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  1. Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou! :: This helped to fill in some of the gaps I tried to understand what's said. ::
  2. This is an interesting movie choice for Gerry: - Gerry's character is going to die in the movie (probably no surprises here, as this has now become very traditional for most of his roles) - Gerry's character is not going to get any girls (as he's playing a priest), so no romantic scenes, no kisses or snogs (this is probably very unusual for characters he has played so far) - Gerry's character is going to have long flowing hair (although white in colour), if the movie-making people are going to stick to the graphic novel, like in 300. I'll be avidly looking forward to any new developme
  3. Hi Swan, I have never met you, or just to be very honest, do not know you. I have been reading your accounts of the LV convention over the past week, and I just want to let you know - I'm so moved and touched by your accounts of the event. Among other gifts that you have, the eloquently use of words and vivid expression of your own feelings have me fully hooked. Congratulations on your win again, and I'm so happy for you. Now you have this precious memory and experience that will stay with you forever. I'm feeling a little bit envious now.... ::
  4. Thanks Stef for the screencaps. I couldn't believe how efficient you are, with such a quick turnaround with the photos. Stef, perhaps you are right. Now that I've watched your screencaps, it does seem that The Man was not that negative about the whole thing, as he had a smile on most of the time. Love how he was showing one of his trademark expressions by showing his teeth. ::
  5. I think he's clearly not pleased being videoed. However, the little gesture that I noticed was that he was still trying to be nice and polite about it - a couple of times when the photographer asked how he was going, and he did respond each time that he's good, instead of totally ignoring the photographer. Also I think the photographer's continued harassment was really trying to get a reaction, especially if it's a bad one, eg. cursing, rude manner, then that's what this whole exercise was about, because it can then become another celebrity/movie star behaving badly in public headline. Som
  6. Gosh!! Look at the growth rate of his hair. Less than a week after the convention, and his hair has grown so much longer - all curly, and all over the place. It's gorgeous though, as I think he looks so much dashing and smashing in longer hair. The tan, the white shirt, the chest hair - it's all too much.
  7. Hi Swan, Finally I managed to get to hear the recording of your song, AND watched the video footage of you and Gerry. What a haunting, beautiful performance from you, and your son. And winning the award. And receiving the award from The Man himself. I'm so happy for you. Congratulations. ::
  8. Hi Deborahau, Is this campaign still current? as the one of the emails you quoted (Indiah) was back in April. I heard from somewhere that GB now gets so many fan mails that a professional mail company had to be employed to handle his fan mails. I'm sure GB loves mails from his fans, however, (don't want to sound too negative here) do you think massive mail campaign like this will translate well into positive thought and energy for him ? Perhaps a more direct support, such as buying his POTO CD for one's use and as presents and gifts to others, may be a better alternative? In this way, we
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