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  1. Hi Lyn. Well, if we didn't wear Sloan down, she sure wore us down! Ed and I both fell asleep after we came home! But I had the cat on my lap, so I slept a little longer. Sure didn't expect that! But we did have fun with her. She's always the one in charge, of course! Still, expecting a big week! This is PSILY, Denise to Holly, when Holly tells her she wants to make Denise's shoes for her wedding. Next:"I like trouble." Man to woman. Have a nice evening, Lyn. Pat, if you come on and I don't see you in time, have a fun, safe trip! Lyn will keep us up to date. Rayna
  2. We're back. Had fun walking around the carnival. Mostly bouncy-house rides. She'd go in for a minute, then come out. Each ride cost $2. She's expensive! ha ha! Had hot dogs, which were good. Now, we're back. This is PSILY, the waitress to Holly, in the restaurant, after Daniel leaves. Next:"I'm not too beautiful, and I've never been too happy." Woman to man. Gonna be around. Rayna
  3. Morning, girls. I'm just on here to say hi and play before I get ready for our day. After her class, we're taking Sloan to a Purim carnival at the Temple nearby. Purim is the Jewish celebration of Queen Esther saving the Jews in Persia, from being killed by Haman. The kids dress up in costume to commemorate the queen and her king. It's like our Halloween. The carnivals have lots of rides and games and food and stuff. Anyway, we're going to take her right after class, so I'll be busy till mid afternoon. Thanks for getting my quote, Lyn . Pat, I know you're busy and excited about leaving tomorrow! You deserve to get away from all that cold weather! Lyn, hope you're having a good day. No baby news, yet. This is PSILY, Gerry father to Holly, at their farm, about Gerry's mother and how she felt after Gerry married Holly. Next:"What's the matter with Brooklyn, lady?" Woman to woman, another woman and man present. Ok, gotta take my shower before Ed gets back so we can get ready. See you guys later. Rayna
  4. Hi. Just got home from my manicure, Target and the cleaners. Don't know if anyone's still here. This is TR2-Lara to Chen-Lo, in the cave with the Shay-Ling. Next:"The end of life as I know it." Man to woman. I'm around. Don't know what we'll do tonight. Rayna edited for: went to see The Mustang tonight, then had a bite to eat. Great indie film. Glad we went to see this. See you in the morning.
  5. HI girls. Good to see you, caireen. This is TR2-Lara to Hilary, when the MI6 men are at her mansion. Next:"I don't expect anything from an English woman." Man to woman. Rayna
  6. Hi girls. No word yet. This is 300, Leo to Xerxes, on the beach. Next:"I'm tired of you pointing that thing at me....you ok?" Man to woman. Have to dry my hair and put my makeup on. Only thing on my schedule today is my manicure. I'd love to go to a movie tonight. I'll check with Laura to see how she's feeling before we plan that. Sloan has a birthday party to go to at noon, so they've got a normal day planned, too. Rayna
  7. Have a nice evening. Yeah, I'm much more relaxed over the weekend. I know I can take care of Sloan for them, though. But it would be so much better if the baby comes this weekend. No word yet today. This is 300, King Leo to his son, after their wrestling lesson. Next:"I would rather you use your reason." Man to man, other men present. Just finished cleaning. Gonna catch up with my recorded shows. Busy news day today, though! Rayna edited for: shutting down. Still no baby news! See you all tomorrow!
  8. Oh, I'm sure you know this one! Clue: battle. Have a good time with Donald. Rayna
  9. Hi, Lyn. This is 300, Ephialtes to Xerxes, when the hunchback is turning traitor. Next:"What the hell are you laughing at?" Man to man, several men present. Thinking about my quote earlier, even though you got it, I'm pretty sure it should have been "And I would die for any one of mine." Just sayin'. Back in a little bit. Rayna
  10. I think I just missed you, Pat! I guess you won't be back today. That sounds like a delicious lunch! I pretty much have yogurt, and then later, some cheese and crackers. Not a big eater during the day. I like my desserts, though! This is 300, King Leo to Dilios, as he sends Dilios back to Sparta. Next:"And I would gladly give my life for mine." Man to man. Gonna clean today. I'll be back. Rayna
  11. Morning, girls. Nothing to report yet. But, the day is young, as they say! I spent some time with them last night, when Ari was putting my baby car seat back in my car. She's feeling normal. I think she'll be aware of any changes and won't be surprised. Still, we're pretty sure something will happen over the weekend. This is 300, King Leo to the Persian Messenger, who has just arrived in Sparta. Next:"Welcome, ......... We have been expecting you." Man to man. Have a good day with Gina, Lyn. Pat! I hope your toe is ok. I hope you can still get a pedicure. I'm pretty sure I've seen my gal take care of people's pedis even if they have a problem with their feet (or foot). Back before I leave for class. Rayna
  12. Hi. No. I won't leave an RnR quote if I think caireen's coming on. My quote is 300, Leo to Daxos, when the two armies meet up on the road. Yours is RnR, Jackie to Archie, at the tennis club, about the councilman. Next:"We've been sharing our culture with you all morning." Man to man. Heading out to the gym. Baby time could be tonight. I just hope I get some sleep! Back around 8 my time. Rayna edited for: shutting down. I hope I get a full night's sleep! I'll let you all know if anything happens!
  13. You've almost got it. It's Firmin to Andre, the morning after Christine disappears. Yours is RnR, Lenny to Archie, on the phone in his office. Next:"This morning's full of surprises." Man to man, several men present. Back later. Rayna
  14. I'll be going over all of that later today with them. I should have just decided that Sloan wouldn't be going to daycare. I'd just give her breakfast, and then find out when I would bring her to the hospital to meet her new baby brother. I would only have to stay with her. Not a big deal. But, we'll figure all that out. No telling what might happen in the middle of the night tonight. This is POTO, Mme Giry to Christine, after her debut. Next:"What a way to run a business!" Man to man. Rayna
  15. Yeah, on baby watch. Much happier that it's daytime. I really wouldn't know how to get Sloan ready for daycare! But nothing is predictable! Could happen again tonight. This is POTO, Raoul to Christine, in the Final Lair. Next:"And what is it I meant to have sent?" Man to woman, other people present. Ok, back in a bit. Really need to shower. Rayna
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