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  1. TR2-Lara to Chen-Lo, in the Shay-Ling cave. Next:"Right, you go first." Man to woman. No, he can't move back till his roommate moves out, cause he'll be taking Pebbles there with him. Roommate is allergic to cats. Of course. He's ok. Our house is big enough for him. Rayna edited for: see you all in the morning.
  2. Just got back, around 20 minutes ago. Sorry if I kept you hanging on here. This is TR2-Lara to the Greek fishing boat captain. Next:"I know there was a stair we could have used." Man to woman. Gonna make dinner for mom. I'm here. Rayna
  3. TR2- Lara to Terry, in the Shay-Ling cave. Next:"Not what I had in mind, but OK." Man to woman. I'm heading out to Target for a few things, then to our little market. Back in about 90 minutes or less. Rayna edited for: got caught up in getting mom her lunch. Heading out now.
  4. That's ok. We can't always be here right away. This is TR2-Terry to Lara, after she lands in the truck. Next:"You're laughing at me." Man to woman. Rayna
  5. Hi Lyn. This is TR2-Lara to the Greek fishermen, when she splashes them with her jet ski. Next:"Now we're even." Woman to man. I'm around. Rayna
  6. Morning, girls. I guess Lyn in sleeping in. Hope she had good night. Clue: in a vehicle. Rayna
  7. Have a good evening. This is NI, Jack to Galileo, the pelican, on his boat. Next:"We aren't movin' yet." Man to woman. Back later. Rayna edited for: see you in the morning.
  8. Hi. Got back after being told there is a 2 hour wait!! Can you imagine they didn't call us to let us know! I didn't wait. We left after 10 minutes. Ridiculous! Doctor's gonna have to call us for a phone conference for this one. This is NI, Alexandra when she sees the light from Nim's lantern. Next:"Nobody likes a leak!" Man to himself. I'm around. Stupid day! Rayna
  9. Hi Lyn. This is NI, the airline attendant to Alexandra, at the boarding gate. Next:"And no dreaming about spiders." Man to girl. Rayna
  10. Morning, girls. You should be in your zoom meeting right now, Lyn. Hope it goes well. This is NI, Alex to Alexandra, in the helicopter. Next:"Just having a nervous breakdown!" Woman to three men. We have a doctor's appointment for mom this afternoon. I'm around till about 1 ish. Rayna
  11. Have a good evening with Tracy. Good luck with your zoom meeting. This is RnR, One Two to the accountants, as he and his gang steal their car. Next:"Ah! Bounty!" Man to girl. (Switch) I'll be back later on. Rayna edited for: see you all in the morning.
  12. Sorry I missed you. Been doing lots of housework and laundry. This is RnR, One Two to HB and Mumbles,when the Russians attack their car. Next:"I'll be locked up in an 8x10 tomorrow night." Man to man. Rayna
  13. I know! Is he not the cutest??!! This is 300, Leo to the Captain, about Astinos joining the 300. Next:"I've been robbed!" Man to man. (Switch) Rayna
  14. Morning, girls. Sorry you had another bad night, Pat. Maybe you need to tell Gary not to call you so early anymore! This is 300, Leo to the 300, getting ready for their last battle. Next:"I brought more soldiers than you did." Man to man, several men present. I'm around. It's raining all day. Rayna
  15. 300, the Persian Messenger to Leo, when he arrives in Sparta. Next:"There's no reason we can't all be civil, is there?" Man to small group of men. Have a nice evening, Lyn. See you tomorrow. I'll be back. Rayna edited for: see you all in the morning.
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