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  1. We have had so many GENEROUS GALS offer raffle basket items for the FUNdraising portion along with offers for party favors and bag goodies. You would think I would eventually stop being surprised at the outpouring of time, talent from GALS. In order to keep the fundraising LIGHT as promised we are going to limit the number of items/baskets available. Susan-Sporran will once agan be wrangling this goat, we will post about this later. What we need are prizes! ($10 - $25 value) I know there are MANY and varried crafters and creative GALS. This is a great way to be a part of the fun if you cannot attend and another way to make this a group effort for those who can. Some prize ideas we tossed around that could incorporate a Gerry theme...PLEASE don't be limited by my imagination!!!! Jewelry (We've see beautiful POTO themed necklaces and bracelets in the past. DF blues and greens. 300 reds and gold...) Scarves Small artwork Decorated coffee mug or glass For the not so crafty DVDs CDs Gift cards Only 10-12 are needed so if you wish to contribute let me know ASAP! You can message me here or on FB. Thanks, KB .
  2. I say my leopard pumps go with yoga pants!
  3. Deepest apologies to sponsors waiting on goodies. Cheryl and I both had big time life demands immediately following Vegas and this got put on my back burner, then boxed up and stuck in storage during my house remodel. Cheryl is on a wonderful adventure in the UK right now, as soon as she is home I will coordinate with her and get the sponsor goodies mailed. Again I'm so very sorry for the oversight. We rely on your generosity so much and truly appreciate everything GALS contribute to make our convention a success. Much love, KB
  4. Sara, it's been my pleasure. It broke my heart to see guests bored at times, and not enjoying themselves this year. Maybe I missed it before but I got it this time and I know I'm not alone in feeling like we've failed GALS and we all want to fix this wonderful weekend and make it something no one misses without plague, flood or famine keeping us away. KB
  5. This is a long one. Thank you all so much for joining in and for my fellow mods and planners for explaining things ASAP. I guess I should have said when I opened this topic for us to assume two facts, for now... 1) Vegas is the location 2) Friday & Saturday are the "Official" days ( any entertainment, gathering, hanging out, loosely organized fun time, before or after, will be the responsibility of the individual attendees - As always the hospitality suite or some venue would be available Thursday night for early arrivals etc.) and we work to improve from that stand point. I said last week I would have a breakdown of expenses. As I've thought about this, I am NOT going to give a blow by blow (insert giggles). I will share the biggies, the high points, including my own small in comparison out of pocket, but am not willing to subject my fellow mods/admins/planners to judgments or ridicule over personal financial choices to make these conventions happen FOR GALS. If you have been following on FB some of this is not going to be new info. At EVERY hotel, when using the banquet facilities there is a minimum catering charge MGM‘s was $10,000 with a 21% gratuity. This is NOT unique to MGM and in fact they were quite generous with us on extra meeting/storage room space WITH keys, menu selection and discounts to RPCF as a charitable organization. Hospitality suites....OFTEN mentioned in our discussions as meeting space and activity space....run anywhere from $500 - $1500/night, even with discounts for group/convention. Decoration rental typically averages $1500, this includes backdrops, linens, photo op stations and LABOR. Since I took over decor, my personal expenses for creating non rented items had been anywhere from $300-$500/year. This does not include the cookies or other pressies attendees have found at their seats over the years. The movie theater was a fun treat, but again VERY EXPENSIVE and generously donated by ONE person when the agreement for the theater to host the movie and sell box office tickets fell through. This was done FOR GALS to have a special Gerry movie treat at no added expense. We have ALWAYS paid the room and banquet meals for our special guests...again usually ONE or two organizers donating these expenses to keep attendee cost as low as possible. Occasionally we have been required/requested to covered travel, and a small per day expense allowance. EVERY year, EVERY hotel, EVERY facility requires a deposit. Because GALS, GCF, and RPCF has given such a large percentage (over 90%) directly to the charities ONE or two organizers have put the deposit on a personal credit card. We have never held back enough for operating costs, postage, and certainly not enough to support the next convention. PLEASE do not come in here telling us how that is not the way to run a charity….it was deemed more important for the funds raised to go to the charities as long as we the organizers could cover the initial costs and sometimes the entire cost of some parts of the convention. I cannot say what the personal investments have been for those who did workshops ie: scrap booking, or Wee men goodies, or even the Gutter Gab handbook or baking supplies or personal expense for putting together, hauling, and mailing prizes. I won’t ask. Those, like all of it were gifts of love to GALS, to this FANmily and to the charities we support. We have known for several years that 60 attendees at $275 - $265 with PayPal fees , was the “break even” point ($15,900) because so much was covered by planners. So, breaking this down…. ESTIMATED Figures and Fees for an average convention. $10,000 Catering, excluding gratuity - banquet rooms are provided at no charge IF we use venue catering. $ 300 Bar minimum $ 1,500 Hospitality Suite (low range estimate) $ 1,500 Deco/linens (mid range estimate) $ 100 Hospitality nibblies (low end estimate) $ 250 Awards $ 1,800 sound, projector, dance floor, mic - WITHOUT a performer $ 3,500 movie theater experience - theater rental, transportation, shipment of film ___________________ $18,950 TOTAL This total is for a bare bones convention. Special guests can mean travel, guests (companions, managers, PAs) expenses and meals. Chris Mann reduced his fee for us . AHP performed FREE in 2012 and for minimal travel and technical assistance this year. This year we had 32 attendees at $275/$265 = $8,480 I hope you call can see we have not been frivolous or extravagant with YOUR registration fees. Please consider, as ideas are tossed around. IF we move everything to hospitality suites….the need for a bigger more expensive space will be necessary. IF we move to a restaurant for a nice Saturday night dinner….we are looking a minimum of $75/head in Las Vegas for 40 guests without alcoholic beverages, which would be in addition to registration fees. If you would like to help with 2013 expenses, Authors Against Abuse has extended their campaign through September. 50% of all sales of the Weldon Series and Trevelyan books will be contributed to RPCF. If you aren’t in a position to purchase, SHARE on social media, help us create the BUZZ. Great stories and cause. WILD IRISH, SMOOTH IRISH, HARD IRISH, THE MISTRESS OF TREVELYAN, HIS DARK DESIRES GALS have always amazed me in their ability to rally on social media and get the word out. Do it now. Commit to rallying in the coming months as we try to make a 2014 Convention a reality. Thanks, KB post vetted by RPCF directors and convention volunteers
  6. For those interested in a break down of the average production cost I'm working on that. Headed out fo town for a few days to be Mom, this will have to be tabled until I get back. Thanks everyone for offering your thoughts. KB
  7. This was our attempt this year. We TRIED to have a "Gerry Fan Night" and a "Charitable Ball" night. We brought in a NON Gerry attached entertainment at great expense and hoop jumping. While Chris Mann was a treat for those who attended, sadly he did not bring in any outside attendees. So we are are at a loss. Even before the charitable aspect became a highlight of the con, attendance was fading. It was our hope that the philanthropic efforts as part of the soul feed that comes with the reunion aspect of the con would be an enticement not a deterrent. Keep talking. This is good and every contribution helps. Thanks, KB
  8. I too have noticed the "GALS-ness" fading from the festivities. For ME personally the raging LUST has passed and I'm there for my friends and chosen family I only get to see once a year. I don't know how to spark the "L" part again.
  9. When asked "how was it?" about this year's Fan Convention and Charity Event I find myself answering in equivocations. "Seeing my friends was GREAT! Aaron Hendra Project was AWESOME! Tiffany Hendra inspired. Visiting TST was uplifting. Having Sam and Lynn Childers there is a blessing....BUT..." The "BUT" is where YOU, the GALS, the heart and soul of this site and previous conventions come in. We, the planners, are fighting two schools of thought. 'Don't fix what isn't broke." (poor grammar aside) and "Change and grow or die." Ladies and gentleman, the convention is and has been on life support for a few years. We have tried several ways to make it better, different, appealing to many and yet our numbers continue to dwindle and despite our best efforts to make the nights fun, memorable and to feed your souls the way it feeds mine and many others, we KNOW we have failed. HELP US! Tell us what you want, what you need. What would draw you back or entice you to come? What do you miss or think is missing? PLEASE remember I am asking for constructive ideas and help. Simply pointing out where we have fallen short won't help. Veteran attendees, first timers, never beens....we need all of your input to keep the convention viable and valuable to us as fans and to our charitable efforts. NO idea is too small or too "out there". Talk here, shoot me a PM or ANY mod you feel comfortable voicing your thoughts and opinions with, message me on FB or even an email. Just talk to me/US. We do not want to lose this unique event for GALS, but we cannot keep pumping our personal funds, time and energy into something that isn't working. Thanks, KB
  10. Issy, I dropped your ball. I'm sorry. You goodies will be sent ASAP. There is only a month left. You can reach me on facebook TheBlonde Kristine, PM here on GALS or email kbrorman@rpcf.org
  11. Please make sure your sponsorship funds are received or arrangements for payment have been made by June 1. Thank you again for the overwhelming generosity. Every year I'm simply amazed, not only at your financial support but the loving and kind dedications to family and friends. xox KB
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