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  1. Thanks, GALS. I have my own website....but youtube gets so much more exposure.

    They won't have a whole lot left there once they weed out the tv shows and music vids.

    And, lest this give me away, this message will self-destruct in 6 hours.

    And it did.

  2. :tantrum: I am sooooo upset about the google thing.....and I did post this one at youtube so I hate to think......I have almost 40 vids there..... :needhug:

    But it is at the website, too, so please watch it there or download it there......if and when youtube is "cleaned up." (that will take awhile, I assure you, and then they will have almost NO business!

    So sad.

    Anyway, this one was requested by Knight Phantom and is sad and sexy and romantic and all the things that a POTO video always is. Have always loved the song but haven't thought about it in years until Knight Phantom mentioned it.....so glad she did!!! Hope you enjoy!

    Visit My Website

    There will be a link there shortly for it on youtube


    Love ya Gerry,


  3. Hi ladies,

    Didn't know where else to put this, but Google sent me an email telling me that their "Video Content Identification" tools had identified one of my videos as potentially lacking proper copyright authorization and they have disabled it. There is a link if I wish to try to prove that I own all of the materials.

    Since Google has bought Youtube, the day may be coming when that neither will be a venue for our art.

    Just giving you all a heads' up.


    P.S. And the sad thing about it is, the google vids that I posted aren't even public!!

  4. :hearts: Oh Ladies!!!

    Thanks Gerry Duty for your comments!!! Yes, it was fun matching to the music and there was such a variety of items in the suitcase!!!

    Thanks hugbarabra ...yes, he is sunshine in my life! What a MAN!!!

    Thanks Knight Phantom! Welllllllll...maybe you could take some pics and.....hmmmmmmmm

    love ya! Glad Devin loves Sally! I know the reverse is true!!

    Thanks *guest* . Yes, he has his whole Marek costume with the sword, boots, marker (necklace), bow, arrows, coat, and that lovely blue "dress"? I am not sure what that is called, am sure it is not called a dress but....it is not a toga......oh well, it is all in the Andre Marek Timeline Action Figure box. I highly recommend it, LOLOLOLOL. Only he can make that blue thing look more than masculine!!!

    Glad you like the video and thanks a million for letting me know.

    And I Love ya, Gerry


  5. :tantrum: I have been sooooo trying to finish this!!! Finally!!!!!

    This is a slideshow of my Andre Marek doll (which I named Seamus McTavish which means:

    Seamus (James and the one who takes the place of) Tavish (my beloved)).

    I added the Mc to make the name more Scottish.

    The pics are set to a medley ... "Bad to the Bone,"' "I Put a Spell on You," "He's So Fine,"

    "Another One Bites the Dust," and "I'm Too Sexy."

    Had fun making it.

    Hope you enjoy it.

    SO SORRY FORGOT TO POST THE LINK! See how busy I have been!!

    Visit My Website

    Love you Gerry



  6. I am so glad he spent some time with his Mum and that he takes time to relax when he can.

    Knowing what a hard training schedule he had maintain in order to prepare for 300, I pray that he will talk it over with his physician and and give that aspect of it sincere consideration before he commits to that again.....I love his movies, but his health matters much more!

    Nevertheless, I will be behind him whatever he chooses.


  7. :hearts:

    Thanks jesusita, annieday, KnightPhantom, and nade! So very glad you like it and thanks so much for letting me know! Your words warm my heart, but I would have to do this if there were no demand or audience for it. Gerry is my inspiration and the songs haunt me until I do them.......my obsession is as strong as ever.....just don't have the available time that I once had.

    Loved seeing you two (KnightPhantom and nade) in Vegas, BABY!!

    (shhhhhh making a lighthearted slideshow of the clothes I won with my Andre doll....to a song that the GALS seemed to enjoy in Vegas....you will see what I mean).



  8. Can someone tell me how to link my pics from photobucket without having to either link them one by one or give access to all of my albums? Can I link just one album, or just one folder? And is there a special place to put the pics we took of the costumes?

    Help, Please!


  9. Hi all!

    I won one of the tams as well as the Timeline dvd (widescreen collection with an hour of special features and a 3 part documentary) and a Marek Doll with a suitcase full of clothes!!! Will be back with pictures!!!



    P.S. By the way, Is there a link I can go and register his name? I have named him.

    what I won (see suitcase...it is full of clothes)

    pic 1 of clothes

    pic 2 of clothes

    pic 3 of clothes

    I am going to make a slideshow of him wearing these clothes

    Thanks a million to all of the organizers and everyone who worked so hard to make this convention an absolute joy!! Looking forward already to next year!!!

  10. Hey Pat,

    and Susan.......I am bringing my laptop and I have AOA dvd ripper on it. Was planning to bring a dvd also so if anyone wants some "hands on" experience ripping clips, that will work.

    I have vegas pro 8.0 on that puter and have not used any of the features beyond what my vegas 6.0 has, so I would like to learn whatever you can teach me, including what you can teach me about the features I haven't even used yet from the 6.0..

    Maybe I could help some of those who are new to 6.0 or who are thinking of getting it. I am bringing my 6.0 book, and a lot of the features of 8.0 are the same.

    Oh yeah that reminds me.....I need to download the book for 8.0 onto my laptop. Going to do that now.

    Will you have that computer on an overhead projector like they had last year? Can you hook any computer to it?

    I am so excited!!!! We will have a ball!!!



  11. Hi GALS!!

    Finally finished........

    Chose this song the first time I saw the movie and events conspired to make me this late finishing the video, LOLOL. Well, it was a blast to make and I hope you enjoy.

    Running like a madwoman getting ready for the trip.

    See you soon!!!



    If the youtube link isn't working yet, it will be soon.

    Visit My Website

  12. :kiss: Hi,

    Been working on this one for awhile and also have a P S I Love You in the works. Don't know if that will be finished and posted before VEGAS!!!!!! (But I am trying. Grandkids out of school....hectic around here).

    Anyway, hope you like it. There is a youtube link at my website or you can download.



    Visit My Website

    Love you Gerry!!

  13. Very nice. I like the song and the movement fits....you used a lot of special effects in this one and they worked! I was interested all the way. Thanks for posting this.



  14. Aimee I understand your problem intimately. I camoflauge so well that I can go up and down 20 pounds and no one can tell, LOL. Unfortunately I am the same size I was last year, and evening wear is very revealing, so camoflauge for me is out of the question. Just wear what you like that feels good and makes you feel good about yourself. I struggle with my self-esteem all the time. Just can't seem to learn to love my body the way it is. When I look in the mirror the first thing that jumps into my mind is "Who is that?" When I first gained this weight, I would try on clothes and cry my eyes out. I need to lose a good 80 pounds and was never this heavy until I had some health problems how long ago?....hmmm......13 years ago it was. I started gaining while I was sick and then when I got better I immediately stopped smoking and that brought on another 40 pounds. Been struggling ever since. Only weigh 7 pounds more now, though, than I did when I stopped gaining after quitting.....but staying where I am is a constant struggle. I said last year that it would be off by this year.....lol....should be glad that I haven't gained any. They say that people my age gain a few pounds every year.

    I look at the inner person.....please do the same for me.

    Looking forward to meeting you.


  15. Thanks, Kitty, for the wonderful compliment!! There are definitely things you can teach me, though! You are an absolutely wonderful vidder yourself! I haven't had time to fool around with the new program....the laptop is new, too, and I have had a little trouble with it. In the Sony Vegas 6, I have added as many as 3 extra video tracks and an extra audio at one time in a video. Wish I had a book for the Pro like the one that came with my Vegas 6.0. If there will be other 6.0 users there, it might be a good idea if I bring that book. Wonder if Sony would sell me just the book for the Pro 8? I will look into that.

    My hubby plays blackjack, too!!! He is not a 24-7 gambler like I am, though. I could play poker all day and all night! We can introduce the guys and I am sure they will be doing some playing together.

    Anxiously awaiting his decision on POTO. If he doesn't want to go, I may just go myself!! Was so worked up last year and then they cancelled the show a week beforehand. I still think it was punishment because we didn't hold the convention at the Venetian. Oh well, water under the bridge.....

    and AimeeMarie....I am a bit on the miserly side myself. The dress that I bought yesterday is lovely, in my opinion, and it was ON SALE! Originally $130 marked down to $32.50. Glad the convention is after prom, :bellydance: The one I wore on Fri night last year was $35 and I made the costume for the 300 ball. (the materials to make the costume cost as much as last years' dress and the one I bought yesterday combined!)

    Can't wait to see you all!!



  16. Thanks, ladies! No telling what I will show up wearing on Sat!!

    I found a knee length dress that I love.......the one I was planning to wear on Fri I think will be soooo hot (I get hot easily)......still looking. Thanks for the quick response and the wonderful input.

    Can't wait to see you all! SOOOOOO excited!

    Kitty, I am working on my hubby about going to POTO at the Venetian on Thurs night. He will let me know tomorrow. You know they cancelled our show last year and I couldn't be there on Thurs.

    Bought the airline tickets before they raised the prices and we saved enough on our tickets to pay for the show, LOL.

    Kitty, I want to take the advanced vidder's class with you. If I bring my laptop with Sony Vegas Pro 8 on it, will there be an electrical outlet that I could use?

    See you all there!!



  17. I will be at the convention....hubby will be in Vegas with me but not coming to the convention.

    WOO HOO Here we come!!!



    Spot and BIG MIKE will be in Vegas, baby!!

    Knight Phantom and Sally








    scottish spazz





    Texas gramma



    Lady Elissa

    Good Sport

    redroseblackribbon & Donny






    Bermos and Carol






    Eliza1013 & Meghan



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