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    I love my kids and hubby. I love to read, sew and crochet and of course Gerry and Gerry

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  1. I SOOOOO missed all of you but am happy to have helped out ever so slightly- My plan (HOPEFULLY) is to be there next year-- come Hell or high water and 2 graduations.. and that POTO machine is calling my name Annie (I haven't been in here for so long I almost forgot how LOL)
  2. almadenannie


    Landed at noon yesterday and went straight to work.. With tears in my eyes.. Miss everyone.. Those who were there and those who could make it... Hugs all
  3. Hey GALS I'm sure the info is sprinkled in other threads but thought i would start this one to get it all together.. So we all can meet/coordinate/share rides from airport to hotel :-) What day/time will we all be getting there? I'm pretty sure I'm the latest :-( boo....as of right now, can't leave work til noon on friday plane will land 3:30...so won't get there for movie But...... If I can get out earlier that day will try for stand-by...... 2 more weeks... Can't wait to give big hugs to ALL Annie
  4. Dang...dang...dang.... I won't be landing til 3:30.... Will get there in time to get ready for dinner... Unless I can get out of work earlier and get a standby that's gets there at 12:30. :-( won't know til that day... For those that have NOT seen it... Be prepared.. It is VERY moving.....
  5. I would have loved to join you all.. But won't be getting in until midday Friday. :-(. I am glad to have been able to see it in past conventions. What a beautiful venue.. Such a shame won't be there anymore.
  6. Since I wear glasses as well. I was thinking maybe a mask that I can tie on the top of my head ( say.. Just above eyes at forehead) kind of like a headband of sorts. Not really "masking" my face but part of the outfit just the same... Will see if it works LOL.. See you all soon Hugs
  7. I have FINALLY jumped off the fence and registered... Woohoo.. Can't wait to see the GALS.. Now just have to go pick some of that stuff off the funny(money) tree in my backyard- LOL
  8. I am Happy and sad at the same time... I will be attending convention this year but since donating my T'Erik to last years convention I feel like something is missing... But all will be great when I see all the GALS again .....
  9. Just sent mine in-- Sorry it couldnt be more
  10. Way cool.. Awesome news .. Will be great to see/talk to him again.. Great job Holly
  11. Please add me in do you know if thestreaming will work on iPad?
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