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    I'll try to keep this profile shorter than the one on another site! <br /><br />Art, FILM, theatre, dance, MUSIC, travel, meeting people and celebrating our commonalities and differences ... continuing to learn about everything!<br /><br />Oh yeah, another interest ... this Scots actor who I share a surname with ... you know, whatsizface Butler!!!

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  1. It did not do me any good. I went to see Elizabeth today (good movie) and as I walked past the other theaters to get to mine I could hear the PSILY trailer music from inside one of them. I wanted so badly to dart into that other movie just to catch the trailer, but I thought my friend would think me nuts. Plus I was so confident that it would also play before Elizabeth that I past up the opportunity. Much to my disappointment it did not play! Hey 'bamagirl' ~ I wondered if the same cluster of trailers played before certain films during their "nationwide release" ... obviously not as you
  2. Hello Ladies! I went to see ELIZABETH ~ THE GOLDEN AGE and MICHAEL CLAYTON this morning/afternoon and saw the trailer for P.S. I LOVE YOU in the trailer cluster before both films. Maureen
  3. Marg, Rosa ~ Again, I am so happy for you (and jealous too!) and the other eight who schlepped into The City to support HIS BOO-LICIOUS MAJESTY. I believe he knew who his true fans were in that crowd and appreciated your being there. Rosa ~ I too was somewhat choked up to read that he asked you " ... not to do anything." This is what's its come to. We all want this fame and recognition that he's worked so many years for, but HIMSELF ~ THE MAN will develop a complex that he can't step out of a building without the possibility that some overzealous fan will hurl herself in front of the vehi
  4. I agree with Suzanne - New York would be great - something a tad closer for the fans who reside the other side of the country would be nice. Also please consider my home state, Connecticut. We have two casinos: Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun in Eastern Connecticut. Very close by is Mystic Seaport, an early American New England Whaling seaport town. Rhode Island shore is 1/2 away offering great beaches and a chance for people to dip their feet in the Atlantic Ocean. Newport, RI is a delightful wee New England coastal town. Watch Hill and Stonington, RI are more delightful places to visit. I w
  5. Hey Fergie! I can't believe this, you were in Vegas! I arrived late Friday night, left Saturday afternoon, and didn't meet you, yet again! I missed you at POTO here in Denver last November; missed you in Vegas; but hope to see you at one of the B&G screenings in August. (I'll see it several times opening weekend, and maybe once or twice during the week.) If we don't meet then, there's still the convention in Colorado Springs!! :: I'm going to Scotland next July/August and I hope to make next year's GALS convention in Vegas. I love that town - plan to go back around my birthd
  6. Welcome Back Tonya, I didn't want to monopolize you this morning at the Vegas B&G screening, but it's good to know that Boo has someone working with him that he can obviously trust, work with and depend on. In that business it's rare, and quite a compliment to you and your abilities. It was a brief conversation, but I was glad to have met you, and hope to have the pleasure again ... and more time to talk! All the best, Maureen
  7. First post ... urged by your organizers to finally start posting here and what do I have to post about? I was in Vegas, primarily to see B&G this morning, and to see Tonya. I was told to change my plans and not return to Denver until tomorrow, but couldn't. I can't believe I missed HIMSELF ~ THE MAN. And although I arrived late last night, (flight was delayed two hours) I did see Jeremy videotaping, but didn't ask him if he was doing this for G!! I can tell you this, The Ladies were enjoying themselves when I arrived for the last hour last night, and again this morning at the B&am
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