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    Next Vegas Con

    Thanks to all the GALS that helped at the last min. to make everything soooo beautiful for the rest of us!!! I think it would be great fun to help out next year! More the merrier I always say. I know I don't post as much as I wish I could and I tend to be on the shy side; but Nancys right, your butt isn't glued to the chair! Just say HI!!! Everyone is so friendly it's easy and painless I promise!!! Something I thought of after the fact I wish I would have done! I have a digital camera and I wish I would have taken a pic of a GAL / PAL with their name badge in front of them so I could g
  2. WOW !!! AWESOME !!! I am so proud to be apart of GALS! Thank You to Dayna, Jenni, the Admins and the Mod Squad for all your hard work!!! Not only are we supporting each other; but other women to kick some breast cancer butt!!! Julie
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  4. WOW !!! Foxxy, You captured Gerry with such passion! you are soooo talented!!!! I can't wait to see it in person! Thank you for sharing your talent with us!! Those Eyes Julie
  5. Hey Diane & Stacy , Thank you so much for taking pitty on My Bro. Jared!! His plane is getting in at 10a.m. on THurs. I will PM you guys with his cell # so you all can find each other!! He will be so happy!! He is a really fun guy!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!! Julie
  6. HI Vegas GALS I wasn't sure if I should start a new post for this one or not? Anyway, I need help from any of you GALS who is going to be at the Flamingo around 10:30a.m. Thurs. 6/7!! Your mission if you choose to accept: My very cute,very single,airforce brother-in-law is arriving earlier than the rest of our group and needs a place and someone to hang out with until our room is ready or we get there. He has never been to Vegas and I didn't want the poor guy to roam around all by himself with luggage in tow. Thanks!! Julie
  7. Hey Mel, I know for a fact you know how to have fun!!! Partied with you last year, I was there with my sister too. We are going to be there this year and would love to do the town with you and any other GAL thats up to it!!!! Hey shopping,food, dancing and Gerry movies! lets do it all!!!!! Julie
  8. Wow !! My heart goes out to Gerry, what he must have been thinking. I would have been more than peeved. :grrr2: It saddens me also with fame comes this disconnection from his fan ( because of people like that ) People need to remember he is a Person with feelings, someones son,brother and uncle. He gives so much of himself already their is no need to take ; but to ask with some kind of grace and respect!! I see already that 300 is going to change is life more than he or any of us can imagine. With good some bad seems to sneak in and I hope that he keeps himself safe. If that means seeing him
  9. Hey ATTILA GIRL I would pay good money to see that fight
  10. Hi Julie. Your member name caught my eye; it's cute. I'm sorry that I don't remember seeing you here before. You were in Vegas? Did I meet you; please refresh my memory! If I didn't meet you, I'm sorry, and if you're coming this year, I look forward to meeting you then! Hugs, Katie

  11. Hi Nanc, It's me Julie I'm with you I'll be bringing my towel :tasty: I'm a IMAX virgin too! can't wait to see Gerry in SUPER SIZE!!!!!!!!
  12. Hey Bethy, I'm a newbie here and happy to say I got to witness your Gerry moment in person! It was even better to read it in your own words WOW!!!! I have read so many of your posts in the past few months and it was great to meet you in person! You are such a free spirit I Loved all of your dancing! Lucky FLAT GERRY! :dance: I was very touched by your story, I was very sorry to hear about your mom passing. Unfortunatly I'm faced with the same future, my dad has a terminal illness and in great pain 24/7. The Doctors say he is a walking miracle and should have passed along time ago , yet
  13. Hi Naoma, I am so glad you had your "GerrSrtaction" and you and Samantha were late. If you hadn't I would never had met the both of you wonderful GALS :Yippie: You were both so awesome! I was nervous , being a new GAL and all ; but you girls ,Cat and Nancy made me feel like I was an old freind!!! Thank You for that! :inlove: I hope one day I can have the same experience with my daughter Malia! Bless you and Bless Gerry for giving me such wonderful new friends! Julie
  14. Hi Zany, I've been trying to come up with a GAL name before VEGAS. So I decided to just go with how I feel.I would like to be FOREVER LOST IN GERARD'S EYES GAL. Thanks JUlie~ DEWDROPIN~
  15. Hey Isabeau, Sounds like a plan. I can't wait to meet you girls! I'm bringing my sister Laurie with me she is a Phantom Lover!!!!! :mopboyerik: This is going to be AWSOME!!!!! Julie
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