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  1. Have a good evening, Lyn. I was vacuuming. Didn't get back up here till just now. This is TUT, Larry to Georgia, on their morning show, the first time Mike's on it. Next:"I find it impersonal." Woman to man, another woman present. I'll be leaving in about 30 minutes. Maybe someone will be here when I get back, probably around 7:15 my time. Rayna edited for: see you all in the morning, early. Pilates at 9:45.
  2. Hi Lyn. TUT, Mike to Abby, when she's running her finger down his chest, during their flirting "lesson." Next:"To my very core." Man to woman. I'm so lazy. I have to take my shower now. I'll be back in 30 minutes. Rayna
  3. This is TUT, the sales woman in the boutique, about her special bra. (And the quote is actually "I'm wearing one as we speak.") Next:"Wow. And I thought you were angry and bitter." Man to woman. Back in a bit. Rayna
  4. Hi girls. Hope you're having a good day at work, Pat. Maybe you won't be too exhausted when you get home and can stop on here to play. I'll be here still. Let us know how the baby is. Hope you're having a good day, Lyn. This is TUT, Jonah to Abby, in the studio, when he's waiting for Mike. Next:"Yeah! He's dreamy!" Man to woman. Back later. Rayna
  5. Hi. Just missed you. This is TUT, Mike to Jonah, about his sister when she was in Jr. High. Next:"No, I'll get a wake-up call." Man to woman. Back later. Rayna edited for: see you all tomorrow.
  6. I think she did. I should check with them. This is TUT, Mike to Abby, talking about bottled water vs tap water. Next:"That was great. Real or fake?" Man to woman. Back later. Rayna
  7. Morning. I see that Pat edited her post a couple of hours ago. She answered my quote correctly. I always log off with a quote that Caireen can answer, so I switched from B&G to TR2. She didn't come on here, though. Anyway, since her post was edited, I don't know which quote she originally answered. I think we're all caught up now. Sorry about the baby, Pat. Maybe Lyn's right about his problem. I don't know what RSV is, though. This is B&G, Wulfy to the fisherman, on the beach. Next:"Better a floozy than a doozy." Man to man. Class in the morning, then a stop at the market. Rayna
  8. Ok. Have a nice evening, Lyn. This is B&G, Wulfy to Hrothgar, asking why the Danes killed Grendel's father. Next:"Wait for my signal." Man to woman. I guess I'm alone here, unless Pat shows up. I'll stop back. Rayna edited for: see you all in the morning.
  9. Hi. I'm finally here. Again, it took me 15 minutes to access the site. I really don't know why that happens. I can get on any other site without a problem. Go figure. This is TUT, Abby to Colin, after he gets her out of the tree. Next:"Have you ever swum in the open sea?" Man to man. I'm here. Rayna
  10. I figured something like that! haha! Enjoy your haircut. This is TUT, Mike to Abby, in the Saloon, when the scantily dressed woman walks by. Next:"Don't ask." Woman to critter. Rayna
  11. Morning, girls. Have a good day at work, Pat. Lyn! You just used the very quote I just used! Guess you weren't really awake, huh? This is (ahem) TUT, Mike to Abby, after his segment with the twins. Next:"Men need something to hold onto other than your a$$." Man to woman. Pilates this morning. Then nothing. Rayna
  12. This is DF, Nell to Frankie, when she finds out Marie won't sell Frankie cigarettes. Next:"A naked weather girl. Hey, can we get her?" Man to woman. Back in a couple of hours. Rayna edited for: see you in the morning.
  13. Hi Lyn. This is D2000, Drac Baby to Mary, when he comes out of her closet. Next:"Depends who's calling him." Woman to man, another woman present. I'm around. I'm lazy today, till I leave around 3:30 for my class. Rayna
  14. Well, maybe Donald can drive it to the gas station to get it inspected. Then you won't have to worry about it. Maybe, even though you can't drive, have Gina or Donald, or you, just start it up once a week to get the engine warmed up. That would help. This is D2000, Drac Baby to Van Helsing, when they're fighting in Mary's house. Next:"Do you believe in destiny?" Woman to man. (I know this is a 2-fer.) I'm around today. Rayna
  15. Hi girls. Hope you're both having a good day, Pat and Lyn. I guess you feel good going back to work, Pat. Thanks for letting me know your schedule, caireen. Good luck with your appointments. This is D2000, Drac Baby to the doctor observing Solina at the police department. Next:"No one's looking at the sun, ..." Man to woman. Back later. Rayna
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