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    I'm a retired RN from the Newborn Nursery of a large, teaching hospital. My specialty was low-risk newborn care. In my spare time, I enjoy GALS, Facebook, Twitter, making desktop wallpapers, ancestry research, reading, especially historical fiction, and sci fi, singing, shopping, traveling, and spending time with my husband and daughter. I am 2nd Vice-President of the Harp and Shamrock Society of Texas and a member of Clan Keith and Clan Gunn.

    I'm Green-eyed GAL, Keeper of Erik's Masks, Marek's Time-Traveling Lady, Nightingale of the Lair, Johnnie's Angel, Drac's Lady of the Night, The Professor's #1 Assistant, Strumpet Piggy, Gerry's Drama Henny.

    Personal assistant to AJ MacErikson and Scotty McCool.

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    Green-eyed GAL, Keeper of Erik's Masks, Nightingale of the Lair
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  1. ABCs of Timeline A) Arrows B) Bow C) Castlegard, France D) Decker E) Edward Johnston (Professor) F) Francois G) Gordon H) Handsome Historian I) ITC Corporation J) Josh Stern K)Kate Ericson L) Lady Claire M) Marek N) News Reporter O) Oliver P) Professor Johnston Q) Quaint village R) Rescue Mission S) Severed ear T) Time travel U) Unscrupulous corporation executives V) Verra Sexy Marek W) War in medieval France X) Xenophobes Y) Young archeologists Z)
  2. Lady Elissa

    Movies ABC

    ABCs of Science Fiction or Fantasy A) Alien B) Battleship C) Creature From the Black Lagoon (The) D) Doctor Who E) Escape From New York F) Forbidden Planet G) Galaxy Quest H) Hitchhiker"s Guide to the Galaxy I) I, Robot J) Journey to the Center of the Earth K) Kronos L) Logan's Run M) Moon N) Next O) On the Beach P) Planet of the Apes Q) Quiet Place (A) R) RoboCop S) Shape of Water (The) T)
  3. This is either the Twilight Zone or a very bad sci fi movie.
  4. 13 Things to do in the Spring 1) Clear out the garden 2) Clean out closets 3) Clean out Gutters 4) Wash the curtains 5) Clean carpets 6) Mow the lawn 7) Have windows washed 8) Clean ceiling fan blades 9) Clean out garage 10) Organize bathroom cabinets 11)
  5. 20 Song Titles Starting with A Name artist, please 1) Abba Dabba Honeymoon (Debbie Reynolds) 2) Africa (Toto) 3) A- You're Adorable ( Beverly Kenney) 4) Alone (Bee Gees) 5) All I Have to do is Dream (Everly Brothers) 6) At the Hop (Danny and the Juniors) 7) All I Ask of You (Christine and Raoul) 8) A Day in the Life (Beatles) 9) Alone Again (Naturally) (Gilbert O. Sullivan) 10) And the Sun Will Shine (Bee Gees) 11) A Groovy Kind of Love (The Mindbenders) 12) Annie's Song (John Denver) 13)
  6. ABCs of Things We COULD NOT Live Without A) Air conditioning B) Beach vacations C) Cantaloupe D) Deodorant E) Eggs F) Fast internet service G) GALS H) Hair salon I) Iced tea J) Jeans that fit well K) Kilts! L) Long afternoon naps M) M&Ms N) Nice neighbors O)
  7. B 1. Song......Be Bop A-Lula 2. Famous Person.....Butch Cassidy 3. Household Item......Broom 4. City.......Boston 5. Movie.......Born Free 6. Plant or Flower.......Begonia 7. Food Item....... 8. Mood.........Bossy 9. Something Sweet........ 10. Something You Would Like........Big bags of cash
  8. ABCs of Television Shows or Characters A) Adam 12 B) Bonanza C) Carol Burnett Show D) Dallas E) Ellen F) Forever Knight G) George of the Jungle H) Honeymooners (The) I) I Dream of Jeannie J) James T. Kirk (Star Trek) K) Knight Rider L) Little House on the Prairie M) Moonlight N) Nellie Oleson (Little House on the Prairie) O) Oliver Douglas (Green Acres) P) Pete Dixon (Room 222) Q) Queer Eye R) Ricky Ricardo (I Love Lucy) S) Stargate SG1 T) Ted Baxter (The Mary Tyler Moore Show) U) Untouchables (The) V) Vachon (Forever Knight) W) Witchblade X) X-Files Y)
  9. ABCs of Things We COULD Live Without A) Allergies B)Backaches C) Cockroaches D) Drab colors E) Earaches F) Flabby Belly G) Gruesome stories H) Headaches I) Itchy rashes J) Jackasses on the highway K) Kid kicking the back of my chair L) Liver and Onions M) Money drains N) Nuisance calls O) Old bread on my sandwich P) Pickled pigs feet Q) Qs on quizzes R) Road Rage S) Scorpions T)
  10. Peanut, but I like the almond ones too popcorn vs peanuts
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