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    Dancing thru the fields of my own reality in the Southern California desert...
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    Well..........Laughing, having fun, if it doesnt hurt anyone..... Hell why not!<br />I wont bore you with anything else, if you wanna know just ask........Cheers!

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  1. Happy Birthday JPH, any many more!


  2. Happy Birthday!! xx

  3. Heya! figuring all this stuff out!

    Luv ya! Hugs

    thanks for the siggy and I made an avvy out of it too! I had to match you know! LOL Jen

  4. It was great to meet you. I havent been this excited to see a movie in ages and hope to go this weekend. This is certainly turning into a big one isnt it! Cheers, and take care, Jennifer
  5. I dont know what site they go to actually, all I know is that when we had been chatting with the ppl around us earlier whilst waiting that we had asked them (oh are you on gbnet or gals) and they looked at us strange and at each other and shook their heads no. So no i dont know where they were from. A bunch of young girls....... I dont know I didnt recognize them at all.
  6. First and foremost, I did not hug Gerry, when he was ready for the photo with me( and that is why he was there, standing in front of my sister Cynthia, so I could get my turn, when he made that statement), he put his arm around me and then I put my arm around him for the photo. Secondly the guy in the vid was NOT the driver/friend, who never got out of the car, he was the paparazzi guy who stood in front of the car, my sister is sitting here and reminding me, and he went to the window first...........and deserved, like I said, a glasgow kiss! and Gerry had said earlier and dont quote me, but
  7. Well I guess that I am banned from GBnet cause I am very recognizable in the video. I would like to think that those who have met me doesnt think I am a stalker, or rude, nor was I to Gerry. He was kind and curtious to me, and I thus in return was to him. I could write until I am blue in the face, but what is the point. I know I was fine and did nothing to jepordize him or make him feel uncomfortable,I didnt scream at him, molest him or anything like that. I thought it was a great night. I have no reason to make excuses for who or what I am or how i acted. Sorry I am not perfect like all of t
  8. Hey woman! just stopping by to bug ya. Hee hee! Hope all is well. Tootles

  9. I just dont want it to be made into this huge something that it was not. Yes if it had been organized then that would have been better, and I dont want everyone to be lumped it being those horrible fans, only one was horrible and i doubt he was even fan. Things, yes, would have been better if ppl had been in a line, they were not, c'est la vie. I have seen time and time again ppl being picked apart on these boards, I cant get GBnet to load on this dial up and havent read over there, but I can i imagine what is being written on the rest of the net, as there always is when a group is involved wi
  10. The sign for the Burbank Studio was visible in the vid...so it was probably 'out back' in the parking lot? Anyone know for sure? He didnt go into the audience. My group came across the ((group)) as we were going to our car, they were all waiting in the back. The thing is Queen left, Leno left, Gerry's manager left, and then some ppl who work there came out and said he was still inside. Lots of limos went by, and ppl left before he came out. I dont know how long we were out there but it wasnt for hrs or anything. The crowd had dwindled though. I was kinda giving my group of girls the hint of
  11. ALRIGHTY now! Seeing as i was one who was unfortuntely (groan, I hate seeing myself on video), in the video, I will be the first to say, WE DIDNT STALK HIM! LOL It actually was not a large group at all in comparison to the other groups that he has dealt with. YES that man was probably a paparazzin autograph seller and he was SOOOOOOOOOOO BAD. Yes ppl did need to back off, and yes there were so many who did and were respectful. He was gracious kind and sweet as usual. When he did ask for ppl to line up, they did not, but we will all survive,and that guy needed to be given a glasgow kiss as fa
  12. Wow! It has been so long since I have posted! The whole set up is different here now. Yes, i went to leno, thanks to Holli and drove in with my sister, Holli and SBchild-Sarah and had a blast! Gerry looked great, was as sweet and charming as usually and VERY accomodating! Walking back to the car the four of us came across the group waiting outside the studios to get autographs when he left. Not usually a pessimist I thought the time when Gerry would stop to sign autographs after the show was long gone and thus did not hold my breath. After watching Queen Latifah leave, leno leave and even gerr
  13. I think that Gerry truely cares for his fans and appreciates them he is kind, caring and compassionate and I think that Gerry is truely lucky to have the wonderful fans who I have been fortunate enough to have met on many occasions the person who Gerry is I believe attracts those who are similar not always....... there are always the exceptions but from what I have seen, heard and read he appears to accomodate and encourage the friendships that have blossomed because of him maybe even, if he doesnt always understand it I would like to think that deep down inside that he rea
  14. Aye... Gif ye gae tae post 13..ye will hiv yer repone.. :erikrose: Its because sheep can hear a zipper a mile away............. ::
  15. Hugs Suz, I am so sorry, we are here for you... Jennifer
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