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  1. Hi girls. Sorry I didn't come on earlier. We got up late. Shane and I watched the last 3/4 of Jungle Book, then we went to lunch. The wedding was great. It didn't rain after all, so the wedding was held outside, right at the new "indoor" venue. We just moved inside for the reception. We just got back to the room. Really tired, too! We'll be going to brunch at the groom's parent's house at 10ish, the we'll head back home by 11:30. I'll be online hopefully by 3pm. So glad you both had a nice weekend. Lyn, I guess your headache went away. Hope so. Sounds like Donald and Tracy had a nice fishing trip. This is PSILY, Gerry to Holly, on the road in Ireland, about kissing her. Next:"Is your friend coming back?" Woman to woman. Shutting down. Not sure if I'll be on in the morning. Probably not. But I'll see you all sometime tomorrow. Rayna
  2. Hi. We're in the hotel for the night. Had a great picnic with family. Then went to the marina and walked around for an hour. Then went back to the parents of the groom for another party. I'm so finished with food for 24 hours! This is POTO, the Phantom to Christine, MOTN. Next:"And I hate my hat!" Woman to woman, large crowd present. I'll be on sometime in the morning. We're going to have rain starting around 4am all the way till the wedding starts. Don't know what we'll do tomorrow. Probably nothing. I'll be on when we wake up. Rayna
  3. POTO, Mme Giry to Raoul, running to find the Phantom and Christine during the fire. Next:"We have all been blind." Man to small group. Leaving in a minute. Be back very late tonight. Rayna
  4. Hi girls. Sounds like a fun weekend ahead for everyone! Ed and I are just starting our day. He just went to the gym. So, we're leaving here at noon. No big deal. My earlier quote was Firmin to Andre during the Il Muto opera, when they see a patron sitting across from them in the balconies. This is POTO, the Phantom to Christine, in PONR. Haven't seen this one in a really long time. Feel like putting it on sometime this week. Next:"Come. We must return." Man to woman. Probably won't be back on here this morning. I'll check in later, from the hotel. Probably miss both of you by then. Have a great day! Rayna
  5. Yes, you got it. Yours is POTO, the Phantom to Christine, in her dressing room. Next:"Nothing like that ever happened to us in the junk business." Man to man. Have a good evening, Lyn. I'll be on in the morning. Rayna edited for: shutting down. We're not leaving till about 11:30 tomorrow morning, so I'll be here. And I'll have my Chrome Book with me over the weekend, of course!
  6. Sorry she's having problems. Hope she feels ok. This is POTO, Meg to Christine, when Raoul walks right past her. Next:"You will understand in time!" Woman to man. Just got home. Gonna clean. Rayna
  7. You got my quote right. The wedding is Ed's cousin's son. He and his fiance live in the apartment upstairs from Shane, in our building in Sherman Oaks. They moved in when Ari and Laura moved out 3 years ago. I guess we have to go to Santa Barbara, instead of just staying here in LA (where everyone lives, as far as I know) because the groom's parents (Ed's cousins) now live in SB. They're hosting a morning-after brunch. I think some out-of-town cousins are already in SB with them, although those cousins' parents also live here in LA. Lots of expense for everyone. Not necessary, in my opinion. And it's gonna rain. Is this living arrangement for Lori so she doesn't have to go downstairs anymore? Your quote is POTO, the Phantom, coming down the staircase in Masquerade. Next:"No compassion anywhere...." man to woman. Rayna
  8. We're leaving tomorrow morning. It's about 2-3 hours north. It's in Santa Barbara. We'll be staying through Monday morning. Clue: Letter. Rayna
  9. Morning, girls. Pat, you're out and up so early! But you've got a nice day planned. That airplane sure sounded nice! Champagne wishes, yeah? Lyn, it's nice that you'll be seeing Tracy tonight. This is TUT, Mike to Abby, when he needs her to unzip his gorilla suit. Next:"I will give you one last chance!" Man to man. Class this morning, then I'm home. Rayna
  10. Hi Lyn. Just got back. This is TUT, the chef on the news show, when he's making this dish for Georgia and Larry to sample, and she's allergic to duck. Next:"It's the exact same thing, isn't it?" Man to woman. Hope you have a nice evening. I'll be leaving here in about 90 minutes for the gym. Rayna edited for: shutting down. See you all in the morning.
  11. Hi Lyn. This is TUT, Joy to Abby, when she's hiding in the closet after Mike's first appearance on the show, and their ratings are great. Next:"Beats the :censored: out of me, but I do." Man to woman. I'll be leaving again in about 20 minutes. I'll stop on here before I go. Rayna edited for: ok. Leaving. I should be back in about 2 hours.
  12. Hi girls. Lots of posting while I was busy! This is TUT, Abby to Mike, in the hotel lobby. Next:"...and he's back." Woman to woman. Leaving. I should be back in about an hour. Rayna
  13. Hi girls. Hope you're having a good day. Pat, that sounds like an interesting place to work. At least, a little more interesting than your usual locations. This is TUT, Larry to Mike, on Mike's first time on the morning news show. Next:"Hey, have I ever?" Man to boy, woman present. I'm busy today. Eyebrows at 10:30. Then hair at 1. Then my workout at 5. I'm making dinner right now. Just wanted to get that out of the way in case I don't have time between hair and the gym. Don't have to leave this morning till about 10:25. Rayna
  14. Hi guys. Got back about 30 minutes ago. Sorry I didn't come right on here. We're having a thunderstorm! Very strange weather! As soon as it's passed, I want to head out to DSW to try to find a new bag for the wedding this weekend. IF it stops raining, that is! haha! This is TUT, Abby to Colin, at his door, when he finds her doing her spazzy dance. (And the quote is "I had a spider on me.") Next:"No, you hate yourself because you're so shallow." Man to woman. Raining really hard right now! Sounds like hail, too. Weird weather! Rayna edited for: we had a real heavy rain with that thunderstorm. Moved out after 30 minutes. Might rain again tomorrow. Like I said, weird weather. Shutting down. Talk tomorrow.
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