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    I love to sing, dance, write, compose music, transcompose music, write lyrics, play guitar, play piano, play flute, act, stand up comedy, and so on. <br /><br />I am very easy going. Im easy to get to know. We will have TONS of fun i know it!!!

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  1. Happy birthday xx

  2. ive had a really bad one if you were a booger i would pick u first and winked and walked away *Shivers*
  3. These pics are hott and hotter as i look around. That interveiw was just hilariously funny. Our Gerry knows how to light up or faces doesnt he? I can't catch my breath. Dracula is a hott look for him. FANGS! AND THE HAIR!! Makes you weak in the knees. doesnt it?
  4. The jacket works, the jeans are classica dn the tennis shoes, are hott hott hott hott, thank the lord he can dress HIMSELF in the morning, he knows what to wear and when to wear it, makes me kinda jelous, cuz i am bad at that sorta thing.
  5. Tonya, you willl be seriously missed YOU ROCKED THE WORLD AND SHOOK IT DOWN. You are awesome, Keep your eyes on your dreams and let your heart do the talking, let your spirit run free, and always let the sun guide you and your happyness and sadness, let the world lead and guide you, live life and life was supposed to be lived, dream big and never let go, peace, love and laughter are the three main ingrediants to a long awesomeness life, rock on girlfriend and keep up what you do cuz your KOOL!! WITH A K NOT A C!! Love lots and big hugs and snogs of luck, Libbs
  6. AHHH HES SOO HEXY :strawberry: dunno why thats here, but i awill use it anyways lol
  7. Hey just felt like posting lol, still cant sleep, worried about tomorrow, because i will be seeing tiff again shes been in the hospital and im worried im going to cry when i see her but oh well. Just felt like a post GERRYS LOOKIN GOOD IN HIS NEW PICS FROM TIFF. lol
  8. Because later on the boat ride they found out Katheryn was pregnant. Eriks first baby, he was excited. He never knew how great it felt to be loved and to love. He was proud his family was flurishing. They docked near the castle and had a few minutes drive up to it. And he just stared at the beautiful land, he thought to himself. *how could i have missed all of this underground* and he soaked up all he could and he broke a smile onto his face.
  9. Well, now that Erik knew that Raoul was gay he turned him down right of the way. He turned to Christine and back to Kathryne, could he ever choose. He had to thoe, so now he took a deep breath in and said the words that just came from his heart. "I choose Kathryne, Sorry christine but you gave up on me so i give up on you. Take your gay lover and leave me!" He took Katheryn up in his arms and hugged her and took in every last scent of her. He new he had made the descion that will make him tha happiest. She loved him from her heart. Not from a hypnotized heart and he knew it well..
  10. haha okay Dawn, i trust you will get the right info we need
  11. Remember your official MacTartsin family measuring tape.
  12. *sniff* OMG DAWN YOUR SOO LUCKY! Let your hand wander just for me okay!!
  13. Libbey08

    Pudge VS Stud

    HAHA ILOVE YOUR SIGGY TOO! But i like his squishy bellyness he gets going on, but both is great for me!
  14. haha beanie, i love that one, its verry nice indeed i dont think i ever really LIKED seeing people get dressed soo much. He nows how to put on a shirt eh?
  15. Erik looked sad, "yes i did only because i thought she could help me make the music, but she sucked so i let her go with the sissy raoul" The PI smiled at him, "How sweet in a weird sort of way, So this PUSSY here took your first love eh?" Erik nodded. "Well, then, he cant be helped, Im sorry sir, I cant help you, Try a different PI and get out of my office NOW!" She spat in Raouls face Raoul ran out of the room crying. Erik kissed the PI long, finially he asked, "Whats your name miss i seemed to have missed it." "Katheryn, my name is Katheryn." She lay down on the floor and Erik joined her. They both lay there, her head on his chest and his eyes looking at her all he could to soak up her love.
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