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  1. A HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, GERRY!!! :Yippie: Have a wonderful day! Dawn
  2. She's also very upset that others have reposted it to YouTube, etc, without her permission. I don't know a thing about internet ettiquette concerning such things, but just wanted to pass along her feelings on the matter, as she is not a member of any fansites as far as I know. katie I too saw that the girl who posted the video was very upset that others were reposting it. Maybe she was most upset at the nasty PMs she received. She was kind enough to send it to me, but asked that I please not share it and I didn't. Dawn
  3. Oh Celine, reading your story put the biggest smile on my face! :: And a bit of jealousy in my heart! Congradulations you lucky lady! Thanks for sharing! Dawn
  4. Lord have mercy! :funnyabove: I finally took a good pic for a change. Dawn
  5. You gotta love that Rebecca! Thanks for the review, becozy! Dawn
  6. What an &%$# that guy is! He doesn't have a clue. Well, :barebum: to him! Dawn
  7. That's so cool that you found that review, Barb! Makes me want to go watch it again! Dawn
  8. WHOA! Be careful in posting those links without a warning, Dawn! *glad she wasn't at work* *goes back to put in warning* (you KNOW I love you Dawn...you know it!! :hug99: ) Thought this is a very flattering picture of Bianca, no argument there! Whoops! Sorry! :: Dawn
  9. Nope, neither girl is Bianca. Here she is. http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y7/dawnhc4/Bianca.jpg *warning: link not safe for work* Dawn
  10. Another great post from you, Swan. And Jill, what can I say. Hats off to you, too. Girls, I am one of those ladies who is terrified of doing something like this. I just don't think I have the guts. I'd love to come with my husband, but I don't know how that would work out. I don't know how many other men will be there, and I don't know if he'd feel left out if there were only GALS things going on. I'm torn. I'm one of those ladies you spoke of, Swan. I've been tucked away here in Virginia all my life and have rarely traveled. I'm glad there are others out there like me. Scared to take on ne
  11. Oh lordy! I'm dying here! March can't come soon enough. Can the trailer be downloaded to our computers? Dawn
  12. Ooooh yes, he's the sexiest Dracula ever! :tasty: He could bite me anywhere.... anytime! :Yee-Haw: :mopboydracula: HELL YES! Dawn
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