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  1. One of the first projects Nathan Allen Pinard was involved in was a inspirational worship album that was a family project. The result was lots of experience working with musicians, writing parts, sequencing, performance, and working with as well as learning from top grade studio engineer, Steve Sundholm. As a result, there are a number of contacts that Nathan has recieved, and projects he has been a part of specifically because of this project. “A Cup For You” was a CD that was self-released long ago, and rarely has been seen in any kind of store. However, due to the convenience of the internet today, we’ve decided to re-release A Cup For You for only $6.99 on Amazon.com for digital download! Excerpt from CD inlay: “A collection of original inspirational/worship songs featuring Nathan Allen Pinard’s unique orchestral arrangements using both synthesized and acoustic instrumentation. This album of worship is the personal expression of Bonnie Anne’s faith and love in her Savior the Lord Jesus Christ.” To the GALS: This is kind of what started it all. This was our first family project in which we wanted to produce something a little different than what the Christian community was used to hearing. However, it was a bit too early for that. This CD contains a lot of unique arrangments, which are not entirely similar to what you hear from me today. This CD is probably responsible for a lot of artists I've worked with thanks to the contact of the lead engineer, Steve Sundholm. I've decided to release this on Amazon.com, because the CD was never fully released in the first place. If you end up buying this album, PLEASE submit a review to Amazon.com! Purchase “A Cup For You” at Amazon.com for only $6.99!
  2. Dear Gals: Some of you don't go for the digial download thing, but I thought I'd post this here anyway. I'm sorry, but I will be duplicating or mailing any CD's for this album. ------ Available Now On AmazonMP3.com! Best Of Nathan Allen Pinard - 2008 For only $7.99, you can get the latest tracks composed by Nathan Allen Pinard for digital download*! This album includes tracks from various shorts from filmmakers such as Oxhorn Brand Movies, Bakasavants Productions, Firebolt Productions, and other filmmakers. Album also includes concept tracks from the video game in progress by Burning Man Studios; Conquest Of Heroes. Also, there are selections from various "orphaned" projects, and the Chanson de l'Ange soundtrack in progress. This album contains a whopping 15 tracks, totaling over 80 minutes in original music! Track List: Acolyte 1.5 - Isolated Score [13:26] Inventing Swear Words 3 - Isolated Score [11:11] The Dessith [6:04] Finding Lost - Isolated Score [6:23] Waltz with Death [7:15] Firelight Through Diamonds [5:24] This Is Our Story [3:05] Journey Of Man [3:22] The Ugly Goblin's Christmas [5:54] Wasteland [4:04] Hong Kong [2:55] Hat vs. Barnaby [6:30] Downside [5:02] Inventing Swear Words: Theme [0:43] Chronicle Of The Annoying Quest: Theme [1:30] CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW! Note: More sites to purchase from will come! BONAP2008 has been submitted to iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, GroupieTunes, Lala, Shockhound, and Amie Street! If you purchase this album via AmazonMP3.com, please don't hesitate to come back and write a review on Amazon.com! *Music is available for digital download only. No hard copies will be printed for order.
  3. This is a podcast that will be a bi-weekly format, where I talk about news and updates of the online gaming project I'm working on (long term I might add) However, it's not your normal podcast. We've also included drama segments with pieces of the story of Conquest of Heroes at the end of each podcast. The first episode shows the invasion of New York City by the organization known as "The Order", more episodes will reveal parts of the story as it happens. These drama segments feature myself and Swan narrating, as well as music and careful sound design. Everything is in an audio book format. You can go listen to it here!: http://www.conquestofheroesfans.com/index.php?categoryid=16 Check out the rest of the site while your at it! And enjoy!
  4. http://www.wegame.com/watch/Associate_Prof..._Ninja_Looters/ The long awaited sequel to one of the most popular Oxhorn Brand Movie franchises has been released! This movie was a proud work of mine in film scoring and another first! This time I was asked to do an 80's style pop/rock montage. When finished, it was missing it's punch, so I decided to try a shot at creating some 80's background vocals. Although I'm not a pro at singing, I thought I did quite well. This movie is definetly a mile marker in the APE series. Hope you enjoy it! Description: Associate Professor Evil is up for tenure! Finally, after all his many years as instructor at the Evil Alchemist University, he can establish himself. But will he get his tenure? Or will some unpredictable event cause him to seek after some powerful item that might have the chance of being stolen by ninja looters maybe perhaps?
  5. This is by far one of the coolest machinima projects I've been a part of. Not to knock anyone I've worked with before, but I rarely get the chance to put out some heavy dramatic battle music and heroic themes. Fairly fun, but hard project to do. Also, you will notice a role I had in this film. Not something I usually do, but I wanted to take a shot at it, as Johan needed a voice actor. (GALS: You might hear a familiar movie-like tone of voice ) You can view the film at Myndflame.com here: Acolyte 1.5 Movie Note: This link will be slow for a few days due to traffic. Feel free to comment on Myndflame about what you thought. I'm sure Johan would appreciate it. For those of you that don't really watch machinima, or don't have an interest, I urge you to watch this.
  6. Hello GALS, A recent article has been posted with an interview with myself and Romeo Knight (Eike Steffen) We are part of a long term online gaming project. You can view the article below by clicking on the links. More on this game as it develops. http://www.gamertell.com/gaming/comment/bu...eautiful-music/ http://www.gamertell.com/gaming/comment/bu...inard-and-eike/
  7. The ever popular World of Warcraft series has released another installment. We definitely raised the bar with music on this one. Watch it: http://www.wegame.com/watch/Inventing_Swear_Words_4/ Digg it: http://digg.com/pc_games/A_World_of_Warcraft_Musical Enjoy!
  8. I'm added a new feature to my site that I have named "NAP Radio" however it's not really a radio station, but an embedded mp3 player with every piece of work I've done back to 1999. You can reach it by going to http://www.nathanallenpinard.com and click on the "NAP Radio" image on the right of the website. After you reach it, you can bookmark it for easy access. Enjoy!
  9. Wrapping up the new year with a new site design for Nathan Allen Pinard! Features include: * Fast loading, easy to use interface. * Music and Videos with comment and rating system. * Online store * Frequent news updates. Visit the site at www.nathanallenpinard.com and browse around! To the GALS: Just an FYI, the store isn't really that great. Been working on a way to have a "pay and download via paypal" so some of you don't need to wait for shipping. In the future hopefully I will. Until then enjoy what I have on there. This is the same system I plan to revamp the Chanson Forums with.
  10. I've recently scored an Xmas movie for a contest on WarcraftMovies. For some of you people (I know your out there) that play World Of Warcraft, you may enjoy this. Others can watch for the sake of listening. You can find the contest here: http://www.warcraftmovies.com/contest.php The entry I scored is "The Ugly Goblins Christmas" you may vote for the best one if you wish, simply by registering. ------- Another movie I scored recently that just was uploaded by Oxhorn Brand Movies: http://www.oxhornbrand.com/ Merry Christmas!
  11. The christmas CD will be on hold for a while due to Chanson, Ruthless Earth, and other projects I have. Also, to market a christmas CD will have to create it before the summer, so it'll be a while.
  12. I've just spend the wee hours creating an online store for the music I currently have available. You can go to it here: http://www.pinardproductions.com/catalog/ Please email me at nathan@nathanallenpinard.com if you see any problems with the store. Thanks!
  13. I'm happy to announce that I've finished episode #1 of my very own podcast, Musitech! In this episode I talk about why I even pondered the idea of a podcast, as well as go through what could be covered in the future. Then I cover all my gear and what it is used for, my current projects, answer some questions posted in this forum, and a showcase of my own music. Hope you enjoy! Any comments, suggestions, concerns, etc can be posted in this sub-forum. Nathan Allen Pinard Listen to Episode #1 Here! TO THE GALS: Some of this could be over your head, but I plan to explain more in the future to those that aren't deep in the business. Hopefully you find some of it informative.
  14. This album has been made available for free listening here: http://www.brickmanmedia.com/klinkenberg/legacy/
  15. Regarding Playback: You need the divx plugin from divx.com. However, for those that can wait (and don't mind crap quality) he is working on the YouTube link. Which will..probably kill the quality of my score. Or you could use the myspace one as well: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...ideoID=17831507
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