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  1. Have a nice evening. This is Attila, Attila to Aetius, after their first battle together, about going to Rome. Next:"Teach him well." Woman to man. Rayna
  2. Hi Lyn. RnR, One Two to Stella, at Bertie's party. Next:"This a bad time, ... ...? Should we come back later?" Man to man, other men present. Rayna
  3. Hi. I'm back. I stopped at Target on my way home. This is RnR, One Two to HB and Mumbles, in the car, when they're being attacked by the Russians. Next:"How did you get this number?" Man to woman. I'm around. Rayna
  4. Morning, girls. This is RnR, Lenny to the councilman, at the tennis club. Next:"You are scary good at that." Man to man, another man present. I'll be back before I leave, if I'm not running late. Rayna
  5. You too. See you in the morning. This is RNR, Jackie to Lenny, about playing a round of tennis with the councilman. Next:"There ain't no respect for the old school, and I'm the :censored: head master." Man to man. Rayna edited for: see you all in the morning.
  6. RNR, Lenny to Archie, on the phone. Next:"Nice shoes, by the way." Man to woman. Rayna
  7. Hi Lyn. PSILY, Patricia to Holly, in the park, about Gerry's letters. Next:"He tried to poison me, the dirty Cossack." Man to man. Rayna
  8. Hi girls. I'm back. I just noticed I misspelled "be" as "me"!! Sorry. I was just busy. This is PSILY, Sharon, on the phone with Holly, the morning after Holly's birthday bar crawl. Next:"I don't remember you laughing." Woman to woman. Rayna
  9. Morning, girls. Looks like we're all having some nice weather. This is PSILY, Holly to the woman in the NY apartment. Next:"Do you wanna me?" Woman to woman, other people present. I'll be leaving in about an hour. I'll be back. Rayna
  10. Thanks for the correction. Have a good evening. This is PSILY, Gerry to Holly, during their argument, about her past bosses. Next:"Is your friend coming back?" Woman to woman. Back later. Rayna edited for: see you in the morning.
  11. Yeah, the money saved is a great thing! But I will still miss this Con. It's so addicting! This is PSILY, Denise and Sharon to Holly, in Ireland, when they realize where Gerry's letter to Holly is. Next:"Do the belly thing." Woman to man. Rayna
  12. Hi girls. Just got back from class. Had to take a shower. Really hot out today. This is PSILY, Gerry's dad to Holly, in Ireland. Next:"Can I take him home as a souvenir?" Woman to two women. Gonna make lunch and check out that Comic Con info. I'm guessing it's about going to it online this year. Rayna
  13. I'm relieved to see you on here. I was a little worried. This is PSILY, Gerry in his letter to Sharon, when the girls are in Ireland. Next:"I like trouble." Man to woman. Rayna
  14. Morning, Pat. Hope you're having a good day. I guess Lyn's busy today. This is PSILY, Holly to Daniel, when they meet at Dodger Stadium. Next:"There's no such thing as a vampire killer!" Man to woman. I'll try to stop back before I leave for class. Rayna
  15. Have a good evening. This is LAC, Clyde to Darby, on the gurney, talking about the pictures of his wife and child, attached to the mirror that Darby has to look into. Next:"How long has it been?" Woman to woman, another woman present. I'll be back. Rayna edited for: see you all in the morning.
  16. Mine's going to be one with the impeller, which will make it so easy! My mom has one. Got it probably about 5 years ago. Looking forward to getting this upgrade! I should ask her which make and model she has. I know it's not the one we're getting, cause the controls are completely different, but it's an impeller. We both had the same washer/dryer combos for years, without know it, till she bought her new set 5 years ago. I though it was so funny when I was visiting and found out! Great minds think alike! This is LAC, "...warden." Clyde to the warden, after he butchers his cellmate. Next:"She was a great kid." Man to man. Did one load of laundry. Gonna do another one. Rayna Oh, the kids haven't been to the park. But they're going to our nephew's house. Jason, Ari's 1st cousin. They're spending the afternoon there, so they'll be able to swim while the adults social distance!
  17. Hi girls. Sounds like you had a really nice day yesterday, Pat! That's so great! Glad your weather is so nice. We're sweltering here. Went up to 106 yesterday. Only going up to 97 today. We'll stay in till we take our walk, around sundown. I'll try to do our laundry here in the house. It's the spin cycle that doesn't start. If I hold the knob down in the right way, I can get it to work. I'll test it before I start a load this morning. Ari was so mad that we went to the laundromat last week, but we felt it was ok. We'll see. We paid a small fee for Best Buy to take the old machines away, and they install for free. I don't think we'll get any satisfaction from Sears at this point. We just have to cancel our Home Services agreement. It's impossible to get anyone on the phone who knows anything. As Ed says, it's set up to fail so we just spend our own money to fix/replace things. I think he's right. This is LAC, the mayor to Nick and Jonas, about Clyde still killing people. Next:"Is that take out? Smells great!" Man to woman, child present. I'll be back. Just starting my day. Hope you're having a good day, Lyn. Rayna
  18. Have a good evening, Lyn. We went over to Best Buy. The set I wanted is in stock. I was able to check out the washer and it's just what I want! Deliver to us this Thursday! Yay! I have to admit, it was nice being in a store again. Except for Office Depot to pick up some small items, early in the morning on one of our walks last month, (and CVS and Riteaid a couple of times) this was the first real big store we've been in since March. Wasn't crowded, so it was good. This is LAC, Darby to a), Clyde, during the home invasion, and b), Nick, at Darby's arraignment. Next:"I did what I had to do." Man to man. (Sorry, caireen. if you come on and don't know this one, just skip it and leave a new quote for us.) I'm here. Rayna edited for: see you tomorrow.
  19. Just got back. She had an opening for Ed's pedi, so I waited for him show up so we sat together. This is LAC, the CIA troll to Nick and Jonah, about Clyde. Next:"I can pretty much do whatever I want." Woman to two men. How hot is it for you guys today? It's 106 right now. But even so, Ed and I are going to Best Buy. He tried to open a credit card online today, but it'll take several weeks! So, we're just going over there, get their credit card, and order the washer/dryer we want. But not right now. It's way too hot. Rayna
  20. HI girls. Pat, Lyn's right about your return label. Let her help you. Pat's quote was Alex to Alexandra, in the airplane bathroom mirror. This is LAC, Clyde to Nick, about what he's got planned, talking outside the prison gates. Next:"How's that for specifics?" Man to man. Pat, I don't have that much patience. I put the speaker phone on and sit here at my computer. I actually dozed off for a few minutes there! I'll be leaving in abut an hour for my manicure. But I'm here till then. Rayna
  21. Hi. Sorry. We've been on hold or on the phone for the past 4 hours. It's ridiculous. We need to replace our washer. We're trying to get someone in the claims department. No one answers. It's terrible. I left Ed's office and took the phone with me. Couldn't get on the site. Oh, after sitting on hold for nearly 1 1/2 hours, the connection hung up on me. This is ridiculous. And so frustrating. This is NI, Nim to herself, when she sees the cruise ship. Next:"Do I know you?" Man to critter. Rayna Have a nice evening, Lyn. Sorry I lost the afternoon. edited for: decided that we're going to buy a new washer/dryer set from Best Buys, and f**k Sears! All I want is some money back from that stupid Home Service contract. See you all tomorrow. I've got a 10:30 manicure.
  22. Hi Lyn. This is NI, Jack to Nim, when she's talking him into letting her stay by herself on the island. Next:"Not allowed!" Man to woman. Rayna
  23. Good news, Lyn. You can stay cool! Also good news, caireen! Looking forward to reading it. This is NI, Edmond to Alexandra, on the cruise ship. Next:"Give me another quarter! I think I saw a mermaid!" Boy to woman. I'm here. Rayna
  24. Hope he can help you today, Lyn. This is NI, Alex to Alexandra, when the man in the little boat drops her off and she's still in the water. Next:"Just having a nervous breakdown!" Woman to two men. Taking my shower. I have to leave in about 25 minutes. Back later. Rayna
  25. Morning, girls. Sorry about your rough night, Lyn. Sure do hope your landlord can help you out. Hope your weather clears up, Pat. This is NI, Alex to Alexandra, when she tells him he isn't real. Next:"And no dreaming about spiders!" Man to girl. I'll try to stop back before I leave for class. Rayna
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