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  1. As I posted on another thread (probably the incorrect one, sorry...) Neil Randall is one character that Gerry has played where you want to hug him one moment and strangle him the next. Did anyone else come away from the airing with the same feelings?
  2. Let me say, firstly, I have not been around for a while because there was the marriage, then the honeymoon and a move to a new house. As I type, I really should be unpacking boxes. When it comes to Gerry, however, who wants to unpack boxes! TNT ran the movie twice back to back. My eyelids were twitching by the time I went night, night. I wish that the powers to be had left the title as Butterfly on a Wheel. It made more sense to me. There were some discrepancies as the plot developed that bugged me. I thought, however, it was a decent thriller. This was a very different short of chara
  3. I'll second raina's Congradulations! Now that I have the new specs I'll have to go back and check. Way to go, Cassie!!! :headspin: :headspin: :headspin:
  4. While I was living in California, I learned to hike with a big stick for the very reasons you mentioned. Since I have hiked some of the Highlands "sin stick." Had I known what I know now, I probably would have been armed and dangerous!!! I do not like snakes.
  5. What a clever idea to include the drawing with a journal of your travels in that special place! You are a very talented lady, lass, gal ....! I certainly hope to see more from you in the future. I really like the stubble!
  6. Wait til you see the shirt G is wearing! Glad he wore a black leather jacket over it most of the time!
  7. 10 here, too! What fun! Thanks for posting. Okay, now I have one: who played The Elephant Man?
  8. These are interesting comments from all. I think Gerry can and will make any comedy role a GB one. I don't think we would want that any other way.
  9. I have one comment. The moppy flop is making a comeback! Yeah! :crack1:
  10. Thanks, Susan and zany! Your help is most appreciated.
  11. Thanks, Susan. My questions are still unanswered. For those of us working (and I am sure I am not the only one), it is not easy to rearrange schedules to take time off without appropiate lead time. If someone would care to answer my questions, it will be most appreciated.
  12. I have a question for those of us juggling work schedules: what is the latest date that you can register? Are there any allowances say for someone who has registered then may not be able to attend?
  13. Having just returned from a fantastic vacation to western England, I am somewhat late in commenting. Your drawing, erik...etc., is lovely. The eyes capture the character. Very perceptive and well done! :erikrose: Please share your additional art work with us!
  14. Although I have not read the book yet, I trust your judgement on this one. Obviously you saw more than the ordinary run of the mill RC. I know too that you will give it 150%. Above all, have fun with it! marianne PS: You Die Again is a wonderful title for a Country and Western song! PS2: I have now finished reading the book. Go for it, Gerry!
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