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  1. Yes, big hugs from me and Mel too, wish we could be there! Mousie
  2. I, too, have been the victim of unethical business practices. I hope that Erin finds a good job with good people and doesn't let idiots get her down! And enjoy your retirement! Mousie
  3. That "article" about Gerry? *coughBScough* Elissa, that's so cool! Have a happy Easter, everyone! Mousie
  4. I am hoping that everything works out for you and that you will be able to feel good again. Mousie
  5. So glad everyone is okay! So much wild weather! Mousie
  6. Such beautiful photos! We, too, are going to the beach this week (the Oregon Coast). I'll be sure to post some lovely pictures as well Mousie
  7. Yesterday was my 8th GALSaversary! I can't believe it has been that long! It's good to see everyone on here, I check it every day, even though I don't post that often. Take care! Mousie
  8. I honestly didn't notice his "bad" accent in PSILY, I just really enjoyed the movie! He's costarring with Sam Worthington?! He'll have to drag Worthington around during the whole movie just to keep him upright (I think he's dull as powder, IMHO).
  9. Yeah, well at least it isn't 6.3 degrees like it is here! I'll gladly send our winter your way.
  10. I'm so happy for you, Sue! Now I hope that he gets the punishment he deserves in this life before God doles out His own justice. Mousie
  11. I saw CM and loved it! I'm going again on Halloween night to see it with my parents. It's nice that Gerry has a movie out that I can see with them That's sad about Frosty's wife, I sincerely hope she recovers.
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