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  1. Fran, There are no words to express how very sorry I am to hear of the loss of your son. As a mother myself my heart breaks for you. All I can do is send you my love, thoughts and prayers. May God grant you the strength and courage to get through this. Sincerely, Debbie
  2. Happy Happy Birthday, Gerry! May the coming year bring you nothing but the very best in all things! And thanks for being so appreciative of your fans. You are truly one of a kind! XOXO Cheers! Debbie
  3. Well thanks Pat! I'm two years late but what the heck? Better late than never...lol...

  4. I've been following Gray's tweets and I love his bird's eye views into the business of filmmaking. I especially loved the one about Brian Tyler and the creation of the musical score for LAC. I'm really looking forward to both LAC and Gamer. Both look to be very exciting...
  5. What I've always liked about about Gerry is his versatility...And yet he seems to stay true to who he is...A lister?...Um...You betcha!!!

  7. :cheer: :cheer: I agree totally. I thought that alot of the show was a bit creepy and in really poor taste. And it's not because I'm well past 25. My kids don't care for MTV either. But I'm glad Gerry won the award! And I did like the United 300 spoof. DEB
  8. Well done! Can't wait to see the finished painting. Thanks so much for sharing! DEB
  9. That drawing is stunning Foxxy! The expression and clarity and detail. You really captured the emotion of that scene. WOW!!! DEB
  10. OOOH, that RED kilt is yummy. Good job Susan. "SPARTANS IN TARTANS" I like it! DEB
  11. Yep, I agree. Jazzy Designs seems the best choice. DEBBIE Good luck with this!
  12. This is wonderful news. Congrats to all involved! We just seem to have so many talented people here at GALS. Y'all put me to shame. LOL! I better start making a list of books to read from all the published authors here! Congrats again! DEBBIE
  13. Congrats, Gerry! This is one award that you painstakingly earned. And it is well-deserved! DEBBIE
  14. Fluffer, eh? Certainly gives new meaning to "kneeling" before the King! DEB :funnyabove: :funnyabove: :funnyabove:
  15. :funnyabove: :funnyabove: :funnyabove: Yeah, in your dreams! (And mine) But it sure would be nice..... DEB
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