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  1. Theresa, it's just a huge spoiler to the movie, I don't think anyone is going to answer your question publicly on the board here. And don't worry, you can't possibly miss the joke. It's front and center in the movie, put out there by Gerry himself! Very appropriate, and I promise you, your mouth will be left hanging open by the end! Really enjoying reading everyone's comments here today. Haven't been having a very good day today. But reading here at GALS really helps take one's mind off of one's troubles. Patti
  2. Meh. Gerry turned the air blue? Wow, he was just warming up. We all know how he can get when he's on a roll..... LOL! Which is one reason we love the guy, right? Patti
  3. Your opinion is duly noted, Micky. I am also an ex-Navy wife. My husband retired after 22 years of active service. He is also a war veteran. I am glad I only got him during his last 7 years, those 3 that he was on board ship were tough ones. I really don't know much about the mercenary thing. Which is why I ordered this documentary (for Gerry's voice as well, I'm not going to lie...) The director has stated that he tried to make a non-slanted documentary about these men and why they are there. It should be coming today, I believe. I will comment again after I've seen it. And I agree, war IS
  4. OK, Gerry, now it's MY turn to talk about MY mum. She's 83, and has said many times in recent years that the "agree to disagree" notion regarding politics, or people on opposing sides politically, has actually become somewhat of a rarity these days. People of varying political ideologies used to debate and brainstorm, and listen to each other. Not so anymore, really. It seems that they're talking more AT each other instead of WITH each other. Just an observation, since it's been brought up a few times in this thread. It's unfortunate, really. Not sure why it's happening, though. Oh, and Plane
  5. Simone, I can quite understand your reluctance given the fact that this hits close to home for you. Can I assume that since it was a schoolmate, and she was 11, that you were quite young as well? That would be particularly hard to bear, I think. I lost my father 18 years ago to a brain tumor. He was diagnosed a month or two after he retired. God granted my prayer and I was with him when he passed. I believe Gerry's father died of a brain tumor as well. So you will be in good company, Simone. Hugs to you. On a slightly lighter note, I have read the first two chapters of this book, and I think
  6. Okay, heISmyGspot, what's the "B" in OMFB??? (I'm clueless here, sorry... ) Secondly, I love your term for what we're probably all feeling right now! I've got "Gerry Bumps" too!!! I am from a military family, and I know for a fact that the guys are going to want to see this documentary. Hence, I have already ordered it! And, it's SO GOOD to hear Gerry's natural accent again! Yippee!!! :headspin: Yes, Susan, I think we're all on board with that last statement.... :inlove: :licky: He sounds the most "Scottish" he's sounded in a long time....I was so distressed when I heard him p
  7. Laura, as one who has met Gerry, may I say, that meeting him is a wonderful experience. That is one thing that is so amazing about him. He doesn't let you down. He exceeds all expectations. I think feeling down afterward is just coming down off the "high". But, I will have to admit, that it's also missing him. You just want to take him home with you. And sharing that experience with other women is also part of the letdown. You want to be around them to talk with them and hug them. But the trip is over and everyone has to go home. Bummer. Does that make any sense? I'm not sure how effectively I
  8. Oh, dear Holly, where do I begin? I haven't read the transcript yet, but I sat here with tears in my eyes (most unexpectedly) while reading your post, and just had to reply immediately. I was fortunate enough to have met Gerry outside his hotel in Toronto at the film festival last September. After returning home, my emotions ran the gamut from disbelief and elation to depression and heartache. It's amazing the effect he has had on many of us. Reading your post just took me right back to that period after returning home from Toronto. Thanks for that, I'd almost forgotten....also, I hadn't real
  9. Stalow, you have to experience it to realize that this is a common occurrence with those who find themselves face-to-face with G. It makes you so mad that you can't remember SQUAT about what happened. Those of us in Toronto had to kind of hook up and exchange stories, so we could get the "bigger picture", filling in each others' gaps. I'm sure that will happen here as well. Listening to statements made during the video that was taken in Toronto was a shock, as I'd forgotten making most of them! Robyne, I didn't know you got to meet him! I'm so excited for all of you! Why did he call himself
  10. SUSAN!!! Love the pics!!! The "3 Divas" pics are really cute!! And the desserts looked wonderful....who did those? My diet....my diet.... (what diet? ......my kingdom for one of those desserts....fruit and cream were MADE to go together!) It looks like everything was lovely....so glad you all had a wonderful time! Patti
  11. Bethy, What a beautiful, eloquent post. Gerry does inspire feelings in us that we never dared hope were possible. Many of his fans have life-changing stories to tell, myself included. I could tell by looking at the photographs of the two of you that something very deep was happening. The intent look in his eyes, and the "nose-smashing hug", where he's got his face almost buried in your neck. I knew he was whispering something to you. That man never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience with the rest of us. He is a very unique and special man. (No wonder we're a
  12. How fantastic! The chat girls over at GB.Net were up until the sun came up this morning, talking excitedly about the news! Isn't it great to know that we've not been wasting our time with G? He's an unusual man, that's a "dead cert"! We're all so happy for the attendees at the GALS Con!!!! Way to go, Gerry! You've done it again! Who said "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"???? Thanks to all of you who thought enough of us back here to report in (with photos, no less!). We sure do appreciate it! Oh, and I'm still chuckling about the "rat on a cheeto" comment... Patti
  13. bestillmyhearrt


    WHAT A GUY!!!! Gerry, I KNEW there was a reason why WE LOVE YOU!!! You are a remarkable, uncommon man! Patti
  14. bestillmyhearrt


    WOOT WOOT!!!! Sounds like they are having a "REAL GOOD TIME" (remember that silly song?), doesn't it? They are probably sooo busy, they don't have time to post.... Have a great time at Beowulf & Grendel, ladies!!! :beowulf: :mopboybeowulf: certainly is HUNKY & HANDSOME!!! And the movie is good, too! OOPS....how'd that one get in there??? :wideeyes: Well, be sure to keep us up to date, ladies, okay? Oh, and don't do anything I wouldn't do..... :: Patti
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