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  1. I wish they had just called him Erik. My thoughts are that if there were a film made of LND, Ramin and Sierra would be asked to portray their roles for a movie version. The reason being that both are very appealing on film and are gaining a lot of fans. Both are classically trained singers, and unlike Michael Crawford who was originally set to play the Phantom in the film role, Ramin has that rock and roll edge ALW likes. Ramin's voice is almost a perfect combination of Gerry's Phantom and MC's Phantom. I think Gerry would have to work hard on his voice again, and especially on developing a consistent vibrato to sing LND's vocally challenging material. I would personally love to see Gerry and Emmy do it. Swannie Totally agree Swannie! A fantasy come true on many levels! We can hope though;-)
  2. I will be happy to have some good news too...... it was so fun to do! :inlove:
  3. More Lucky-Charmz? :: Why not...especially at this price! Dr B...you rock! :dance:
  4. Do the rest of us get a peek? :: What she said!!
  5. Hear ~ Hear!! Barb, You have been a wonder through all of this and now that it is over and fate is in another realm, I can breathe knowing I did only what I could. It was 'enough' .. *satisfied sigh* That knowledge I will carry ever knowing! This opportunity was the fruit of so much love and surely that has been validated and appreciated by one and all. As for me... without you, my small measure would never have been possible. Bless you and GALS ~ long may HRH reign ! Hopelessly, Butlerized
  6. Oh...I just love surprise presents!!! Yum-yum, Stef :headspin: Many thanks for giving this day a kick-start! :inlove:
  7. I also am collecting pennies but for this chance to say something 'up close and personal' to my Highland Man....that is an opportunity not to be missed! I thank Barb for her guidance and patience and see why she is our Congeniality Mod! :inlove:
  8. Thanx ladies....you are the best! This is great to keep as a reference as well....we older ones forget sometimes!
  9. :inlove: Annette~ You are the best! I received my 'Lucki-charmz' yesterday and they are adorable! Thank you for the 'bonus'....my Grandaughter will go wild :headspin: Just another wonderful example of the giving nature of Gerry's GALS! Ladies, they are substantial too...not thin, stamped-out pieces. You know, whether you add them to your Gerry-Linx, put them on a neckchain or charm-holder... or even add them to a fav piece of Gerry memorabilia....they are just right! I especially love the seahorse ....gee, I see a theme here...and at this price, why not? Cannot wait to see what other selections become available! BTW: if presentation is everything, this bespeaks of the very essence of our Dr. Batista ~Joyce
  10. Wow! Just popped in to see what was new and popped out with my "Lucki-charmz"..... go Annette! :headspin: :inlove:
  11. Ms Tonya.....what she said~ and, what she said~ and oh...what she said,as well! :: Welcome to our wild-n-crazy playground! Stop by when you've the chance...know we will keep your place! Take good care in 2006! :inlove:
  12. DAWN McT~~~ Oops....pardon me then...I thought maybe some newbies might not know!!! Enjoy, GALS! I do!
  13. Ahem......I see 'somewhere we do not mention' he uses/used Jo Malone's Nutmeg and Ginger....it is to die for!
  14. Gerry 101! Please! .......thank you! This should almost be required viewing for all actors...serious movie oficianados and last but not least, Butler lovers! A diamond in the rough is a beauty-of-possibility to behold! And I feel I have ...and continue to do so with each viewing! Bravo, Gerry!! Michele, that is SOME sig..... :dance:
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