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  1. Hi caireen. I was on the phone or I would have answered this earlier. POTO, the Phantom to Christine, after her debut, while he's still in the mirror. Next:"What a way to run a business!" Man to himself. Sounds like you will have your hands full. Does the dinner have to be on a Sunday? Can it be on Saturday? Things are obviously different for you than for us here in the States. I hope you figure it out. You have some time! I'll be back later. Rayna
  2. Have a good evening, Lyn. POTO, the Phantom to Christine, MOTN. Next:"Seal my fate tonight...." Man to himself. I'll be back later. Rayna
  3. Sounds like you can make your own plans, caireen. Maybe you can see your parents at their homes, if they want to celebrate with you. 40 is a big deal! Give yourself a nice party! This is POTO, the Phantom to the opera actors, when he crashes the Masquerade celebration and brings them his Don Juan opera. Next:"For the past three years, these things do happen...." Woman to group of people. I'll be back. Rayna
  4. You got it. This is POTO, Raoul to Christine at Masquerade, about their engagement being kept a secret. Next:"Come, we must return." Man to woman. I'm around. Gonna clean and shop today. Rayna
  5. Morning, girls. Lyn, I used that quote on Saturday, but that's ok. POTO, the Phantom to Christine, in the Lair when he first brings her there. Next:"In addition he wants money!" Man to man. Back after class. Rayna
  6. Hi caireen. I've been so busy, I didn't even see that Lyn got my quote wrong. Thanks for correcting that. Yours is POTO, Christine to Raoul, in the little chapel, before the Phantom's opera, Don Juan. Next:"Have you gorged yourself at last in your lust for blood?" Woman to man. I didn't realize you have two sets of parents. My step son had that problem too. It can be tough. See you all in the morning. Rayna
  7. That's ok. Shane's been here since 1:30, so I've been busy too. This is POTO, Raoul to Carlotta, in Notes. Next:"This man, this thing, is not your father!" Man to woman, another man present. I'll stop by again later. Rayna
  8. POTO, the Phantom to Raoul, when he arrives at the Final Lair. Next:"We have all been blind." Man to small group. Back in a bit. Rayna
  9. Hi Lyn. POTO, the Phantom to Christine, at Masquerade, when he yanks her necklace off her neck. Next:"I did it all for you, and all for nothing." Man to woman, another man present. Back later. Rayna
  10. Hi girls. Glad you're all busy today. Hope you find the perfect gift for your dad, caireen. This is POTO, Christine to Raoul, on the roof, talking about the Phantom. Next:"Gossip's worth its weight in gold." Man to man. Slept in. Shane is coming over today around 1:30, so now we have to hustle to get things done. Back later. Rayna
  11. Haha! I never even thought of that scene! Of course! Yours is TL - the Professor to Chris, talking about what Chris wanted to do growing up. Next:"Fear can turn to love....." Man to woman. *switch* I'll be back before I shut down. Rayna edited for: see you all tomorrow.
  12. That's a good price for your glasses. Ed pays lots more for just one pair. I buy the $19 readers at CVS. I've seen my type at Macy's, 3 in a box, for $25 or something. And good ones, too! This is TL- Kate to Marek maybe? Going down into the tunnel? I scanned the movie but can't find it. Let me know what it is when you come back on. I'll leave a new one in the meantime. Next:"I am home." Man to man, woman present. I'll be back later, before I shut down. Rayna
  13. I'm back. TL - DeKere to Marek, at the battle of LaRoch, when he's dying. Next:"You can either live here or die here, and I refuse to do either." Woman to small group of men. I'm around. Rayna
  14. Morning, girls. The rain has stopped, but everything is saturated. It'll be nice and dry by tomorrow, probably. Hope you're both having a good day. Take it easy, Pat. You earned it! Glad you can get stuff done today with Donald, Lyn. This is TL, Marek to Chris, about his evening with Kate. Next:"Wait. What day is today?" Man to group. Class this morning, then nothing. I'll be heading over to Target later. Rayna
  15. Have a good evening. This is TL, Marek to himself, when he realizes the figure on the sarcophagus with the one ear is himself. Next:"Do you realize what you may have done here?" Man to man. I'll stop back later. Rayna edited for: see you all in the morning.
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