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  1. At the beginning, you hear Julie pronounced “Gerard” correctly. When all of them get talking/laughing, you can’t understand a damn thing! Love it.
  2. If you're interested in the history of Scottish cinemas, check out the Scottish Cinemas Project website. Gordon Barr and Gary Painter of Glasgow have spent several years recording and archiving Scotland's historic cinema architectural heritage, and acting as a information resource, as well as putting in a lot of time and effort into helping to preserve some cinemas that are at risk of being torn down. The project primarily concentrates on Scottish purpose-built cinemas, with particular emphasis and details on the cinemas of Glasgow and Edinburgh. The website has lots of great photos of cinemas around Scotland. The website has a good interactive map to do your own tour of historic cinemas. Scottish Cinemas Project Website Gordon and Gary were kind enough to spend a day giving me a tour of Glasgow's cinemas during my last visit back in 2007 and it was the highlight of my stay. Lesley
  3. HTTYD Viking Games 1010 video vignettes are now on the HTTYD website: HTTYD Website Link
  4. As I'm wandering around the various Olympic province/country pavilions this weekend, I'll keep my eye out for any "Viking Games 1010" participants - they're bound to be wearing special jackets just like the thousands of Olympic 2010 athletes/organizers from around the world that have descended into Vancouver the last week.
  5. Interview at early-screening of HTTYD, with author Cressida Cowell, directors Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders ,and producer Bonnie Arnold. About one-third of the way through the inteview, Sanders talks about casting Gerard Butler and Craig Ferguson. Interview Link
  6. I don’t know if this will “play†in the U.S., but Gerry did a short interview with ET Canada (segment aired tonight) at Canadian Paul Haggis’ benefit party on Sunday. After the short advert, Gerry is at the 2:30 mark. Gerry said he’ll be going down there next week or the week after to see what he can do to help out. Saw Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Pierce Brosnan, and Maria Bello also interviewed. ET Canada Video
  7. Great video from STV! And so nice to see so many Glaswegians there for Gerry.
  8. Finally - after weeks and weeks of faithfully watching Craig's show! All of you from the West Coast - set your DVR's to record because you are going to want to watch it again and again.
  9. I'm not surprised - I've seen Gerry's films play here in Vancouver for weeks and weeks and weeks. I just checked the listings and The Ugly Truth is still playing here (although only at one theatre now). Lesley
  10. The new website for Love Never Dies is up and running. You can sign-up for updates and more: Love Never Dies - Website
  11. Review is a fairly good description of "Gamer", which I just saw at an advanced screening. My initial impression is that Neveldine & Taylor have not only raised their own bar, but blasted it out of existence. It's one wild ride, so fasten your seltbelts ladies! Me? I'm definitely going again.
  12. I won tix to an advance screening on Thursday night (Sept. 3) - can hardly wait!
  13. TUT is still showing at 15 theatres here in Vancouver, BC!!!! Films do hang around for quite a while here (lots of regular film lovers), but the fact that it's still showing in 15 theatres almost three weeks after opening is very impressive.
  14. The winter issue of Comic-Con Magazine is available for viewing and downloading on the Comic-Con website: Link to Comic-Con Winter Issue Six-page interview with Zack Snyder "Who Watches the Watchmen" starts on page 11 of the magazine, and he talks about The Black Freighter. Excerpt: "CCM: Watchmen also contained a story within a story, “Tales of the Black Freighter.” Is that part of this film, or will we see it come out as something separate? ZS: It comes out on its own as an animated film that we did, and then you’ll see it in the Watchmen DVD release, which is sort of the “Absolute Watchmen movie,” which has the Black Freighter woven through it. CCM: So it’ll be edited into the actual movie on the DVD? ZS: Yes and we actually shot the ins and outs with the two Bernies at the newsstand for a lot of those sequences where he comes in and out of the graphic novel or in and out of the Black Freighter story into the Watchmen story. So we had to shoot these sequences that would make sense when you cut it into the movie." Lesley
  15. WatchmenComicMovie website has more detailed information: www.watchmencomicmovie.com - click on Black Freighter DVD Details story or http://www.watchmencomicmovie.com/013009-w...eighter-dvd.php "The DVD and Blu-ray will also include two special features “Story Within A Story: The Books of Watchmen” and “A First Look at Green Lantern.” The Blu-ray version will have two more special features including “The Two Bernies,” which is a scene from Watchmen not seen in theaters, and “The Why of Watchmen” with director Zack Snyder." Just like "Rocknrolla", some editions of the Black Freighter DVD (Blu-ray) will contain an extra digital DVD that you can put into your computer to download the contents (usually anywhere from $2-4 more for the two-disc DVD digital edition). Lesley
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