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  1. love your siggy I love him in POTO I cry all thetime at this part. Raina Snow BettsI am in Miss. where are you?

  2. Yes, there is a dark side to the "FAME" business but I don't really see it as a dark side to Fandom. I suspect I view the entire situation much like Gerry must. There are days when he must loathe the razzis for all their intrusion and persistance, (I wanted to pummel a certain photog myself when I heard about him following Gerry home from the RNR premier) In the end, Gerry knows that they would not be hounding him were people out in the "real world" not interested. So given the choice, what would he take? His choice is clear. Let's face it, Gerry could retire from the business today and never struggle to pay his electric bill. He chooses to remain in the business because the good outweighs the bad. He is ambitious. Yes, I get frustrated at times by what people say, ESPECIALLY when the rude remarks come from "so-called" fans, but all in all, I am just grateful that our man is out there doing well so that selfishly, I can enjoy as much of him as possible. Kimberly~
  3. I have the 2 disk version and actually GAVE AWAY my widescreen version to my stepmother. Now THAT deserves brownie points!! I also have the regular and 2 disk version of the soundtrack, not that I have listened to the one disk version in eons. The extended version is the ONLY way to go.
  4. Gosh . . . PG-13?? Hmmm, not so sure mine fits under that criteria and I'm not certain I can finish by the deadline.
  5. What, you mean not everybody agrees with me about EVERYTHING?? I really do hope that somehow, with Gerry now forming his own production company, that Burns can become a reality. *crosses fingers* In the mean time, it is great to see him working and avoiding the Sylvester Stalone trap of action hero 24/7.
  6. Face it, I'd pay to watch Gerry hang wallpaper. Oooo, shirtless maybe? *Gone to my happyplace ~ slaps self* Noone, at least few would have pegged "Oh brother where Art Though" the George Clooney film for the hit it became so I will hold onto equal hopes for this one. On the surface it doesn't seem like a spine tingler but then put Musical and Gerard Butler in the same sentence and I DO get hopeful chills. Jennifer is an actress I have enjoyed on TV but has not proven herself to be box office gold. Like her or not, one has got to give the woman kudos for her good sense and taste in choosing the lucious and talented G-man as male lead and snogging partner. Fingers crossed for this one and to Gerry for taking risks!!
  7. Why am I feeling compelled to make the TSK TSK TSK sound??? :push:
  8. Shall we all stand up and shout ~ THATS RIGHT!!! I saw a feature on the E channel where the hostess was interviewing several Buff men to appear at Comic Con to promote the DVD release of 300. She had them try to deliver the, now infamous line, "This is Sparta!!" I watched these wannabees doing their woefull best and couldn't help thinking how under appreciated a role like this is. Leonidas was, in many way, an over the top character with many HEAVY lines. Only an actor with a HUGE presence could pull that role off effectively. Gerry OWNED IT!! Yes you!! He was a monster in this role.....and tomorrow, when you buy the DVD, slowmo through the scene where he takes out like 13 men all on his own. Ponder over the abs of course, but focus on those thighs for a good long spell ~ MONSTER I say ~ MONSTER :spontaneous: Kimberly~
  9. Studios need to allow the viewers a variety of choices and with that should be true adult entertainment (no...I am not talking about THAT kind) Parents need to show some judgement when attending M rated films. I found it quite unnerving when I sat down to watch 300 and heard youngsters seated behind me. No, they are not my kids and it is up to each individual parent to screw up their own children how ever they see fit but come on...when adults see little kids films like that, it ups the ante and motivates people to fight for stricter standards. There does need to be a level of responsibility demonstrated by the theaters when it comes to ticket sales. Our local theaters are completely lax when it comes to carding under age viewers. NAUGHTY!! I realize I sound like a total nerd right about now, which I am not...well at least I hope I a not. I decree that all quality films with intensely intimate M rated sex snog scenes star Mr. Gerard Butler. Do I here a second? :tasty: Kimberly~
  10. That man truely is amazing isn't he?!! He seems as awed by us and all we do as we are in awe of him. Incredible!! I went to Colorado and spent way too much money on raffles. Scuse me, but did that man call me "INSANE" ??? Guilty. So was it just the recording or was he getting emotional at the end?
  11. Awe yes, his Royal Hotness is looking Royally Hot!! I am anxious to hear if this movie is going to have the same "dark coloring" to it that Sin City had. That is my only concern about this film. Every other detail I have seen or heard about 300 seems utterly GAAAHHH!!!! Rated "R" sex scenes with THE KING!!! :pant2: Apparently Gerry laid down on the floor to watch the clips of the film, having not seen them before. Tis a very good thing I was not there. Can you say *Tacklehug* and that's the "G" rated version, my first inclination may have been to do something more along the lines of PG-13 or pairhaps "R" ??? Can't wait for piccys and details!!! Kimberly~
  12. Swan, I am so happy that you were able to share those special moments with Gerry. He is an amazing man and it is clear from everything I have seen and heard about you that you are an amazing woman as well. You and your son have obviously been through a great deal. The two of you combining your talents to create that beautiful aria I just listened to, that is just such a wonderful thing to share. That song was breathtaking. I am looking forward to meeting you in person here in Eugene this July!! All the best~ Kimberly~
  13. I think Peony makes a great point. Money talks in this business. The POTO soundtrack is the second best selling soundtrack of a musical alltime I believe. Thats saying something. Maybe we could get it boosted to first??!! The mailing in to show support is a great idea as well!! I think Gerry does have a wonderful voice. The emotion he comunicates thru it is powerful. Kim~
  14. This is such amazing news. :yippee: A am so happy that Gerry is the kind of man that appreciates his fans!!! He is wonderful. Thank you for posting the pics for those of us *back home* so we can share in the excitement. Kim~
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