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  1. :poof: :poof: Stick a fork in me; I'm done!
  2. "...Law Abiding Citizen is a psychological crime thriller focused on a criminal mastermind who runs a dangerous operation from his prison cell and the ambitious assistant D.A. who stands in his way." So is this the story line they finally decided on??? Gerry is going to be the criminal mastermind, or is he going to be the revengeful husband and father? I'm so far behind, I was just wondering....... marian
  3. Moira! You go girl! I am so happy for you and thankful that Alan spoke up for you. Thanks for being so generous and sharing your pictures!! I thought he had a lot of makeup on, but that's just par for TV....he looked so goood!!!! Thanks again!!
  4. I agree Lisa, Number 3 is the closest to the top our boy has been. The fact that he is in the top 5 is good news. We here all have had him in our #1 spot for years, but this is good PR for him to make these lists, so that others are aware of who he is. GREAT news, GO!Gerry, #1 is not far now!!! marian
  5. Every part of Gerry's body is manly . . . He's the absolute most masculine man I have ever witnessed in my life. Lisa I agree, the manliest man EVER, with the cutest giggle to boot!! Now, that is what I call, a complete package! marian
  6. "I don't have orgasims..", lol Then his publicist off camera feeding him the line, "at least not on camera"! I think that's a good thing Gerry! Cute interview, I love the way Rebeca does her interviews. She is familiar with him enough to ask the right questions. Thanks for that. marian
  7. WOW, those are some impressive $$$'s. I hope it makes some sort of impression on WB. I have always thought this movie had the legs to get it noticed. I saw it at TIFF, and I absolutely loved it! Good for all concerned; yay for Gerry! marian
  8. Gerry, I have been a fan of yours since Oct. 04. Through these past 4 years, I have come to admire you and your work. I have traveled to Toronto 2 times now, in support of your movies. I was a committee member of a large convention held in your honor, in Washing DC, this past April. I have traveled to NY to participate in fund raisers that are held on your birthday each year, all in an effort to show my faith in you. I have been a fan, and will remain one always. You are a special talent, and are generous with yourself. That is the man I admire. Marian, a fan for life.
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