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  1. I wish they had just called him Erik. My thoughts are that if there were a film made of LND, Ramin and Sierra would be asked to portray their roles for a movie version. The reason being that both are very appealing on film and are gaining a lot of fans. Both are classically trained singers, and unlike Michael Crawford who was originally set to play the Phantom in the film role, Ramin has that rock and roll edge ALW likes. Ramin's voice is almost a perfect combination of Gerry's Phantom and MC's Phantom. I think Gerry would have to work hard on his voice again, and especially on developing a consistent vibrato to sing LND's vocally challenging material. I would personally love to see Gerry and Emmy do it. Swannie Totally agree Swannie! A fantasy come true on many levels! We can hope though;-)
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