I'm gonna put Gerry upside down on a sofa, sort of like this...except naked of course well, the sofa wouldn't be upside down, although I'm sure y'all are doing fine removing the clothes with your minds, I know I am.... anywho...now I'm gonna work on him from the neck up, starting with those manly, delectable feet, down those hair roughened calves, spend about three hours on those smorgasborg thighs of his :Shh: :gg2:
  4. Welcome, Wilkommen, Bienvenue...The more the merrier. I'm Dawn, some of these folks may tell you I'm a :Pervert: but please don't listen...it's entirely unfounded, and furthermore...please ignore the award below...it's a joke, I'm really the exact opposite of that label really Join the fun...decorate a tree! All and sundry are welcome to join the coven!
  5. Which character, in that case...matters not It gets the job done baby, it gets the job done!
  6. I'm here, I'm here, sorry...really do belong here, gotta get into the war...if you observe the award below and my coven qualifications, I believe you'll agree And so far :yel: OMIGOD, I love this floor :wow: Movie Star kinks This is my kink for today, that exposed lap offers opportunities for coven activities. Oh, and if it's a neck up floor...I'm sure Gerry can stand on his head for me, I'll ask REAL nice...
  7. Had to post this one, I was a pain in the rear and asked Bethy if she could use this picture. I hope she forgives me, :angel1: because, Bethy it's totally awesome! Thank you so much :clapping:
  8. Okay, gotta show off my card too, not sure about putting it in my signature, it's kind of big now, and I'm not sure how to add it side by side...oh well, I'll enlist help one day. Either way, it's awesome, thanks Bethy!
  9. That can't be it though, first they said you had to register, but I got my family to vote, and they didn't have to register, it worked for them. She's just got one naff computer, I suggest the nickname "Christine" in honour of the Stephen King novel.
  10. Thanks nade, every one counts. I'm glad it worked out that we can all get a vote. and I'm glad you liked the banners, all of them, as for mine, it's the first one I ever made,
  11. Okay, gotta add my self in here, I did enter, and as Sofie said, my banner in the non animated 120 x 300 is # 1 I would tell you the other one, but it's hideous. If you like mine, I would appreciate any vote, especially as I live in Toronto and will definitely use the tickets for the after party. And of course report back afterwards, with ALL the juicy details. :celeb: I agree with Stef though, we worked to stay within format, and it said only banners comforming would be entered, really bites huh?
  12. This thread has just totally reminded me of why I feel so at home here, despite the relative insanity of most GALS, I haven't met a single person on here who I didn't think was awesome. I still use GB.NET all the time, and I would never try to choose, at the same time, I feel VERY comfortable on here. I admit there were times on Gb.net that I felt, well, like I was being spoken down to. When it comes to the personal life stuff, I believe that we all respect Gerry on here, but at the same time, he's chosen a career which obviously makes his life much more interesting, than mine or yours, well, maybe. lol I just wanted to post on here, to remind that despite the award I recently recieved, see below, I do have the utmost respect for Gerry, and I always will, I can't really help that he makes me
  13. After some further though and discussion with my fellow GALS, I have arrived at exactly what I would like to say to Gerry, although my above post was ok, this is me. "Gerry, what could I do to get you to make this face for me?" http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a202/cla...secret/TR13.jpg I think I could even get a favourable response out of him. Now I just have to start carrying this picture with me. Dawn :sexy: :gg2:
  14. Wow, like the thread. Maybe I should say "Gerry, nice threads, can I unravel them." But truth be told I'm with beanie and sofie, I would freeze solid, and my mouth would water. I might lick my lips though. Stop making me think of this kind of stuff, I'm gonna forget my own name soon. Okay, I've decided, I'll just look him straight in the eyes, and wait for him to speak. :hot: Wow, love the emoticons on here. Dawn
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