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  1. Hi guys. I didn't realize I was away from my computer for so long. Got a few nice pictures. Gonna need Shane's roommate's photoshop skills to fix one up to be just right. Then I'll order my cards. This is Attila, N'Kara to Attila, when she's dying after giving birth. Next:"A woman who doesn't is blind." Woman to woman. Rayna
  2. Hi girls. We're getting ready to leave for her music class. Coming back here, and our neighbor is going to help take some pictures of all of us for my Christmas card. Shane is meeting us here. Then we'll go to lunch. Sorry you'll have a rough day tomorrow, Pat. Wish you didn't have to work so much. Hope you're having a good day, Lyn. This is Attila, Attila to Ildico, when she's in his tent. Next:"Am I a farmer that I need land?!? Man to woman. Back later. Rayna
  3. Have a good evening, Lyn. We got back a few minutes ago. Ari didn't really need us. He never went anywhere. I went for my manicure while Ed stayed and hung out. He gave Dres his lunch. Now we're home. This is Attila, Attila to Honoria, about his toga, at the orgy. Next:"That's the point." Woman to man. We'll probably go to a movie tonight. I'll hang out here till we leave. Rayna edited for: shutting down. Talk tomorrow.
  4. Hi girls. Sounds like you're both having a good day. I wish you could bake some cookies for me, Pat! I just bake the kind you open, put on a baking tray, and pop them in the oven. Not too great when it comes to baking. This is Attila, Aetius to Rua, talking about Attila, after the meeting with the tribe. Next:"Go away woman! Leave me alone!" Man to woman. I"m here for an hour. Rayna edited for: heading out. Back later. We're watching Dresden alone. Seems Ari has plans we weren't aware of. Should be back by about 5 our time.
  5. Hi girls. It's Saturday, and I get to sleep in. So, here I am a little later in the day. Hope your cold is getting better, Pat. I take Cold-Eeze first sign of a cold. Seems to help. You might try it. Glad you could get a haircut at home, Lyn. That's such a nice thing. This is LAC, Clyde to the prison warden, after he kills his cellmate. Next:"And by my watch, you're already late." Man to man, several men present. Manicure at 1, then Ed and I are spending the afternoon with Ari and Dresden, while Laura takes Sloan to see "Frozen" at the Pantages Theater. Sloan's gonna love it! Back before I head out. Rayna
  6. Hey Lyn. Sorry, I was on the phone with Pat. You were calling, too! haha! This is LAC, Sarah to Nick, about her new boyfriend. Next:"That's what wrenches are for, dumbass!" Man to man, another man present. Don't know if you'll come back on. Maybe Pat will. Rayna edited for: see you all tomorrow.
  7. Sorry that Tracy is so sick. Is it the flu? Or something else? This is LAC, the Mayor to Nick and Jonah, when she finds out Clyde is still killing people. Next:"How's that for specifics?" Man to man. Back in a little bit. Rayna
  8. Hi Lyn. Just got home. This is LAC, Clyde to Nick, outside the prison wall, about things to come. Next:"I planned it over and over again, in my head." Man to man. I'm around. Gonna make lunch, and come up here to eat. Rayna
  9. Glad to hear that, Lyn. This is LAC, Darby to 1) Clyde when he's tying him up and about to go after Clyde's daughter, and 2) to Nick, at his arraignment. Then Clyde says it to Darby on the table. Next:"They will be the last thing you ever :censored: see." Man to man. Rayna
  10. Morning, girls. I hope Pat's back home by now, and feeling better. I hope you can take a nap or something. How are you doing, Lyn? Sleeping any better? This is LAC, Nick to Donnigan, when they're breaking into Clyde's garage. Next:"Smells good. Is that takeout?" Man to woman, child present. Pilates this morning. Nothing afterward. Rayna
  11. Hi Lyn. I'm sorry. I listed my quote wrong. It was actually Mike talking to Abby, about him mocking her about her opinion of him, when they're in the cab on the way to the Ferguson show. I actually got confused and thought it was in the car on the way to the dinner, with her and Colin in the car. Sorry. Yours is TUT, Mike to Abby, under the table, in the restaurant, about her "special" panties. Next:"Desperately asking me if you sound desperate." Man to woman. Have a good evening. Hope Pat's doing ok. Rayna edited for: shutting down. See you all in the morning. Hope your procedure goes well, Pat.
  12. Hi. Still here. I'm about to take my shower and get ready for my day. I really like my "lazy" Mondays and Thursdays. This is TUT, Mike in the conference room, when Stewart is introducing him to the staff of the news show. Next:"She thinks I'm a genius on days when she's not sexually frustrated." Man to man, other people present. Ok, back later. Rayna
  13. Hi Lyn. This is TUT, Mike to Abby in the Saloon, when the scantily clad woman walks by. Next:"No, that was in your background check." Woman to man. Hope these meds do the trick. Back later. Rayna
  14. Hi girls. Not a great couple of days for you, Pat. But, you'll get through it. Hope you're meds are working for you, Lyn. Did you start them yesterday? This is TUT, Abby to Mike, in the saloon, when she tells him he's great with people. Next:"I'm really not that flexible." Woman to critter. No class till 5:30. I'm gonna catch up with Watchmen and Poldark. Rayna
  15. Hi Lyn. Have a good night. This is TR2-Terry to Lara, when she asks him why he didn't shoot Reiss back in the lab. Next:"Don't forget the pizza, King Kong." Boy to man, woman present. I'll be back later. Rayna edited for: see you all tomorrow.
  16. As per Lyn This game is called "Which Movie, Who Said It, and in Which Scene." We use quotes from Gerry's movies, and maybe TV series, that are available on DVD or Blu-ray, so everyone has access to these titles. We do not use quotes from Extra Scenes or Trailers. The first player leaves a quote, with a simple clue, such as "Girl to Man" or "Man to Woman." This makes it a little easier to figure out the movie and the scene. If a quote sits and is not answered for a long period of time, ie: more than 12 hours, the next player can leave a new quote, and the player who left the unanswered quote can tell us what her quote was. This moves the game along. Try to not repeat a quote when playing in any one thread. When the Topic pages are full, we will start a new thread. We can then use any quotes all over again, since the other Games are finished. Quote from last game:"Not what I had in mind, but, ok." Man to woman. Rayna
  17. Hi Lyn. Just got home. Lots of errands to run. I'm done for the day. This is TR2- Lara to the Greek fishermen, when she rides up on her jet ski. Next:"Not what I had in mind, but, ok." Man to woman. Starting a new thread now. Rayna edited for: THIS THREAD IS CLOSED. Please go here for the next game:
  18. Yeah, but that's the price ya gotta pay to live in "paradise." haha! This is TR2-Lara to Terry, in the little room in Shanghai, asking whey he turned traitor. Next:"You come prepared." Woman to man. I suppose one of us needs to start a new thread. Let me know if you want me to do it. Rayna Post 299
  19. Morning, girls. It's raining. Ed left for work around 5:30 to beat the traffic. Otherwise, he'd be in his car 2+ hours. Traffic sucks here, but we chose this house knowing that. Usually Ed just works here at home till about 10:30 to beat the morning rush. The rain changes everything. Hope your day goes well, Pat. I know how difficult the prepping for colonoscopies can be. Hope you aren't too uncomfortable. Hope you're having a good day, Lyn. This is TR2-Lara to Chen-Lo, in the cave with the Shay Ling. Next:"Has it been four minutes yet?" Man to man. I'll be leaving a little earlier today, but I'll be back. Rayna
  20. Hope you get a good night's sleep, Lyn. This is TR2-Lara on the phone, when Hillary asks what the happy couple is doing in China. Next:"I'm leaving you because I could." Woman to man. See you all in the morning. We're supposed to be getting rain starting at 1 am, so my drive to the gym will be slow. I'll be leaving a little early. Rayna Post 294
  21. Hi Lyn. I got home close to 3pm. Hope you're still here. This is TR2-Terry to Lara, in his cell, when she's dangles the keys to a new place to live in front of his face. Next:"And it was always gonna be somebody else's way." Man to woman. I'm home for the night. Just want to wash the bathroom rugs. I'll vacuum in there later. Rayna Post 292
  22. Hi Pat. Guess you're not working today. This is TR2-Terry to Lara, when they're in the COL, and he wants to take the box. Next:"Would you really have killed me?" Man to woman, other people around. I'll stop by before I have to leave. Rayna Post 290
  23. Welcome back, Lyn! Yay! This is TR2-Chen Lo to Terry, when he and Lara are captured by the Shay Ling. Next:"I know there was a stair we could have used." Man to woman. Have to run two errands after the gym. Might not be home before 2:30. Hope you stay on for a while. Rayna
  24. Hey Pat. Sorry I missed this post. We, and our next door neighbor, had no gas service this morning. Couldn't make breakfast or tea. Not a big deal, but we didn't realize till we talked to our neighbor that the gas was out, and not just our stove top. Took about 4 hours, but a DWP tech got here about 2:30 and turned everything on. Seems a worker on the property turned off our gas line, by doing something to the earthquake shut-off valve. Anyway, I just didn't see that you'd posted, but you shut down right away anyway. And yeah, I guess Lyn couldn't get her computer up and running. Didn't she just upgrade it? This is TR2- Terry to Lara, in the COL, when she's trying to stop him from taking Pandora's Box. Next:"I am charming." Man to woman. And yeah, my quote was when they're on their motorcycles in China. See you tomorrow. I'll stay on here. Maybe caireen will stop on. Rayna Post 286 edited for: shutting down. See you in the morning. Hope Lyn gets her computer up and running.
  25. Hi Pat. Thanks for the email letting me know that Lyn can't get on the site today. Maybe her computer will work later today. This is TR2-Terry to Lara, on the ship, when she's got him handcuffed cause she suspects him of being a traitor to her. Next:"I don't expect anything from an English woman." Man to woman. Back later. Rayna Post 284
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