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  1. Hi Leonard!

    I'm glad to meet you!

    Hope you talk with you bunches!

    Take care!


  2. Hey you,

    Just dropping by your profile to say hello and that I love you.


  3. Okay......you sold me! Everybody at Bonnie Anne's house for Christmas!!!! :santa: I'll bring the if someone else can bring....... :hmm2: lookee there! All puckered up and ready to go! *shivers* Sounds beautiful, Swansong! And I love your idea for a Christmas CD..... I need to get Nathan's CD right now? I'll PM you to find out how, okay??? Love, Lori
  4. great butler


    Sorry I didn't make it here, my Dear One, to post before you left..... My mind was not here. My soul and heart were otherwise engaged..... in crying for you leaving. It seems that is all I have been doing lately....."preparing" myself for your departure. I know we will still be in touch, but is will be different, aye? Since December, you have burrowed your way to the deepest part of my heart. There you remain and always will, my dear friend. You are my angel, my hero. Give your mom the biggest hug and kiss from me please! In thanks for her gift to you of compassion and understanding....and love. Take care of yourself, and remember you ALWAYS have a friend (MANY obviously! haha) right here. Have fun! Go down to Loch Tay.....sit on the rocks and think of me. I'll be there with you next year, aye? Your friend always..... With love, Lori
  5. Hopelessly out of touch.....this is a Satellite quick-snap-photo-shot orbital pass...... So sorry to be AWOL lately.....believe me when I say I've missed all of you. I really can't keep up with the crew over here! Y'all are some high-energy GALS let me say! I've been posting here and there.....but please bear with me.... :bike: I'll be back! ...... :hugsnkisses: .......... ...... :hug99: ....... Keep on droolin'....... :tasty: ! Love, Lori Hey Swannie! I see you down there!!! MWAH!
  6. Good luck Celine! I'll say a little prayer for you..... :angel2: So glad to hear your back is better.....that can be so unpredictable... and HURT!!!! :whip: Quick and :hug99: to all! sorry I am MIA lately.... Can't be helped. Just remember, I love you GALS....and your posts boost me up! I DO care about your troubles....and pray for y'all. I just think I need to take a break from posting for a while. I'll continue to check in....and I miss y'all already..... for all the support..... Love from my heart..... Lori in atl
  7. No one 'gets' us..... I am on my daughter's laptop in a hotel in .... where am I? oh, Durham NC. Her boyfriend, the beautiful Jason (an Officer AND a Gentleman) is playing in a tennis tournament here. He attends the US Naval Academy in Maryland, and this is the furthest south he will play....so , here we are... I have driven 8-1/2 hours today.....but it's worth it to see their faces light up. They haven't seen each other (except on SKYPE) since mid-August. (y'all know how long that is in "TEEN" years???) I love hearing y'all's stories. Amber, congrats on your part in the musical. I never had the nerve to be on stage, but worked backstage...still a blast! *especially those costume changes..... Mousie and Mel, wha sup? hehehe Always love your comments, and the way you can respond to everyone... I'm afraid I will leave way too many out;.....I can't type on this freakishly flat keyboard..... and NO MOUSE! :whip: Sorry about the short post.....would love to comment to everyone....but this is driving me crazy! Take care....I'll check back in when I can.....I'll be back home late Sunday night..... Love all-a-y'all!! Lori in atl
  8. Am I stupid? But what is "tea-bagging"? Whoa! At least she could have warned you....given you a choice whether or not you wanted to be involved... Sorry, Cassie. Sounds like you were caught in an episode of "Cheaters"......I HATE THAT SHOW. Prayers for the needful.....(I'm one of them).....and cheers for the sadful ......(me, too)..... and chuckles for the funnies......(thank ye kindly lassies) Lori in atl
  9. Hello GALS Galore!!! Here I am.....wondering what MY contribution could be to this foundation.... I was a late-comer to the First Tower....so I don't know how y'all started that one off..... (with a BANG! I'm sure!) I just offer my ear.....to listen. My heart......to care. My voice......to encourage, support and maybe get a chuckle once in a while! I appreciate all of you out here. You have been a tremendous support to me, just being here to read about your days......your trials......your triumphs.......your funnies! Let's take this to the top again, GALS! Love all-a-y'all! Lori in atl
  10. Witty GALS! "King Me!" "Lay a Bed ....upon which we can ERECT a new wing" "Gerry STREAKS across to cut the ribbon" Right BEHIND ya, GERRY! What a view! "Strong Steel to hold up the floors...." :licky: But the "piece de resistance"....the crown in our jewel of artistic and creative lusty thoughts: "GERRY NAKED!" Sheer poetry, Bella! Stunning in its simplicity and strength of emotion.....*wipes tear from suddenly misty eyes* I'm so proud of these GALS.....*sniff* Bella, you're BEAUTIFUL......just like your name! Forget that doctor....get a new one.... Nade, thanks for your search for Carnac Camel Curses...... I'll do a bit of searching too! (glad you liked the sign....do we have that kind of stamina, I wonder?) Mel, how many of us can fit on your web? I'd like a wee nip of Gerry, if you catch him.... :eat: Hobbes3, you're getting the hang of this place real quick-like! :worship: You're a natural..... One and all, and :hug99: and Support Center, Tower II !!! Love all-a-y'all! Lori in atl
  11. Kristine, that reminds me.....we all know about any Gerry-associations with Camel-related words.... So in Glasgow, on an aimless, wandering road-trip, a few of us Tarts saw this sign: Picture a diamond-shaped caution sign, bright YELLOW *cough* HUMPS FOR 2 MILES I almost LOST it! We tried to find a way to bring back a load of Tarts to have a picture made under it, to send to Gerry.... But I couldn't imagine the look on the cab drivers' faces, if we organized 10 or so cabs to drive us to this residential street, for us to unload and pose beneath this sign.....giggling and snorting and no telling what all contortions..... But I promise, I remember where it is....and Gerry.....I'm taking a picture for you, babe.... :crack1: You just don't know what you're missing -- you should hang out with us sometimes.... we are SO FUN! This is a drive by.....but I miss y'all. and and and and :wub: to all! Love, Lori in atl P.S. Holly! the line that got ME was "WET the DWEAM descend....." hmmmmmmm..... :tasty: Did you weewwy just say Wet Dweam....?
  12. Sure and I'll be going to see THE DEPARTED..... It actually sounds good! Loaded with talent....and of course, the APPETIZER is to die for!!! What will people think, when the theater erupts with cheers over the PREVIEWS OF COMING ATTRACTIONS? (ooh, I just said 'coming attractions' in reference to Gerry.....and I meant to do that!) Bye y'all! Lori in atl
  13. I'm not touchin' this thread til the sweat dries up...... *shudder* That Gabriel is poppin' up making trouble again? I'll saunter over there and check him it out...... Love all-a-y'all! Hobbes3, PM me if you need to talk some "serious stuff", okay, doll? I understand,I think.... Lori in atl
  14. An ICON? Great Idea!!! But please forward this to the Band-Aid Corporation.....I have the feeling these purty face designs would sell GREAT! At least all the OB/GYN offices should use them, after they draw blood and stuff. OH, and the RED CROSS would make a killing with all the GALS lined up to donate blood, so they can get their GLC bandage! Boo-boos never sounded so good...... Thanks for the GLC Bella! Why don't you stick a few of those over your heart and head.....try to block out all the negativity and achiness.....and you could send your sister one, too. Sounds like she might need one for her attitude..... GLC for those moments when...... ....... :cry: ..... ...... ..... ...... :sneeze: ...... :bimplealert: ..... ..... :boink: ..... :bottom: ..... :chairhit: .... :poke: ..... :push: ..... ..... :colfish: .... Don't worry, Gerry, YOU'LL make me feel all better...... Love, Lori in atl
  15. Mare! Where are you, chick? Give me a call, and we can commisserate/cry/wail together.....then you know we'll end up laughing about something.... here's a huge HUG for you dearie! * you too, Aimee and Bella * Hang in there.....look over your shoulder....see the chubby, frizzy haired GAL hangin' right there with ya? That would be me.....I'm afraid I'm hanging just by my fingernails right now....but thank goodness for those vitamins.....they're holding up better than I'd hoped..... Risa, what time is dinner at your house? I'll help you "warm up" those leftovers....... Leslie, the sun hasn't set yet, so L'Shana Tova! *I'm not Jewish, but hey, a new year's party is a new year's party, right? I'm in there!* TOVA, TOVA, TOVA! Isn't that the official chant? (or is that TOGA TOGA TOGA?) Well, close enough, eh? Irene, SNORT, yeah, right, I look SO young.....(although that IS my maiden name...) Lady E, my night out sounds familiar to you? GALS....we need a new support group.... to show us older GALS how to have a BLAST on the town! Maybe a list of places to go, people to do... did I just say that??? Here, take a look at my new Bethy the Magnificent Creation.... Okay, Sure, anybody looks better next to HIM! Thanks Bethy Darling! and a big amen to your earlier post! Only the best will do..... Celine/Snap.....I just requested an ADD to your friends' list on MySpace....what do you mean? WHAT could be TOO MUCH on your page??? :erikrose: :reddeathsword: :mopboyjackie: :mopboyterry: etc.... Mel, LOVE your niblings.....I'll have to get a pic with all my niblings and great-niblings on here too! They are so cute! Glad you're feeling better. * I know what you mean about missing services.... * Love to all! And God Bless Us, Every One! Lori in atl
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