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  1. I just voted and he's second with 45%, the other dude is first with 48%. . . still work to do!
  2. Ah yeah, he's a foxxy guy no matter what! I had a really tough time picking just 10 (gee, don't you feel sorry for me? )
  3. Haha thank you Zany, you're way too kind And Stacie, I definitely agree with you, Wentworth is pretty delish indeed
  4. Looks like it's gonna be another smiling Gerry this year, but this time no teeth!! (Thank goodness!! ) If you're going to Vegas and plan on bidding, please vote because I'd like to know what picture people like the most. I'm pretty excited :dance: Oh, and you're so very welcome gals, it's the least I could do to be there in spirit
  5. Daaaaemn!! One day Miss Breslin will look back on that second picture and go "man I was lucky and didn't even know it!" Man he looks foxxy!
  6. Hey awesome! I want to get a tattoo one day, but haven't thought of a design or location Where is this one?
  7. Oh that picture is delicious!!! Anyone know where to get a bigger file of that, it would look fantastic in my sketchbook. And by that I mean I would just love to draw him, and hopefully his fantasticness would come through
  8. EuroFoxx

    WebCam for Vegas?

    That is a brilliant idea!!! I would love to see what's going on, it would make me feel like I'm there despite being thousands upon thousands of miles away!! Who ever thought of this deserves a trophy!
  9. Thank you Spotty! Honestly, it's great to hear about the glass, I busted my butt with that one haha. And I'm partial to Wentworth myself now, though I haven't seen one episode of Prison Break yet And you'll have your fix for some more Gerry drawings soon enough :dance:
  10. Thank you Susan, I credit the beautiful and detailed reference photo, since it allowed me to include all the tiny bits And scotchlass, watercolors hate me haha. I used them once in Grade 10 and haven't touched them since.
  11. Thank you Eva Mari, that means a lot! I've been looking at my drawings lately, and all I can think is "I can do better than that, these are mediocre at best" and it's good to hear that someone else sees some improvement. It gets frustrating, and I feel like I just really need to test myself with something, and take my time with it. Once summer rolls around I should have enough time to devote to something really exciting Thank you for the lovely comment!!
  12. Yeah I did, and Bethy was awesome enough to make them into a sweet siggie for me
  13. Sue that would be fabulous, PM away And thank you Sam that means a lot!! You rock!!
  14. Wow those are awesome!!! I've wanted to try stained glass since I was 12, and my great Uncle let me design a little stained glass piece that he then made for me. It was nothing too fancy, but I've been fascinated with it ever since. Fabulous work, I'm definitely jealous!! Foxx
  15. Sue thank you very much for the lovely comment, and yeah there are some truly multi-talented ladies here! And as for selling works, depends on the drawing really. A lot of them are gifts or have been claimed by the parents but I'm always open for commissions if you're interested in anything specific Alice that's always really awesome to hear since I try to make my drawings as realistic as possible. I still have a looong way to go, but it's nice to hear that I'm getting there little by little Poppy I miss you too!! I seem to miss everyone every time I'm on, there's never anyone in chat the
  16. So I haven't drawn anything Gerry related in a while, but I thought I would update you guys all the same I've tried my hand at some pencil drawing, and just finished a charcoal and colored pencil drawing that was... well... interesting to work on, to say the least. I really want to start oil painting again, but I haven't got a clue as to where to begin. I just need the right inspiration, and starting small to get the feel for them would probably be a good idea. Anyway, here are some drawings that I've completed in the last little while (don't have them uploaded to photobucket so here are t
  17. One has to admire how grounded he is. There's no chance of this man ever getting an inflated ego, and part of his massive charm is that self deprecating sense of humor and that he doesn't take himself too seriously. Gerry rocks =)
  18. Happy birthday lovely! I hope it's a great one for you, you deserve only the best!


  19. You already know I love this drawing!
  20. EuroFoxx

    Red Death

    Thanks lovelies, I'll try to post stuff more often. I haven't done anything Gerry related in a while, though I have a few more pieces from the time between my last postings
  21. EuroFoxx

    Red Death

    Thank you very much gals, I'm glad you all like it I just got frustrated with not being able to do some things with it, so I decided to call it done. One day when I know how to use acrylics properly I'll go and fix them, but I can't do anymore right now.... I'd just mess it up more. Ah well, one day, right?
  22. EuroFoxx

    Red Death

    Hello lovelies, I hope everyone's New Year was splendid? I finally finished this bad boy up, but noticed there are still some things I have to work on. Nothing like the computer screen to make things glaringly obvious I'll try to take a better photo tomorrow in natural light, because this desk lamp makes the colors all weird. Anyway, you get the idea, here is Mr. Phantom himself. Cheers! P.S., You can also see it here
  23. Huh. Good to hear! Thanks for the info Jenn!!
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