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  1. Hi Lyn. This is PSILY, Holly to John, at the surprise birthday party, about the cake and the small cassette player. Next:"You could serve coffee on that a$$." Woman to another woman and a man. Getting ready to leave. Back later. Rayna
  2. Morning, girls. I'm glad you like what you're doing, Pat. I guess you'll know when you need to quit. As long as it doesn't wear you out. Hope you got a better night's sleep, Lyn. This is PSILY, Gerry in his letter to Holly, when he's going to tell her to do Karaoke. Next:"I won it in a bet." Woman to man. Just my class this morning. No errands after the gym. Gonna vacuum and stuff today. Rayna
  3. Well, I'm glad you can take it easy. This is PSILY, Patricia to Holly, walking in Central Park, talking about Gerry's letters. Next:"If we separate, he'll feel threatened." Man to woman, critter present. Finally got home after running 4 errands. Home for the rest of the day. Rayna edited for: shutting down. See you all tomorrow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GERRY!! The BIG FIVE-O!!
  4. Sorry to year you're in pain, Lyn. Hope you feel better soon. Don't do too much. This is PSILY, Gerry in his letter to Holly. Next:"I think you quite enjoy this getting lost." Man to woman. Rayna
  5. Morning, girls. It's nice to be back in my own house after such a long week. Got tons of laundry and cleaning to do, but what's new? Pat, sorry your job is so terrible. Maybe Lyn's right. You did retire a while back, but they convinced you to stay. Maybe you need to retire again. Lyn, we had absolutely no weather problems. We even took off on time. Delays at LAX got us home late, but the plane was fine. My quote was Holly to Daniel in the little closet at the bar, during Gerry's memorial. This is PSILY, Gerry to Holly, in his first letter to her at her birthday party. Next:"I still wake up every morning, and the first thing I want to do is to see your face." Man to woman. Pilates this morning, then a few errands. Busy day for me. Rayna
  6. Hi guys. We got home about 9:30 our time, which is really 12:30 am for us. Just came on here to check something, so I thought I'd stop on and say hi. This is PSILY, Daniel to Holly and Ciara, at Gerry's memorial at the bar. Next:"They have pills for rudeness?" Woman to man. I'll see you all in the morning. Rayna
  7. Hi. I'm back from Lowe's. Gonna start getting my stuff together, but we're not in a rush. This is PSILY, Gerry's dad to Holly, in Ireland, about Gerry's mom. Next:"C'mon! Don't be shy!" Man to crowd. Rayna edited for: shutting down. see you all later.
  8. Hi girls. Sorry I didn't come on last night. Just didn't feel like it. We got the 1:15 train from NY back to Trenton, then got a Lyft ride back here. Got here around 3:45. Spent the morning getting Dad's house generator fixed. I'd ordered a new battery for it last Tuesday. It arrived on Friday. Guy came out at 8:15 this morning to work on it. Now I'm taking dad to Lowe's to get some stuff he'll need to keep it running right. This is PSILY, Denise and Sharon to each other, in the Irish cottage, when they realize where Gerry's note for Holly is. Next:"It got dark while I was busy." Man to three women. Gonna shut down. Don't have time right now. I might be on before we leave, after I'm all packed. Have a good day! Rayna
  9. .....Gerry." Daniel to Holly, in the restaurant. Hi girls. Getting ready to meet my cousin. It's a 4 minute walk. Next:"What happened to our oars?" Woman to two women. So, I'll be shutting down soon. I should be back at my parent's house by dinner. I'll be online again then. Have a great day, ladies! Rayna
  10. Hi guys. Busy day, from beginning to end. After brunch, we went to the football game in Yankee Stadium. Unfortunately, Princeton lost. Only loss of the season. Then we went to dinner with our Princeton friends. Got back to the hotel at 10. Watching a little tv. Gonna shut down. Meeting my cousin for breakfast at 10 tomorrow, then we'll head over to Penn Station and catch whichever train we can for Trenton, then get a Lyft back to my parents. So, I should be on in the morning before we head out of here. This is DF, Lizzie to Marie and the Stranger, when Ally starts singing her favorite song at the dance. Next:"I'm lost." Woman to man. See you all in the morning. Rayna
  11. Morning, girls. Hope you're having a good day. Yes, we're going to the game. That's the point of this trip. I've got a shirt, sweater to go over it, parka, heavy scarf and hat. Hope I'll be warm enough! We're going to see if we can find a place that sells stadium-type lap blankets. Then we'll be great! This is Attila, Galen to Attila, after he captures N'Kara's village. Not sure about caireen's quote, but it might be Aetius to Attila, explaining why he let his adopted daughter Lydia go back to live with her father, of the Goths. Next:"Submit to me and live." Boy to men. Back later. Rayna
  12. Hi. Back in our room. The play was really good. Ed Harris as Atticus Finch was ok. He's not the greatest actor, but the part doesn't demand that. It was done really well. Afterwards, we came back to our hotel (about a block from the theater) and had some snacks. Hope I can fall asleep! Fun and busy day. This is Attila, Attila to Honoria, when he steps into the hot bath. Next:"He could never love a toadstool." Woman to woman. I'll be shutting down soon. Just want to check my email and FB page. Rayna
  13. Hi girls. Just got back from our lunch with 5 other Princeton alums. Only 2 blocks from our hotel. But tonight we have to take the subway to dinner, then again to get to the play at 8. We can walk back from the play. It's cold here! Need my scarf and wool cap! haha! Great day so far! Love being in New York! This is Attila, Attila to Aetius, after watching the Roman army march by. Next:"Don 't worry. He'll be out of them soon enough." Woman to woman. So, we're here for about an hour. I'll check back. Rayna
  14. We'll be at the Times Square Marriott. Love it there. This is Attila, Attila to Rua, after he ventured into Roman territory. Next:"We should rule the world!" Man to man, another man and several people present. Heading out to dinner. I'll be back later tonight. Rayna edited for: Shutting down. Don't know if I'll have any time in the morning to check on here. Will be a busy travel day. I'll try to stop on if we have any time once we get into our room in NY, before our dinner plans. See you all tomorrow!
  15. We're taking a Lyft to Trenton, leaving here about 8:15. Train leaves Trenton around 9:50 for NY. Meeting friends for lunch at 12:30, then cocktails at 5, then we have tickets for To Kill A Mockingbird at 8. Saturday is the game, then Sunday, brunch with my cousin (if that works out), then back to Trenton and home here by 6pm. Leave at 4pm on Monday to LAX. This is NI, Jack to Galileo, the pelican, on his wrecked ship. Next:"And no dreaming about spiders." Man to girl. Meeting my friend and her husband for dinner at 6 tonight. I'm here till then. Rayna
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