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  1. Hi girls. We spent about 30 minutes discussing where we could hold a class. We're going to meet Monday morning at 9:30, and see how it goes. Right now the weather will be good, cause it's cloudy in June in the morning. Things will change once we're in July. But it will be so good to have a real exercise class to go to, even if it is only once a week! After our meeting with our instructor, the girls (three friends) and I walked around the park for nearly an hour. Then I stopped at the market for a few things. Put them all away, and now I'm here. Glad you were able to get out with Gina, Lyn. It does feel good getting out and doing a little shopping, doesn't it? Hope you had a good day, Pat. You too, caireen. This is 300, King Leo to the Ephors, when he's trying to convince them to let the Spartan army go to war. Next:"Then we will fight in the shade." Man to man. I'll stop back in a little bit. Rayna
  2. 300, King Leo to Delios, when Delios is going back to Sparta. Next:"I gave no such order." Man to man, another man present. Back later. Rayna I'll be meeting my Pilates instructor at a park nearby later today. She's going to show us an area where we might be able to have our class, outside. I'll be here till I have to leave for that. edited for: heading out to meet my instructor and friends. Back in a couple of hours. We're gonna walk around the park, too.
  3. Yeah, I heard you're gonna have more rain today. Stay safe. This is 300, King Leo to the Persian Messenger, when the Messenger first arrives in Sparta. Next:"Have the gods no mercy?" Man to group of men. Rayna
  4. Hi girls. Just talked to my mom. According to her, they weren't affected by the storm. I find that hard to believe, cause according to a friend of mine who still lives in their area, that area was without power for a while. It just could be that my dad got the generator running, and mom doesn't remember they had an outage. But they're good now, so that's all that matters. Great work, caireen! Let us know when it's finished! Hope everyone is having a good day. This is 300, King Leo to his son, after their wrestling lesson. Next:"Why so distant?" Woman to man. I'm around. Rayna
  5. Hi Pat. Was just gonna leave my room when I saw you posted. This isTR2-Terry to Lara, when she drops into the truck, after placing the tracer on the box in the helecopter. Next:"Was I the love of your life, or just a bump in the road?" Man to woman. Back later. Have a good evening. Rayna edited for: Hey Lyn! I just found out tonight about the storm that hit the Philly area on Wednesday. I also just found out that my parents' area was without power for several hours. Did this storm affect you? I have to call them first thing in the morning to see how they are, but I know their generator is working, cause I got a new battery for it and had a service man come out to install that and be sure that it's up and running. I'll let you all know tomorrow.
  6. Have a nice evening. This is TR2-the little Chinese woman to Lara, on the farm. Next:"You come prepared." Woman to man. I'm around. Gonna clean now that I have the time. Rayna
  7. I'm back. Tech guy just left. We needed some new connections for our old wires. He told me to get a Google mesh to boost my signal. This is TR2-Terry to Lara on the ship, when he was teasing her about taking the Orb. Next:"So what are you love-birds up to?" Man to woman. On the phone with my friend. But I'm here. Rayna
  8. Hi Lyn. We were on a zoom town hall meeting with our Congressman Schiff. Just ended. Gonna have lunch. This is TR2-Lara to Terry, when she's going into the other "room" in the cave with Chen-Lo. Next:"Go after her." Man to man, another man present. We're also waiting for a tech guy from Spectrum, to see why we intermittently lose our signal here. I'll be back. Rayna
  9. Morning, girls. Yeah, Pat. Hang in there. I'm sure you'll lose a lot more weight. It's tough, but you'll do it! This is TR2-Lara to the MI6 men, when they're trying to talk her into the mission. Next:"A bit rusty are we?" Woman to man. I'm around for now. Might go for a walk with Ed. Rayna edited for: going for a walk. Back in an hour. edited again: back from our walk. I'll be back later.
  10. Just got home again. Now I have normal hair again! Yay! Glad to hear Lori will be able to get around her house again. How long did she have to wait? This is TR2-Lara to Chen-Lo, in the cave of the Shay-LIng. Next:"Why are we having this conversation?" Woman to man. I'll be back. Rayna edited for: see you tomorrow.
  11. Have a good evening, Lyn. This is TR2-Terry to Lara, when they start walking in China. Next:"You aren't that good." Woman to man. I'll be back later. Maybe Pat or caireen will come on. Rayna
  12. Wow. Took me nearly 30 minutes to get on here. Hope you stuck around. This is TR2-Lara to the Greek fishermen, when she splashes them with her ski-do. Next:"Talk about taking the fun out of life." Man to woman. I'm here. I'll be leaving around 3:45. Rayna
  13. Hi Lyn. It's ok. I was just thinking it would be nice to try the newer movies. I know caireen hardly comes on here anymore. Pat seems to be busy all day. This is TR2-Lara asking Terry why he turned traitor, when they're in the little room in Shanghai. Next:"She went to play with the elephants." Girl to man. Taking my shower. I'll be back soon. Rayna
  14. Morning, girls. I have a doctor's appointment at 11 today. I'm having an osteoporosis scan. Just a follow up to the last two scans I had for the past couple of years. Then I have my keratin appointment at 4. My gal (who is the daughter of my manicurist) is wearing a face shield, so I feel comfortable having this done. It's been seven months! My hair is in horrible shape, so this will be a wonderful thing for me to do. Can't wait! It was a quiet night here in the Valley last night, even though we had a 6pm curfew. I wonder if there'll be another curfew tonight. There were protests in Highland Park (in front of the mayor's house) and in Hollywood. I don't think there was any looting, though. I sure hope not. Haven't seen the news yet. This is TR2-Lara to Hilary, about the MI6 men having tea. Next:"Two sides of the same coin." Man to woman. Just a quick question for you two: is it possible to use the "Has Fallen" films? Or maybe Den of Thieves? Hunter Killer? Have you seen them? (I know you've seen OHF, cause we used to use it once in a while.) Just asking, cause I'd like to try some newer films. Back before I leave. I have to leave at 10:15 this morning. Rayna
  15. Have a good evening, Lyn. Hope the pain is going away. This is BH, Milo to Dwight, at the Fourth of July parade Next:"Welcome to Fantasy Island." Man to woman. Rayna edited for: see you all in the morning.
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