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  1. Two word's Vin Diezal. This is an actor that when you see him you think of muscle and macho movies. Yet he was willing to broaden his scope of acting in "The Pacifier" playing opposite a bunch of kid's and make it believable and funny. I agree with alot of you that Gerry is going to find himself typecast and it will become harder for him to be taken as a broad spectrum actor. As much as I love him as person, I think "Priest" isn't going to be a wise choice for his career. :hmm2: Ladysweethome
  2. Please don't get me wrong. I know that Gerry is playing roles that should get him noticed. But PLEASE how about a comedy to show off your great sense of humor, or a romance to show off the side we GALS see in you. My mom who isn't even a big fan of Gerry's, loved him in DEAR FRANKIE, she even said he show's great promise in being a great actor. You cannot tell me he hasn't been offered something along the way's of lighter script's. Aw well I can only hope and pray that they will remake It Happened One Night and he will star in Clark Gables role. :bouncydrool3: Ladysweethome
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