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  1. Awwww, sorry Aims, Issy and Swannie. I was hoping you grrrls would get to see Gerry and that we'd get some good stories from you. Big hugs to y'all on this disappointing development...
  2. Katie, you're the BEST!!!! And Gerry... puffy?! I thought he looked sleek as can be there...
  3. Totally looking forward to this one as well. The whole gangster thing...I'd see it even without Gerry in it... But I must admit I am interested to see the chemistry between Gerry and Thandie as well. I bet it will be SMOKIN'
  4. That three quarter length coat on him is TO. DIE. FOR!!! Looking extra-special beauteous... thanks, Stef!
  5. Naughty Gerry in action... Gotta love it!! The sparkle in his eyes even as he knew he was on TMZ and totally busted... :laugh:
  6. I am just about to die of squee!! I totally love Katherine Heigl! And as was already said, she is the IT Girl... And I anticipate they'll have great chemistry... :wub:
  7. Sue, honey, under the circumstances that seems MORE THAN FAIR!! love ya!! kissy xxx
  8. I can't wait to see what Gerry did with OneTwo. Love the idea of him as a gangster. And black comedy? We've seen touches of that in the past but I am ready for a lot more! Really looking forward to this one!
  9. Actually, when I read this earlier today, I was wondering how many people in the audience, once he's done with 'My Way' or whatever, then squeal, "NOW DO PHANTOM...!" Would love to see Gerry karaoke as well...

  11. Happy Birthday, Gorgeous!!! Just a reminder that the addictive sport of adoring you and your work has been the inspiration for so many lifelong friendships. So many of us have found best mates, a creative outlet and a passion they didn't know they had. May God continue to bless you with health and success throughout this wonderful year. You make thirty-eight look GREAT! Have a great day! kissy
  12. Welcome to the sickness, darls! *rubbing hands together with feverish delight*

  13. Thanks for the heads-up, darls!!
  14. Aims, I totally missed this post, mea culpa!!! Sorry the publishing thing didn't work out this time, but as someone who loves to read everything that you write, I know that it'll happen for you. You give your female characters such a scintillating mix of brains, sensuality, strength and weakness (you can't convince me that FFF's Lila ain't a real person, babe!) that you get your reader hooked on your stuff from go. I am very proud to call you both a mate and a comrade behind the particular eight ball that is writing fiction for fun (and hopefully, someday...for profit! ). Love you, to
  15. I'm not usually a thread starter, so I hope this is the appropriate place to mention this... I was on the elliptical at the gym when I suddenly saw HRH on the television screens; he was dressed in black and of course I did a complete doubletake!! Turns out that Extra will be featuring an interview with Guy Ritchie from the set of Rocknrolla tomorrow night (Wednesday the 18th). I am on the East Coast and Extra airs at 7:30 here... Let's hope we get to hear a few words from Gerry, too!!! kissy
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