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    Edmonton, AB.
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    I'm freakishly tall (6ft) I was born in Finland and speak Finnish and English, love sports, Art, and I loooove Phantom of the Opera. I also love getting random, unexpected messages haha. I'm currently expanding my GB movie collection, but I'm quite sure Phantom will always be #1 in my heart. I've decided that life altering decisions are not fun, and should not be made on short notice.

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    Gerry's Foxxiest GAL (also know as Mocha Ninja, or the Pencil wielding Amazon Warrior of all UPH's doom!)
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  1. Euro'!!!

    SO nice to see you post again!

    World of art VERRA bust these days, hon? Power to you! Hugs from Eva Mari :D

  2. I just voted and he's second with 45%, the other dude is first with 48%. . . still work to do!
  3. Ah yeah, he's a foxxy guy no matter what! I had a really tough time picking just 10 (gee, don't you feel sorry for me? )
  4. Haha thank you Zany, you're way too kind And Stacie, I definitely agree with you, Wentworth is pretty delish indeed
  5. Looks like it's gonna be another smiling Gerry this year, but this time no teeth!! (Thank goodness!! ) If you're going to Vegas and plan on bidding, please vote because I'd like to know what picture people like the most. I'm pretty excited :dance: Oh, and you're so very welcome gals, it's the least I could do to be there in spirit
  6. Daaaaemn!! One day Miss Breslin will look back on that second picture and go "man I was lucky and didn't even know it!" Man he looks foxxy!
  7. Hey awesome! I want to get a tattoo one day, but haven't thought of a design or location Where is this one?
  8. Oh that picture is delicious!!! Anyone know where to get a bigger file of that, it would look fantastic in my sketchbook. And by that I mean I would just love to draw him, and hopefully his fantasticness would come through
  9. EuroFoxx

    WebCam for Vegas?

    That is a brilliant idea!!! I would love to see what's going on, it would make me feel like I'm there despite being thousands upon thousands of miles away!! Who ever thought of this deserves a trophy!
  10. Thank you Spotty! Honestly, it's great to hear about the glass, I busted my butt with that one haha. And I'm partial to Wentworth myself now, though I haven't seen one episode of Prison Break yet And you'll have your fix for some more Gerry drawings soon enough :dance:
  11. Thank you Susan, I credit the beautiful and detailed reference photo, since it allowed me to include all the tiny bits And scotchlass, watercolors hate me haha. I used them once in Grade 10 and haven't touched them since.
  12. Thank you Eva Mari, that means a lot! I've been looking at my drawings lately, and all I can think is "I can do better than that, these are mediocre at best" and it's good to hear that someone else sees some improvement. It gets frustrating, and I feel like I just really need to test myself with something, and take my time with it. Once summer rolls around I should have enough time to devote to something really exciting Thank you for the lovely comment!!
  13. Yeah I did, and Bethy was awesome enough to make them into a sweet siggie for me
  14. Sue that would be fabulous, PM away And thank you Sam that means a lot!! You rock!!
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