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  1. Raina aka Bettyann, I sent you a private message, I know your not here to read it, but I wanted you to know how special you were here on GALS, and that you won't be forgotten. Prayers to your family as they learn to adjust to life without your sweet love and laughter. Prayers and love to you too Diane, the friendships we create on GALS go well beyond the fandom that brings us together. (((HUGS))) With love, Bellawolfe
  2. I'm giving it another try today, an apartment opened on the street that we really would like to live on, so I am off to get an application in asap! I got my first paycheck, it was only for three days, so it was quite depressing!! LOL I was able to talk to my oldest daughter this weekend though, so I was really happy. I miss her like crazy!! The little one got another UTI, which of course cost money being the base urgent care isn't open on weekends. Always a setback, but eventually things will be good again and little setbacks won't be so hard to handle. Thank you all for the kind words and prayers, they are 110% appreciated and needed!! I love each and every one of you, and will always be available with good thoughts and compassion when you need a friend as well! ~Bella
  3. Thank you to everyone for their support and prayers. I was turned down again by the latest apartment complex that I applied to, which will most likely be the answer from all of them with a foreclosure on my credit report now. My only alternative now is to try and apply for section 8 housing, which isn't always the "nicest" crowd of people. To make things worse, after my post earlier, I got a flat and then discovered that I had to replace all four tires. I need a break from the bad! If anyone else is experiencing hardships right now, I know how you feel and hope that your difficulties can be overcome soon and I am praying for you! ~Bells
  4. I am feeling really depressed today, and I should be feeling thankful as today is my first day at my new job. Instead of being excited, I am fighting back tears. The past two months have been so incredibly difficult, and things are still not as good as I had hoped. I am failing my children and my dogs, and the harder I try to fix things, the more it feels like they are falling apart. No child should have to live in a hotel room. I just keep praying every night that things will fall into place and get better. Just hoping to make the holidays happy for my little one, and not be in the hotel any longer.
  5. I will try, I'd reeeaallly like to be there, but I only just got a job and I'd need to secure a sitter. What's the last day I can send payment Susan?
  6. Happy 7th GALSversary Bella <3

  7. Happy 6th Gerry Anniversary Bella. I know you celebrated with a great time at the Convention. I'm glad it was such a success.

  8. I am flying out on the Red-Eye Wednesday night on Southwest, I will be in Vegas around midnight.
  9. I have room Bonnie, as I already have a tube with one of your drawings in my suitcase! I am hand delivering the charity one of Kable to Irish. If you need my address again just PM me. ~Bella
  10. My camera battery had died, and I got anxious, so these are mostly already wrapped. You get the idea though, and if you are at the con you can pick them up and examine them closer. These are mandoll outfits for the wee ones door prizes, there are more than just these three. Back view of mini Charlie action figure complete with camel. Front view of Charlie. Cute Lolita plush with a Gerry bracelet I made. Photo frame with four Gerry photos. Back view, this is a book on puggly wugs -way cute! Front view, Gerry magnets for your kitchen fridge, or wherever! This is the Outlander series by Diana G. on tape. (if you have a tape player!) The Gerry stickers were to cover the ugly price tags. This is my favorite item, it is a very heavy turquoise seahorse necklace. I G-linged the box by adding Gerry's photo. Last, thus far . . . I have more that I can't share just yet, is a pug plush with a Gerry paper weight and Scotland rain poncho. ~Bella
  11. This adorable mandoll sized camel is going to be available for the wee men to bid on should they choose. Merik is modeling his best Charlie wear to demonstrate the possibilities.* *Camel was not injured nor was her innocence taken in the making of these photos. ~Bella
  12. Here is some of the items I have made or put together, I might add a pug or two and wrap some of the items up into gift bags . . . not sure yet. (I just keep creating!) ~Bella
  13. All the more reason to bid on one of the two charity dolls that I will be bringing to the convention this year! They are currently in Gerry's office at his house. (Where else would they be, right?! Lucky little man-dolls!) They will be back with me soon as Gerry now has two, not one but TWO dolls of his own. (I am awaiting their names to add them to our registry.) So start saving your pennies as these wee men will need someplace new to hang their wee yellow towels and a bed to put their shoes under. ~LOL~ ~Bella
  14. My daughter just gave me another dress, it is a deep green velvet dress with spaghetti straps in a size 13. I can post photos of the dresses if anyone is interested in borrowing either dress for the convention. ~Bella
  15. bellawolfe

    The "Wall"

    The wall photos that get set up are such a great feature of the con!! Thank you so much for doing this time and time again!! Do you still have prior submissions? ~Bella
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