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  1. Voted as well. Being a documentary the cover needs to convey that and #1 does. The rest are stills from the film, although glorious it is Wulfy after all, but Gerry in full costume talking with the director, that says Documentary.
  2. Lisa you stole my line. I was just going to comment about the tight arms on that gorgeous jeacket. Yum To me Gerry = funny.
  3. Combo shot here. I love the news, but I also hate the thought of him being followed just so we can get a daily fix. I love the man, but I don't envy the life under the glass.
  4. Did someone say a LARGE and Bellowing Gerry? Ahhhhhh I would wager that there will be a change in the dates between now and then. If they both come out the same day well that just means I have to chose which one to see first. No worries.
  5. There he is. So glad that you came out to play. Kisses :)

  6. Nope, you're not the only one. I agree with you 100%. I also agree with Purplerain. I'm not trying to start anything, but I just hope his name isn't being used to get other names out there. Just my observation/opinion. I agree Lisa... All I can say is Grrrrrr. People need to think before they speak and drop names in personal things.
  7. This looks amazing. Green eyes....that voice......ah yes life is gooooooooooooood. who says you can't fall for a cartoon.
  8. It's about time! It is a relief to also hear the words spoken. Gerry, I am so happy for you. Now the big question, Are we going to see longer hair with those adorable curls?
  9. I don't care who he supports, I'll love him til the end. I just want to nibble his ears What you were all thinking it
  10. Gerry was at the swearing in........ http://www.etonline.com/news/2009/01/69913/index.html
  11. I choose to believe he is just checking out her real hair color, yep that is the story I am sticking to.
  12. I could have done without the stupid TMZ being there. I think they just want to be a pain in his butt. They wont believe what he says anyway...Grrrrrrr
  13. Looks like play time is over. Nice he is signing his balls....their balls....somebodies balls for the fans. What a guy. Gerry a Material Junky!
  14. This is getting to be like a revolving door. Guess they are going to keep everyone guessing until filming actually starts Jan 21. Don't think that the roles would be ablle to be kept secret after that.
  15. I don't care if he did or didn't do it. What I care about is that I wish they would cut him a little slack. He was so accomodating to them and they just want more more more. Yes it is the price that h has to pay, I just feel bad that he can't go places now without the razzi's finding him.
  16. Well here is an oh crap moment. Hello Big Bird. Guess the honeymoon is over with the Paps... http://www.tmz.com/2009/01/05/gerard-butle...rack-flips-out/
  17. I won't name names, but PLEEEEASE some of the men they have ahead of him I don't think so. It isn't because Gerry is always #1 with me either.
  18. The things Gerry does for his friends. Jewel just cracks me up. The extras are better than the movie. He certainly does show his....moves. LOL The bum is little but it is one of the cutest out there.
  19. I had to put the last batch on my facebook page but still not able to right click but they are there. All the talk on those sites about the way he is dressed... well in the right light plum seems to come through so if his plums match whats the problem?
  20. Guess he likes Miami for New Years, wasn't he there last year as well. I was kinda hoping he spend the New Years at home in Scotland having a little more recharge time before fliming, but it seems like he does that a little less every year. Maybe with producing LAC as well he has to be there earlier as well. At any rate, he looks pretty darn good. Happy New Year Gerry...Happy New Year GALS
  21. I saw RNR 7 times while I was at a friends in Oregon. It really was better everytime I saw it. It was even closed captioned on one of the showings, that was a bit distracting. It was playing a few hours away but was already out by the time I got home. WB is really a poor judge of what is good and what to promote. Maybe they will learn from this latest mistake.
  22. I saw this a few hours ago and thought, gosh if all the razzi's could be this respectful, how much happier the entertainment world would be. There is certainly a lesson to be learned...Be respectful to others and the kindness will be returned. Jeez that sounds like a GALS Motto Lisa Hey Ger, If you Mum forgets the shortbread I made a couple of batches I'd be happy to share.
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