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    I'm a trainee Learning Disabilities Nurse (1st year)<br /><br />Not much time but when I do<br /><br />Reading, Flying kites, Fanfic, Movies and Gerard Butler

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that the sixth one is out in The Phoenix of the Opera series. If you have a chance, join my group page at Facebook. It's Sadie Montgomery The Phoenix of the Opera series.

    Cheers, Sadie

  2. Hello, I so love Gerards POTO...he is my muse and always will be everyone will have to compare to him, he IS THE PHANTOM for me ....but....I went to see the London performance Rameen Karamoo boy I can never spell his name and it didn't dampen my love for GB's Phantom in fact in so many ways it was a homage to it to think GB could match such seasoned performers..not on a regular basis but for an actor he held his own..... So I'd say go and see it, it is an experience you should savour and as for Love Never Dies the movie for me made a sequel necessary, the rose on her grave stone said the phantom had played a part in her life you needed to know about and although different in tone and excitement Coney Island is ALW's muse so it had to be almost manic and the phantom even more in love and passionate I find it quite beautiful.....hope the story does it justice....I hope Christine as a woman finally admits she loves the phantom as well as being loyal to her husband in fact in so many ways the situation may have turned.....loyal to Raoul when wanting the phantom......because she ALWAYS loved him she was simply afraid of him.......in the movie version of course in the book I'm convinced he murdered her and Raoul.....he was after all a complete psychopath....not autistic as ALW states that's far to simplified but ...MAD.... Our phantom though can love, show emotion he's redeemable and I think Christine in LND's will achieve that and then te story will finally end and the rose, ring and monkey of the movie will make sense...... Oh dear I got side tracked but please go and see the stage version it WILL NOT DETRACT FROM GB'S PERFORMANCE... lol
  3. Ha ha Moira...I'm off to work in a minute but..... to a Brummie believe me GB sounded Oirish...... . hey you know us Midlanders have a bit of everyone's twang here...and who cares mate it WOKE HIM UP...
  4. Ha Theresa, she did look a bit of a giggler didn't she...and why not with that gorgeous hunk of male sitting there half asleep....I mean enough of a challenge for any hot blooded woman to wake up his nibs and get him to notice you.... Now if GB did reside in the Midlands his AWESOME would become ORSUM in no time at all and Fish and Chips en tap here although we do have a propensity of pubs that GB would have to avoid now but hey we're in the 21st century now we sell diet coke and coffee....yeah that modern... lol I have to admit the Brummie accent is the most derided in the Uk and the perception of stupidness because I swear you could be a senior consultant in brain surgery but if you opened your mouth with a Black Country accent no one would take you seriously...oh the weight of this ENORMOUS CHIP ON MY SHOULDER...ha ha... but no worries GB it's a FULL FAT, COATED IN BATTER ONE...OH I am so not advertising my part of the world to the USA am I? or maybe I am lol Marg Well, the interviewer didn't sound or look dumb to me! :-) Was that Gerry doing an IRISH accent? No wonder he had to apologise to the Irish in the past, LOL. The way he said "film" sounded more Italian to me than anything. Ah well, anything to keep him awake. :-) He was so adorable in this interview, with the faces he made, the winces and all. Theresa
  5. Hello...with pleasure...about five seconds after the movie exert the interviewer say's..."loved the film"....Gerry who is probably bored to death immediately wakes and responds to it...finding it cute I believe...with Luvved....Luved.d'film...now correct me that was GB answering in what he perceived to be HER Irish accent.... I have visited London may times, so many nationalities there but when I speak with my accent they look at you as if you have just landed from Mars and ordered total human anihilation....so I suppose Brummie is not an accent GB has had a lot of contact with...shame he might like Midlands girls.....We may look and sound dumb but were not and we LOVE A LAUGH....just sayin Now I would Love Gerard to reside in the West Midlands for a few years and pick up our accent....AWESOME in Brummy now I'd pay to hear that lol... Why do you say he thought she was Irish?
  6. Yes the interviewer had a Brummie accent which by the way is pretty close to mine if a little broader than my own and I saw a lady who was pretty enthusiastic to interview GB who must have been pig sick of answering the same questions hence her pretty typical over the top and daft...inspector gadget phrase to wake him up from his stupour...IMO.....but tut tut Gerud James Butler for thinking she was IRISH...ha ha....he's been away that long now he can't tell a Brummie girl from an Irish one..... OMG. Oh and if you think you've got lots of dialects in the USA you haven't seen anything compared to the UK ...you just never hear them via television which is normally plum in the mouth perfect English in period drama's or the news....give or take a few Sharpe episodes.....and hey unlike his Scottish compatriots we English...Welsh....Irish won't hold it against him having an American twang in his voice a lot more now.....
  7. TEAM ENGLAND....I LIKE IT... What a nice surprise! Thanks Moira! You seem to have the whole family organised! :-) Theresa
  8. No idea which GAL said it but it would be spot on I think if Gerud was to narrate the story and play a cameo role as he is probably a little too mature now, DON'T SHOOT ME I SAY THIS WITH LOL.... and I think maybe James McAvoy would be a perfect Burns and I think GB's aim in this is to get the movie completed whom ever plays the main man It must get harder and harder for a full on Scotsman to be away from his roots, his country changing, evolving and leaving almost but his constant drive makes GB determined to produce if not star in this movie ....it's his passion don't you think ...Oh and I have to say I like he say's he likes women of all shapes, sizes and ages....WHAT A CHARMER.....and so full of it.... GO GERUD... Oh and I can't find the thread for this but those guests on the Scottish lady's radio programme were very cutting of GB....won't comment what they said, blimey GB was right when he said Scots were vitriolic to fellow Scots who went away and lost their accents, etc....hard hard hard and over the top IMO ...don't worry GB I know I'm English but I'll adopt you mate we're not so picky. Almost forgot if I don't get on here again HAPPY THANKSGIVING on the 26TH.....
  9. Excellent interview, GB allowed to flow not only as an actor but in his producer role, a pleasure to listen to and dare I say it only a few days back in Blighty and I close my eyes and most of what I hear is his beautiful Scottish brogue...
  10. Gerud...Gerud...Gerud...don't know if you've seen this..sure you will soon if you haven't already but GB is pretty darn WONDERFUL....Hot.....Sassy....Hot.....Funny and did I say Hot... POG asked him some new questions as Gerud said he'd done his homework and well we saw a different, very relaxed if tired GB....LOVE LOVE LOVED IT.... You know finally I think when I say Gerard Butler now people in the Uk will know who he is.....I know you won't believe that but he is comparatively unknown here...or he was....NOT NOW... Brilliant....and he looks HOT in purple.....and I would so have liked to use my nursing skills to tend his poorly eye...thigh...shoulder.... and if only for a short time.....GB IS HOME...
  11. That was a fantastic interview Gerard sounded really relaxed and into it and a real fan of the show which is full on and over the top but open and well I have to say British humour, like the I hate London bit...obvious he didn't mean it...just sarcasm....wit...banter...we constantly take the michael out of ourselves....Gerard is back home and he will ease into that again...so talking about a convention held for oneself probably would be not embarassing but big headed maybe and he will have reacted like that for the medium he was in...radio and a really popular radio show in the Uk.... I'm sure he thinks the world of you ladies and the wonderful work you do and when back in the USA he knows that's what you will do to honour him, he's probably really embarassed, doesn't know why he would get that level of adoration and humble but so appreciative of you...Guess what I'm trying to say it's just like so many things with the USA and UK we are so alike and yet so different...you throw him a convention we make him a three milk cake ...with cream... It is good to have him back home though, his accent, his Britishness again.....we don't see much of that now and he is finally getting some recognition over here and that's brill but he would never get a convention...premiere's yes we Brits go and love those but would think the former a bit over the top.....so forgive him.....no offense meant by him I'm sure..... and again GB was AWESOME....
  12. Well ...Maybe they thought he's in a Flash car...was he....can't imagine he wouldn't be He's wearing a baseball/farmers cap...he's probably a pimp..ha ha... or most likely We need one more for the night/day......we'll show him ...ha ha and boy I wish I had that car....flash @@@ ....... then when the Butler used his charm which no female and most men can't resist they thought of an excuse to let him off... ENTRAPMENT....they were going too fast so they gave him... a warning....TOO RIGHT.... Over here I think you are allowed to go a percentage over your speed to allow for mistakes but after that the police will stop you ... but whatever a FUNNY STORY....and what law abiding citizen has never got a speeding ticket I ask you...? WELCOME HOME GERARD.. A telling off by the coppers and ROAD WORKS.....
  13. Jeremy Northern...is that spelt correctly would be a perfect Henry Higgins IMO... lol I want to see GB in Capone Rising I'm really sad that seems to have been shelved....
  14. Dressing dogs or not....each to their own I say but really I speak from experience with Pugs GB will know Lolita, he'll probably wait to see if she's giving him the 'hint' to put her coat on, she'll have a certain look, body language....hey Dad, put my coat on or...no way man, it's too hot.....and he'll love her for it...told you pages ago Pugs are unique and I bet GB asks her what she wants.... she will truly be his girl and Yes got to love a hunk of male like Gerard who has the b@@ls to be himself and have a small, female dog....GO GB.....makes him pretty perfect in my eyes.....and if I ever come back in another life I baggies being GB'S pug.....I'll master that look and tongue in the mouth kiss to perfection.....
  15. No worries putting coats on Pugs, I've got two of them and believe me they JUST LOVE IT....it's a precursor to going out and Pugs are clever dogs...if you want a dog who will be as close to a human as possible, character and attitude then a Pug is IT.....and I guess that's what GB loves in her....she'll be all over him when he's there, possessive of him, control him completely and not fret if he's away to long.....GB will be the one feeling guilty, missing her because Pugs are somethingelse. Oh and I love that submisive Pug look as if...you wait until I get you on the bed I'll slobber all over you and as big as you are resistance is futile... Great piccie.......I'm just imagining a low walking pug with grenades bouncing up and down.....hmm ...INTERESTING
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