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    I wanted to catch Ben at the door to his Hotel room did I say that out loud?? He's a total tease btw.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  2. What she said Gerry, having met you previously, it was awesome to stand back and laugh while listening to you, so genuine and sweet!! Seeing so many Gals thrilled and absolutely stunned at your presence was a wonderful experience. You are truly one of a kind, you do things like this and then wonder why your fans are so "different" :roflmao: well we all know whose fault THAT is!! Thank you so much for your wonderful self!!! And thanks to all you Gals for making the Con something to carry with me forever!! Dawn
  3. Dawn


    Hey AG, I missed saying goodbye to you, kicked myself later As for David, I only have this to offer, heck it's a GREAT start!!!
  4. Ok...my inquiry.. Abrock? how r u? hee hee Shock worn off yet??? Gals, she walked around in a daze, I swear her pupils were different sizes!! Oh, and then she got on stage, but I will let her tell that bit!!!
  5. Yes Suz boss ma'am!! Aren't you worried your flat self is going to suffocate and or melt in the suitcase in the trunk of Chris' car?? Flat Suz should have got to sit in the back seat!!...um don't be surprised if she's a "changed" woman when she returns either!!! I will remember to call your cell...um, better get the number off you again, remember when my cell went for repairs?? Well, soon soon, just killing time now!! Dawn
  6. Dawn

    And.....we're off!

    Good girls, she got Toni in gear hee hee I'm just starting to prepare now, still have four and a half hours before I need to head to the airport!!!! Not so nervous now, just excited!!! Can't wait to see y'all!!
  7. you got it Fergs I will see u tomorrow...just finishing last ,inute stuff and typing slowly because my nails are still drying lol not long now!!!
  8. Count four more for sure, five probably. I know that Chris, Toni, Fergie and myself, Perrin is a probably!!
  9. Definitely count me in Cari, sounds absolutely decadent!!!
  10. As far as I know, we all have cell phones, considering that most of us will be in town by say, 7 pm I had assumed we would meet in the lobby, decide where to eat (MEXICAN) and then we can leave a message at the desk which restaurant to find the others at if anybody is lagging. Also, because we need to pick up our tickets anyway by 9:30...push comes to shove anybody lost can meet the rest at the pick up... Or I guess we could always pick up the tickets and then go and eat!!! D
  11. *whispers to Abrock* You aren't going to be the only one with a camera...and since when did sobriety stop Gals from doing insane things??? Sofie, you'll be there in my heart darling, and flat Sofie and Marge and I will be sure to get in trouble, we'll document your adventures, let you spin a slot machine etc. Suz, keep it up and NO PICTURES for you....no inside scoop either Dawn... Just one more day of work....
  12. Hiya Gals Just a quick posting to quell the rumours of my death!!! I am alive and still attending VEGAS!! I have been trying to take it easy and not overdo it for a few days, 'cause with not having a day off, I don't want to get to Vegas and fall asleep!!! I'm ready...and wishing time would speed UP!! Suz, honey, I'm sure it's already way better today!!! Sofie, It's not going to be the same with out you, but I will try to party for both of us (drinking for two? uh oh) :hugsandsnogs: to Everyone who can't make it and a big SEE YOU SOON to those who can!!! D
  13. Dawn

    "Slumber Party"

    BRING IT....I'M SO THERE!!!!!
  14. :roflmao: Yeah, Bea I know about Gerard Butler, not only do I get news updates about him from my yahoo, 'cause it doesn't know the difference!!! But also, considering my world REVOLVES around horse racing, I guess I should know, he trains and races in England, but he actually was assistant to an American trainer, D. Wayne Lukas who is fairly well known. It's interesting though isn't it!! As for me, I'm trying really hard to get some rest before I "ship out" on Thursday, although so far I'm failing abysmally, today I was so tired I was giddy...which made for alot of laughter anyway. Packing is pretty much complete!! ttyl D
  15. *crawls slowly into thread* Hey all I'm so exhausted, racing today, I worked from 5am to 7pm.... :gasp: Still excited about Vegas, just not awake enough to show it!! Zany, soft paws are a rubber sort of nail cover that you glue over the cats nails, they can still retract them and use them, they just can't tear things apart anymore!! Guess what...I'm getting a dog, hopefully...a miniature schnauzer, I love dogs and have been missing having one around!! Ok, time to shower, sleep and race again tomorrow....then find a wheelchair immediately afterwards!! Dawn PS How absolutely AWESOME about Tonya, can't wait!!!!
  17. I just had to pop in and post, I just finished putting soft paws on my cat, I got tired of her using my carpets to sharpen her claws. Well, she looks so chic now, with her purple nails :roflmao: she wasn't really that impressed with me at first, but she's walking normally anyway. They're such a humane alternative (and a heck of alot cheaper than declawing) On an awesome note, my boss has now worked out giving me thursday off, so I don't have to rush around after work to make my plane. She's not even docking me the days pay I LOVE MY BOSS!!! Racing tomorrow, and Saturday so cross your eyes for me!!! :hugsandsnogs: Dawn
  18. :roflmao: Thanks for making it public now Zany hee hee And Gals, don't worry, as I'm rooming with Chris, I will be sure and report on her butt and various other things!!!
  19. Green button my arse...Gals, she was sitting there so buzzed and drooling by the pic of the guys that she couldn't uncross her eyes to book the dang ticket!!!
  20. Jill, it's a knack I have....umm you know what, let's not go there
  21. Thanks for that info Gspot, I am going to try it next time, being a mega migraine sufferer myself. I can just picture walking over to my coworker, PULL MY HAIR HARD PLEASE...they're gonna think I'm kinky or something!!!
  22. No Jill...hang on don't you already HAVE that information??? Wait, am I supposed to be scared of you showing up at my door, I know my address is in there somewhere too!!! *Runs to check locks*
  23. NONE of us want to sit alone, so I'm sure we can be mighty "persuasive" about where we get seated!!! Cassie, if you go to the locked thread with addresses and phone numbers, you can make sure you can contact those of us who are going!! D
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