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    I'm a stay at home mommy of two lovely children. I found Gerry originally in Reign of Fire, and thought who was that??? Then when I saw Phantom, I went a looking and figured it all out. Now I'm hooked.<br />I love theater, music, art, singing (I was in a band for 12 years of my life), my family, swimming and movies.<br />I have made some wonderful friends through my Gerry experience, and I'm very blessed because of them (you know who you are)!!<br />Looking forward to a new journey on GALS!

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  1. Just wanted to wish everyone a great weekend! Cheers!!! Maple
  2. Hi Everyone, After my chat with Chesh this morning, I realized how long it had been since I've logged on here. I found you!!! Much like I told Jude the other day, my life is soooooooooo not my own. But, that's okay, I'm where I'm supposed to be at the moment. Happy Valentine's (hearts, pink and red, smootchie-pie, lovey-dovey) Day to you ALL! I hope it's great for everyone! I like it over here, forgot how lovely and colorful this place is...oh, and seriously hot hot hot! Cheers!!! Maple
  3. Thank you ever so much, I love my trading card! You're awesome!!!!! Now, I need a siggy and I'll be all set up...I won't bug you for a while though...I just wish I had a thimble of your talent! Thanks so much...cheers!!! Maple
  4. Just wanted to welcome you all back from the best convention EVER, congratulations on it's success and wow just the memories alone, I'm so happy for you all. I'm so happy to become a part of GALS, and thanks to those of you who have made me feel so welcome over the past couple of days! Sporran, I hope you are feeling better, I sent you a PM, but I imagine you'll be a LOT busy...so, when you can (no pressure) get in touch so we can "catch" up! I look forward to meeting those of you I haven't met yet, and I look forward to future events! Cheers! Maple (okay, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one...I
  5. Aside from wiping my own tears right now...the only word to describe what I just read...AWESOME! Thanks for sharing, it's amazing what a profound impact this man has made on so many special women! Cheers! Maple
  6. Unbelievable...this is what I get for falling asleep early last night...but what a great thing to wake upto this morning. Thanks to Gypsygirl for the email...alerting me to log on earlier than I had planned to today!!! Kisses!!! I'm so excited for all the GALS that were in LV, and thanks so much for sharing with all of us! Sporran, cannot wait to hear from you when you get back! What a man, to show up and give the fans his time, I have even more respect for him for this! Oh that scruffy look, and the puppy thing just sealed the deal! Now, if ONLY I had planned the LV trip instead of sta
  7. Thanks ever so much!!! Have a lovely weekend - Cheers! Maple
  8. Good Evening, I would like to be... "In Vino Veritas GAL" Many thanks, Maple
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