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  1. Song and Val too.. I believe the word is boisterous.. or lustful?? or downright unruly!!
  2. *cough* I would love to be included in this particular form of entertainment, and I believe I might be able to persuade my roomates to join in the "festivities".. I will get in at around ten to five, so I will be at the hotel in plenty of time...any idea how to find each other, as we don't know our room numbers yet? Maybe we can pm back and forth whose name the rooms are under, so we can phone between rooms?
  3. :roflmao: AG.. let's be nice to Bubba, after all..he could BITE my face (but he wouldn't) and he's not technically a male anymore..more of a eunuch really!!
  4. Hi Gals Wow Chris, you got alot to say today ... Well, it poured rain again all morning, luckily it wasn't too heavy until AFTER my horses got out (well Queenie got pretty muddified, but she likes it)...The alarm on the monitoring panel right outside my section of the barn was buzzing all morning, and now my ears are sore...I didn't know a constant, annoying noise could 'cause me phsyical pain, but there you go!! Sadly I think this weather has blown my chances of winning a race on Monday, Bubba and I were planning on it...but I doubt there will be turf now. As for bubba, he has now officially learned how to give kisses...I mean with lips and everything, he does this of course with the understanding that he will receive a mint for kisses given...thing is, now every time I go near his stall door, he kisses me and wants a mint....what a HAM!! Suz, I know....STOOPID STOOPID RAIN... :roflmao: that always makes me laugh, what a great movie!! I am getting more and more enthusiastic, I said to Sandy yesterday, I'm so excited...aren't you...he says "what for, you leaving me?" I laughed, he says he's going to miss me...aww, I think he just wants to come to Vegas and gamble too!! Dawn
  5. So, looks like I will be getting in at around ten to five on Thursday. Two of my roomies are driving in, and I'm not sure about the other, so I would love to share transpo with someone. You know it's only about $35 bucks for a limo? Between a few of us, we could arrive at the hotel in STYLE!!! Sporran, I'm adding this for you...I will be arriving on a chartered flight, Conquest Vacations, SkyService airlines (it's faster and the times are better suited to my schedule)..arrives approximately 4:50 Another addendum...At terminal one the limos are at exit 14, at terminal two they are located at the bus/taxi exit...I write this here for my own reference as well!!!
  6. That is so sad Toni, the poor Mom...I just can't say much about that right now 'cause it hits close to home.. Lish, numb leg huh? I know all about that, not only have I done the same darn thing, doing up a girth one day, but I get sciatica now and then (less lately) and when it's really bad my leg goes numb....walk very funny!! Really sorry about that, but that's why we should lift with our legs, especially women!! As for me, easy day, beautiful out for now, although it's supposed to storm this afternoon!! Dawn
  7. Fergs you stay away from me with your sprinkles and sparkles or else!! As for the shoes :roflmao: I'll walk behind you so you don't fall over ok??? As for the waxing, I'm seriously considering it before I head down...I do my own legs so that's not such a big deal...as for the bikini...hmmm bite the bullet?? or shave?? I'm going to have a couple options for the ball myself...you never know, being female we're so very entitled to change our minds!!
  8. grade A....hehe, stupid blighter (and a tosser)! Sorry about that Celine, even though you got a better phone I know I haven't been in much lately, I've just been in my little world, two races over the weekend (excellent weight loss method btw) and TTOTM have made me somewhat anti social! Still muy excited about Vegas, I am half packed already...and yeah it's a big-ish suitcase, but I'm coming from a long way, so I dunno what I'm gonna need!! Sofie, glad you're learning to drive, sorry it's a stick though, I can drive one, but reverse and I still have issues, so I drive an automatic DM...why r we so obsessed with UK slang?? Oh yeah, 'cause we get away with it :roflmao: have a great evening Gals, :hugsandsnogs: Dawn
  9. Hey Susan So far, from the information I've gathered, the highest reccomendations have been for "Absolute Ink" and "Paradox studio of Dermagraphics". Both have gotten great reviews from people (many of whom are tattoo addicts anyway).
  10. Hey all Cari, I was doing some online research, and on one of the forums which is mainly for tattoo officianados and artists, and the concensus was, while huntington and hart is popular because of "inked" they are over priced and they don't recommend that particular shop... Just thought I'd throw that out there, I know there are many other reputable artists located right on the strip. Dawn
  11. *gasp* thanks Suz, I needed that...I'd been telling Janine (friend currently co-habitating) about Gerry's bod for 300, she's already QUITE familiar with him btw. Of course, with the gallery out of order, I couldn't show her the stills, but I made her watch that... she says she's going to sleep well tonight... As for me, racing again tomorrow, incredibly exhausted, I have decided that in order to have any energy at all for Vegas, I am going to have to sleep the whole flight down Just kidding, I ALWAYS have energy when it comes to fun.. I'm getting more excited every day!! Dawn
  12. Dawn

    Costume Ball

    Cassie, You can buy fairly convincing bite marks that stick on your neck temporarily, they are very cheap too. As for make up, you bring it, I know I would be glad to help out with it...
  13. Suzie the Floosie....tsk tsk Ok Perrin, got some news for you, Toni and I already decided, we don't share well...so you and Chris get to share a bed, I'll take the pull out (or couch) hehe so I can paint you both!!! :cool:
  14. Hey Susan, although I now have the money for my flight, I haven't officially chosen one yet, I am booking it as soon as I can...the prices keep going up and down, so I'm waiting for the next down depending on which flight I end up taking (and this depends on what their price ultimately is) I will arrive as early as 4:50 or possibly around 8:30...in which case I will gladly meet all and sundry who wish to...
  15. toni...my email lecture worked huh??? umm *cough* can my name on the list, just be DAWN??? I no longer use that particular surname...and I would rather not have it in Vegas either???
  16. Suz...did you take a pic?? I wanna see that!! Demon Spawn...STOP GETTING UP SO DOGGURN EARLY!!! Kimbo couldn't resist...so I'll see you soon huh??? Toni, personally I am going to paint Vegas yellow with pink polka dots (and possible Chris while she's asleep!) Dawn
  17. AG...now I really wish we were driving together, "Bat out of Hell" is my favourite driving music...and I do sing along!! FB, I will have to grab that one and try it!! Although Aveeno is usually more expensive. Swan...just be yourself, that's all anybody can ever do!! Wait'll y'all see the dress.... I love this dress!! It looks like I will be getting in late on Thursday evening, 'cause I figure I'd rather just catch the direct flight, and leave later instead of leaving work and running around....this way I CAN'T miss my flight!! D
  18. Heya Celine and Jill, can I visit to work on exotic language? I'm sure there must be SOME I haven't learned yet ...oh and btw I have now concluded that man is a wanker and a tosser!! Abrock :roflmao: I somehow knew that comment would come from someone, somewhere..... Kimbo...did my NQTNLW references about Suz offend you?? I make sure I tell my friends I love them too!!! Cheri, glad you're well Gallbladder shmallbladder!! Song... you know I've been thinking about you, but you also know I suck at the emotional mushy stuff!! for you darlin' Hmmmm Virgin records in New Orleans and the walking in footsteps thing, I don't believe that was filmed in New Orleans, the entire movie was filmed in Toronto, because it's alot cheaper, I think they just used some basic Mardi Gras footage for the film....btw that parade they showed going down Bourbon St.?? Only foot parades (one I know of) go down there, all the large parades with floats use Canal and Tchoupitoulas. Hmm did I spell that right? Ok..I'm out of words for now :hugsandsnogs: Dawn
  19. Abrock, you and I the staunch Gerry defenders, I'm so with you, I have a slightly dimished lung capacity from scarring due to a bad case of pneumonia..and I still can't quit smoking.. Although the Doctor says my lungs are the best he's seen them in ages...luckily I had a rather above average lung capacity to begin with.. I used to be really fast
  20. can you tell I hung out with a bunch of Brits for a year? We used to argue...it's a zucchini, no it's a courgette.. it's Dish soap...no it's washing up liquid.. WASHING UP LIQUID??? I ask you??
  21. isn't it funny about some in the acting field...this is a generalisation, I find that the smaller the parts and the actor the more they have to talk it up... That's his way of getting back I would guess for not getting the part, sounds like a real wanker if you ask me!!
  22. Dawn

    why why why?

    Nicky... And Chris, it's looking good with Toni, I gave her a stern email lecture today
  23. Hee hee.. It is the Jergens, I've tried the Olay version, but the Jergens gives better colour, just rub it in evenly and well, because even though it's only a little bit, it can streak... AG...wish I lived there so we could drive together, that would such a way cool road trip...
  24. Awwww Suz, that sux big huge time...over and over... And...OUT OF SHAPE.. ok ok, he IS a smoker, and while we can be buff, running isn't always the most fun Either way, I would love to strip them both down and see who's in better SHAPE... ok I admit, I'm just looking for an excuse to strip Gerry...
  25. quick post...will elaborate later Kimbo..... I'm so darn happy you got it approved, can't wait to meet you!!! Dawn
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