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    San Antonio, TX
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    I'm a retired RN from the Newborn Nursery of a large, teaching hospital. My specialty was low-risk newborn care. In my spare time, I enjoy GALS, Facebook, Twitter, making desktop wallpapers, ancestry research, reading, especially historical fiction, and sci fi, singing, shopping, traveling, and spending time with my husband and daughter. I am 2nd Vice-President of the Harp and Shamrock Society of Texas and a member of Clan Keith and Clan Gunn.

    I'm Green-eyed GAL, Keeper of Erik's Masks, Marek's Time-Traveling Lady, Nightingale of the Lair, Johnnie's Angel, Drac's Lady of the Night, The Professor's #1 Assistant, Strumpet Piggy, Gerry's Drama Henny.

    Personal assistant to AJ MacErikson and Scotty McCool.

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    United States
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    Green-eyed GAL, Keeper of Erik's Masks, Nightingale of the Lair
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  1. The ABCs of Dear Frankie A) Abusive father B) Beach C) Catriona D) Deafness E) Elaborate deception F) Frankie G) Grandmother H) Handsome Stranger I) Innocent child J) Janet K) Kiss L)
  2. ABCs of Things We COULD Live Without A) Ants B) Bugs in the house C) Careless drivers D) Donuts E) Eavesdroppers F)
  3. Chicken soup, but I like both. brownies vs carrot cake
  4. ABCs of Things We COULD NOT Live Without A) Asparagus B) Books C)
  5. I sure did! Took me several days to recover! TGBM loves to go to the movies.
  6. It's A Living A) Attila's hairdresser B) Banning Family Nanny C) Clay Banning's Barber D) Don Juan's Cape stitcher E) Erik's Cleaning Lady for the Lair F)
  7. 12 Colors of The Ugly Truth PRETEND THESE COLORS ARE IN A CRAYOLA BOX Remember the DESCRIPTOR GOES FIRST, COLOR GOES LAST IE: SKY BLUE, GRAPE PURPLE, APPLE RED 1) Abby's Poster Dress Red 2) Gorilla Suit Brown 3) Pool Jello Red 4) Mike's Suit Jacket Gray 5) Abby's Roses Red 6) Bikini Teal 7)
  8. ABCs of Books You've Read or Would Like to Read - Please include author A) Airport (Arthur Hailey) B) Blackwood Farm (Anne Rice) C) Coma (Robin Cook) D) Dream Warrior (Sherrilyn Kenyon) E) Exodus (Leon Uris) F) Fiery Cross (The) (Diana Gabaldon) G) Gone Girl (Gillian Flynn) H) Help (The) Kathryn Stockett I) Intensity (Sherrilyn Kenyon) J) Jaws (Peter Benchley) K) King (The) (J. R. Ward) L) Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (The) (C S Lewis) M) Mary, Queen of Scots (Antonia Fraser) N) Needful Things (Stephen King) O) On The Beach (Nevil Shute) P) Pillars of the Earth (The) (Ken Follett) Q) Queen's Necklace, The (Alexandre Dumas) R) Room (Emma Donoghue) S) Suddenly Last Summer (Tennessee Williams) T) Time/Untime (Sherrilyn Kenyon) U) Utopia (Sir Thomas More) V) Valley of the Dolls (Jacqueline Susann) W) Warrior (The) (Kinley MacGregor) X) X-Men: Magneto Testament (Greg Pak) Y)
  9. Lady Elissa

    Yes and No

    No. Do you like to watch documentaries on TV?
  10. Slap - His arrogance ruins his good looks. Steven Cree
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