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  1. Hi Lyn. BH, Milo to Dwight at the 4th of July parade. Next:"You're drooling on my sofa, sleeping beauty." Man to man. Rayna edited for: just saw you edited your post and shut down. If caireen comes on and can't answer this, just skip it and leave a new quote. See you all later.
  2. Hi girls. Stopped at the market on my way home from class. Took my time. Put everything away. I'll be making my lunch in a minute. This is TR2-Lara to Hilary, when the MI6 men show up. Next:"She tasered me." Man to man and woman, another woman present. (Switched movies.) I'll be back in a little bit. Rayna
  3. Morning, girls. Glad Pam got to finish Outlander. Did you read the books? They're sticking pretty closely to the books, so they had to include the rape sequence. It has consequences later. The dream sequence is not in the book, but I thought it worked with the episode. They've made several changes for this series, but I think it works well. This is TR2-Terry to Lara, when she asks him why he didn't shoot Reiss in the lab. Next:"You come prepared." Woman to man. I'll be back. Rayna
  4. Hi guys. Sorry. We just got home. When we left the Huntington Library, we were only about 5 minutes from Ed's brother's house, so we went there for a backyard, distancing visit. Stayed there for about 45 minutes. Then we dropped something off to Shane on our way home. Sorry you were all alone on here all day, Lyn. Just missed you. This is TR2-Terry to Lara, in his jail cell, when she dangles the keys at him. Next:"After her!" Man to two men. I'll check back on here later. Rayna edited for: see you all in the morning.
  5. Morning, girls. Sounds like you had a nice time yesterday, Pat. I'm glad you had a good visit with your friend. Lyn, hope the problem with the battery was fixed. We need an update! This is TR2-Lara to the men on the Greek fishing boat, when she rides up on the jet ski and splashes them. Next:"I'll be four minutes." Woman to man, other men present. We're meeting Ari and family at the Huntington Gardens this morning. These are gardens at the Huntington Library, which is just on the border of Pasadena. We're meeting them at 10. Probably stay about 2 hours. Dresden usually takes his nap at 1, so we won't be able to stay much longer than noon. Then we'll be back here, doing nothing. But Ed and I are leaving here around 9:15. I'll be back before we leave. Rayna
  6. Sorry you're having such a hard time. My brother and I just sort of went through the same rigmarole with my parents' car. Dad had a fender bender in June and finally agreed to stop driving. We found a driving service for elders. Then we had to make sure the insurance company would total the car and take it away. They did, but we had to send the title and tags to Harrisburg. Got that taken care of. I don't think we needed a notary for that, but we were concerned that we'd need to. Good luck with this. Lyn, you must be flustered. I used that quote yesterday. It's Abby to Colin, when she's telling him she wasn't being herself when they were dating, in order to get him to like her. Next:"Listen to you! Desperately asking me if you sound desperate!" Man to woman. Have a nice evening. I'll be back later. Rayna edited for: see you all in the morning.
  7. Hi girls. Have a nice time at Marge's, Pat. Sounds like a nice thing to do. Lyn, what a hassle! I hope you get a new battery from the guy who sold it to you. Wasn't that just about a month or so ago? This is TUT, Abby to Mike, in the boutique. Next:"My cat stepped on the remote." Woman to man. Back in a little bit. Not doing anything today. Rayna
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll save everything you told me to do. This is TUT, Mike to Abby, in the Saloon, when the scantily clad woman walks by. Next:"You have to be a hooker and a librarian." Man to woman. I'll be back. Gonna do a little housework, now that I'm by myself here. Rayna edited for: see you all tomorrow.
  9. Oh, ok. I'm not ready for that right now. I'll wait till Ed and I can do it together. I'm sure we'll figure it out. This is TUT, Mike on his Ugly Truth cable show, before he's hired on Abby's morning news show. Next:"Yeah, he's dreamy!" Man to woman. Still here. Rayna
  10. I didn't know I could add channels using my computer. That would make it so easy! I'm gonna try it, when Ed's off the phone. He's usually on the phone, or on a zoom meeting. It's really unbelievable how much he works all day. This is TUT, Abby to Mike, about her "flicking the bean." Next:"I can still taste you!" Man to two women, another woman present. Rayna
  11. Hi Lyn. I was so hot and uncomfortable in our class today I had to take a shower and wash my hair. It was almost 100 by the time we left the park. It's 101 right now. Ugh! This is TUT, Mike to Abby, in her office, about Colin. Next:"I hate being fed like a toddler." Woman to man. I'm around. Rayna
  12. Hi Pat. Have a good walk. This is TUT, Mike to Abby, in the balloon, when he tells her he loves her. Next:"Unless the NRA is paying your mortgage, I say lose the :censored: gun!" Woman to man, another woman and man present. Back in a couple of hours. Rayna
  13. That's a good idea, Lyn. First, let us see how easy it is to add HBO Max and Disney+. We're on our own. Shane could do this in a minute, but he's not coming into the house. Anyway, you might be hearing from me soon! This is TUT, Mike to Abby, at the Salsa Bar, when he tells her about the job offer he got. Next:"Sucker!" Woman to man. Gonna take my shower. I might have a minute to check on here before I leave. If not, I'll be home by about 11 my time. Rayna
  14. Morning, girls. So glad your foot is better, Pat. Like Lyn said, you should soak it a little today. Hope you're having a good day, Lyn. This is TUT, Abby to Mike, at the elevator. Next:"I thought it was you at the door." Woman to man. Back later. Rayna
  15. We just got a Roku. All we've done is set it up. We can watch Netflix and Prime with it, but we really want to add HBO Max (we're HBO subscribers, so it's free) and Disney+. Lots of other channels, including Apple and Hulu, might come later. We're still using Spectrum cable, cause it comes with our HOA payments here. We bundle our internet and phone with Spectrum. Maybe we'll have some time this weekend. Believe it or not, Ed's pretty busy all day at his desk working. We really only get together around 7pm for our walk, then we eat dinner and watch the news programs. Sometimes some other shows. We save the weekends for Netflix and such. I really want to set up Disney+ cause I want to watch Hamilton. We saw it 2 years ago, and I really want to watch it again. Hopefully, this Saturday night. This is TUT, Mike to Abby, in the balloon. Next:"Don't forget the pizza, King Kong." Boy to man, woman present. Maybe caireen will stop by, although it's pretty late for her right now. Rayna edited for: see you all in the morning.
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