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  1. HI Lyn. Just got home. Took a chance and was hoping I could park in my garage now. Nope. So, I've got to go back out and get some stuff from my car, which I parked down the way from my driveway. Otherwise, I'm good. Haven't had any problems parking my car out of my garage. I was very worried that all the visitor spaces would be filled up. You got my quote wrong. I'll give it to you. It's B&G, Wulfy to Selma, after Grendel's death. Yours is Attila, Galen to N'Kara, when they're talking in the woods, about Bleda. Next:"I say that If a woman can only have power through a man, then let it be with the most powerful man she can find." Woman to man. I'm here. Back in a little bit, after I make 2 trips back to my car. (At least I'm getting lots of exercise! haha!) Rayna edited for: shutting down. See you all in the morning.
  2. Morning, girls. Pat, have a great day in the office. At least you aren't driving all over creation! Good luck with the interview, caireen. Thanks for the heads up. I usually check on here when I'm shutting down anyway. Just sometimes I don't edit my post to say goodnight. Lyn, hope you're doing better today. This is 300, the Ephor to King Leo, after the Oracle's "dance." Next:"Was this more or less how you saw it?" Man to woman. Pilates this morning. I have to make 2 stops on my way home, so I'll probably miss everyone. I'll be home around 2 my time. Rayna
  3. I"m so sorry I didn't answer this sooner! I was on a long, important phone call (2 hours!) and when I hung up I started finishing things I was doing. I'm getting ready to leave for the gym. I'm guessing you're gone now. The kids loved the show, or at least, Sloan did. They both wore protective headsets. Sloan was so unhappy when their set was over, she started crying! She wanted to watch her uncle play some more! haha! This is 300, King Leo to the Spartans, when the hurricane comes up and destroys the Persian navy. Next:"Come and get them!" Man to man, several men present. Back in about 2 1/2 hours. Rayna
  4. Hi girls. Hope you're having a good day. Pat, have a good day at work. Like Lyn said, pace yourself. Lyn, that's good news that you might be finished with the aide after this week. Hi, caireen. Glad you stopped on last night/yesterday. This is 300, King Leo to the Ephors. Next:"You should keep a better eye on him." Man to woman, boy present. Back later. Nothing to do today, really. Rayna
  5. Hi girls. Thanks for the link to the Gooms write-up. I'm pretty sure that was written by Chase and Shane, for the Festival info. They did an awesome set, though! Even had to play an encore, which was not expected! Ed and I stayed, after Ari, Laura and the kids left the site. We had some Indian food, and watched about 1/2 the Dave Matthews Band set, then caught some of the Black Eyed Peas on our way to the car. We got back to the house right around 9. Woke up at 6 this morning. We all left the rental at 8:30, and Ed and I pulled up to the first event at 10:20. (Baby naming.) Left there at 11:30, ran home to get Ed's guitars (which we didn't know we needed) and got to the second event around 1 or so. (Ed's singing partner's 70th B'day party.) Left there at 4, and we got home at 4:45. Long busy day. Doing laundry now. Hope you have an easier, better night tonight, Lyn. I know you've shut down for the day. Pat, hope you had a good day. This is Attila, Attila to Aetius, when asked if he's ever loved a woman. Next:"Ask yourself, what should a free man do?" Woman to man. I'm around tonight. Maybe caireen will stop on again, like last night. Rayna edited for: see you all tomorrow.
  6. I'm still here. Ari's just giving Dresden his bath. We are not in a hurry today. This is Attila, Attila to Ildico, when she's talking about getting married. Next:"Kneel and live." Boy to men, other people present. Rayna edited for: Long day. Shane's group was awesome! Big crowd watching and singing along! Got home at 9 pm. Shutting down. I'll pop on in the morning, but we've got two events at the same time back home, which is a 2 hour drive with light traffic. Getting up really early.
  7. Hi girls. We've been taking it easy this morning. Shane's group doesn't go on till 5, and the festival doesn't even start till 1. It's only 11:30 right now. They're having lunch now. Glad you were able to get your hair done, Lyn. It's nice that your gal could come to your house. Pat, have a nice evening on your patio. This is Attila, Attila to Galen, at her grave site, after N'Kara dies in childbirth. Next:"If we don't kill each other first." Man to man. I'll be back later, after the festival and dinner. Rayna
  8. Hi girls. Glad you're both having a good day. So glad Victoria is with you, Lyn. I'm sure you feel better with company. Also glad you're work day is done, Pat. That must feel good! We're about to leave, so this is it for me till we get to the rental. This is LAC, Clyde to Nick, in the interrogation room, about how he killed Darby. Next:"And no dreaming about spiders!"[/b] Man to girl. You know that caireen can't play with LAC, so I chose a different movie in case she comes on. It's about 9pm for her right now. Ok, I'll talk to you girls later! Rayna edited for: got to our rental around 3:30. Relaxed, then went to dinner at 7. Gonna shut down. See you all tomorrow!
  9. Morning, girls. Hope your work day goes well, Pat. Sorry about your weather. Hope you got a good night's sleep, Lyn. We're going to Del Mar today. It's a little north of San Diego. Shane's group, The Gooms, are playing there tomorrow, in the Kaa Boo Festival. So, Ari and Laura rented a house through Air BnB. All five of us are sharing the house. Shane and the group are staying somewhere else. I think their bass player's parents live in the San Diego area. We'll be leaving here about noon. Pat, I left this quote on Wednesday! This is NI, Jack to Nim, as he's sailing away on his little boat. Next:"I know what you need! I take you!" Man to woman, another man present. Gonna take my shower. I have some housework to do before we leave. I'll be back before then to see who pops on. Rayna
  10. Hi. About to leave for my eyebrow appointment and then to run one errand. This is LAC, Nick to Darby, in the courtroom, at Darby's parole hearing. Next:"This is the perfect place for games!" Man to woman, boy present. Have a good evening at work, Pat. Back in about an hour. Rayna edited for: shutting down. See you all in the morning.
  11. Good luck with your therapy, Lyn. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth out when I was 22. Pretty tough week for me, but I survived. Learned the hard way not to eat pizza. I just didn't believe the dentist. Stupid me! This is LAC, the CIA spy to Nick and Jonas. Next:"Your heart is beating so fast!" Man to man. Taking my shower in a minute. I'll be back soon. Rayna
  12. Morning, girls. Sorry you had a bad night, Lyn. Hope you can sleep in your bed again soon. Hi Pat. I guess you and I could play together a little today, since you aren't going to work till later. This is LAC, Clyde to the judge at his arraignment. Next:":censored: his civil rights." Man to man. I'm around, but I have to clean. Rayna
  13. Hi caireen. This is NI, Alexandra to herself, when she's too afraid to go outside to her mailbox. Next:"Am I allergic to peanuts?" Woman to herself. I'll be shutting down soon. I was busy downstairs all evening. Rayna
  14. Hi. Don't know if Lyn is still here. I'm doing some laundry before we leave on Friday. Have some ironing to do, too. This is DF, Marie to Lizzie, at the door to her chip shop, when she can't find her keys. Next:""No parties while I'm gone!" Man to girl. I'm here for a little bit right now. Rayna
  15. Morning, girls. This is POTO, the Phantom to Christine, in the Final Lair, with Raoul tied up on the gate. Next:"Stupid me. It's for you, isn't it?" Woman to boy, man and woman present. Class this morning, then I'm home for the day. Rayna
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